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10 Valid Advantages Of Living In Sacramento

10 Valid Advantages of Living in Sacramento
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Searching for the perfect place to reside? Don’t know which of the US most attractive spots to choose for your travel? No more doubts. In this article, we will ensure that Sacramento, California, is the desirable destination to reach.

Although it might not seem obvious in the first place, living in Sacramento is very appealing. The place is of relatively moderate size with approximately 500,000 residents (take into consideration that a two times larger number of people live in the suburban area) and is not located on the coastline, which makes it more affordable to settle down in this city. Lately, it has become a popular option for those who would like to live in the western part of the country and feel financially comfortable.

It is well-known that Sacramento was struck by a serious economic downfall in 2007, though, all these years later, you will be pleased to see a growing and blooming capital city, making its best to get better than ever.

The general facts to consider:

  • The city is pretty multicultural: there are quite a lot of immigrants or out-of-state Americans;
  • The unemployment rate here does not exceed 5%;
  • The average household income is approximately $60,000;
  • Sacramento is the top 30th educated city in the US.

Picturesque Neighborhoods

The city is full of decent residential areas with a lot of greenery. Downtown and Midtown will be a perfect choice for those who wish to feel the atmosphere of the megapolis, its variety of services and shopping spots, and long alleys. East Sac is somewhere to live if you wish to own the priciest and most luxurious property on the market. College Greens is your option if you like spacious houses and broad yards.

What is also very important, crimes are pretty rare here in Sacramento. The atmosphere depends on a particular neighborhood, though, generally, you and your family members can feel safe.

Comfortable Weather

The climate in Sacramento is mild and manageable, with moderate winters and pretty dry summers (which is an advantage — humid hot weather may be unbearable). If you were living in cities like LA before, you probably got tired of seeing the same landscape all year long. The seasons in Sacramento are all unique and change subtly.

Low-Cost Housing

Compared to other parts of California, Sacramento is a relatively inexpensive place to live in. This is due to a complicated economic situation in the region, which has begun to improve over the past five years. A standard single-family house costs about 300,000 US dollars — not the lowest pricing if we look at the national average. However, this is a very reasonable cost for California state, especially if you keep in mind that some exciting places like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe are located very near.

Lakes and Rivers Around

Moving to California is normally associated with the Pacific Ocean. Although Sacramentans don’t have direct access to that, there are numerous large rivers and lakes in the city.

If you enjoy doing outdoor water activities on smaller bodies of water, this will definitely be a huge advantage. Among the best of them are the following:

  • Lake Natoma
  • Lake Clementia
  • Sandy Cove Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • American River


We’ve already mentioned that there has been quite a damaging recession, which Sacramento is still recovering from. However, it doesn’t mean that the region is at its lowest. Since Sacramento is the capital of the state, there is a bunch of governmental institutions offering job positions. Health care and technologies are also an option for those who are looking for a new workplace. The infrastructure is getting much better, which means that starting up a business in the city seems quite a good idea as well.

Vast History Behind

In the middle of the XIXth century, Sacramento became one of the most important spots in the country due to being a deposit of gold. More than 700,000 pounds of gold was extracted during the following couple of years, which drew all public attention to the state of California. Nowadays, you can immerse into the atmosphere of those days at yearly Gold Rush performances.

A Whole Lot of Cultural Events

You may choose among a bunch of experiences from sports matches to opera concerts. There is also a Theatre Company that produces up to eight performances a week during the season, as well as the Wide Open Walls contemporary art festival. Go to Fairytale Town or the River Train to enjoy yourselves if you have kids.

Searching for more adult entertainment? There’s a lot of fun in Midtown and Downtown in different nightclubs, bars, live music, etc.

Perfect Out-of-Town Weekend Places

A fan of going out for a weekend? Sacramento is located in an ideal place with California’s most popular destination approachable.

Apart from the mountains and the ocean distanced only a couple of hours away, you can reach other fantastic spots in the area:

  • Monterey
  • San Francisco
  • Lassen National Park
  • Santa Cruz
  • Apple Hill

Culinary Spot

You can not only take pleasure in looking at all the greenery in the region, but the city also has quite a lot of fields and farms. Apparently, the number of products grown there is large enough to be served at local markets, cafes, and restaurants. The menus presented in Sacramento’s culinary places seem to compete with the ones in LA and San Francisco.

You can visit the annual Agricultural Festivals to try the freshest produce yourself — from avocados to bananas.

Mild Traffic

Considering that Sacramento is a large city with a growing population, the situation with traffic is comparably good. Other urban areas in California, such as San Diego and Los Angeles, will have you stuck in traffic jams for hours, whilst in Sacramento, the average commute time is 30 minutes — miraculous for a state capital, right?

Final Words

The US is broad and diverse, and it might be hard to decide where you wish to settle down. Undoubtedly, no city is perfect. However, no city is better than home. Making Sacramento your home will definitely not leave you and your family members unsatisfied — look back at the info above!


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