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Everyone considers their home as a private space where they can get away from it all and enjoy quality time with the family. Sometimes it is people's deliberate decision to move away from their parents and live with a spouse and kids, but there may be a situation where aging parents can not take full care of themselves and need to share a living space with their grown children.

The reasons for moving in together can vary; for example, a parent may need special assistance but can not afford to pay extra money for a visiting nurse or a nursing home. If aging parents live too far away, it may prove difficult to travel to them every now and then, so the decision is made for sharing a property.

No matter what prompts homeowners to move into the same property with an aging family member, the question of where to house their loved ones arises anyway. Of course, you could make use of rental property, especially if you own a tiny single-family home, but this will definitely lead to additional costs.

Recently there has been a rise of so-called inlaw suites, which is a separate house with a separate entrance either attached to or located in close proximity to the main house that functions as a living area for parents or inlaws and allows you to have the level of independence you crave.

In this article, we are going to give you an overview of mother-in-law apartments and the best way to build and organize extra space for your relatives..

What you need to know about a mother-in-law suite

Also known as a secondary suite, inlaw apartment, or inlaw suite addition, an inlaw suite is a separate private living area with its own bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, which finds itself close to the main home, where aging parents and inlaws are supposed to live. It is also common to build home additions to set up such secondary suites or convert some property such as a garage into a mother-in-law's apartment.

Let us take a quick look at what a typical mother-in-law suite includes:

  1. An own entrance is a must, and that is why an in-law apartment exists in the first place - to give you and your parents a decent level of privacy.
  2. A bedroom is a necessary feature of any house. Make it cozy and comfortable so that parents and inlaws can make the most of their time there. It can also be a good idea to allow some storage space in a bedroom where most of the possession could be kept.
  3. A bathroom is also an intrinsic feature of mother-in-law apartments. This room should include a toilet, a basin, a shower, or a bathtub; in other words, it should be a full bathroom with all the modern conveniences.
  4. In case a mother-in-law suite has extra space, you might want to think of adding some extra things like a sitting area, a small kitchen, a walk-in closet, or a reading corner to make the place most comfortable for its dwellers.

Remember this when building a mother-in-law suite

Before making a decision to build a separate property, you need to assess and evaluate a couple of things. You need to know what to expect prior to consulting home builders and asking them for help.

Here are the things to consider when planning a mother-in-law apartment:

  • Building an additional space implies extra expenses, especially if we talk about an accessory dwelling unit. You may go for such options as converting the basement or the garage into a mother-in-law suite, but anyway, that will cost money.
  • Make sure you are familiar with building codes that allow you to include special features in a guest house. It is important to comply with zoning laws that may impose certain restrictions on building a bathroom or a kitchen in a secondary suite. If you are not positive about some of the laws and have some doubts about the floor plan, ask professional builders like A+ Construction and Remodeling for advice.
  • Think of what your parents or inlaws need at the moment and what special needs they may require in the long run. For example, should a mother-in-law suite have access for people using a wheelchair? Are you supposed to create a space that will make it possible for aging relatives to successfully live on their own, or do you plan to give them assistance?
  • In order to build inlaw suites in accordance with all the laws and requirements, do some research and find a good contractor to work with so that you are totally satisfied with the result of the project. Pay attention to the level of expertise and the presence of the necessary licensing.

Pros of having inlaw suites

Building a mother-in-law apartment apparently can bring certain benefits to your life. Not only does it allow a higher level of privacy, but it also can become a source of additional income.

Let us list the potential advantages of having a mother-in-law apartment below:

  • It can be something you set aside for a rainy day, even if you do not plan to have somebody move in with you right away. When your kids grow up, they will require their own space and independence, or you may have other relatives wanting to come and spend the summer holidays with you.
  • It will definitely boost the value of your house. You can attract more potential buyers if you have in-law apartments already built. Despite the fact that it can be a pricey investment at the beginning, it will make it possible to save time on selling the house in the future.
  • Do not worry that this addition will be an unused room because you can always use it as a rental property. In case you decide to rent this living space, you can receive extra income and save this money for an unforgettable family holiday.
  • In-law suites can also double as guest quarters if you have visitors willing to stay overnight.
  • An in-law suite can serve as a home office or an art studio if you can not find a quiet place in the house where you are living and get distracted by routine tasks when working remotely.

Drawbacks of having an inlaw suite

Although there are quite a lot of advantages to having an inlaw suite, and there are many more ways to use it apart from hosting parents, there still may be some downsides to building this type of property.

Let us consider the tips down below:

  • Remember that you will have to maintain this living space and keep it in good condition. Even if you rent it out, with time, you will need to include renovation and remodeling in your budget.
  • Having an in-law suite directly influences the amount of money you spend on taxes and insurance. Homeowners say that the insurance may cost a quarter higher than it is without a home addition.
  • If your plan is to rent this space, it will be your responsibility to look for tenants and make sure that they will not do any damage to your property. On top of that, many tenants are reluctant to live close to the homeowners and landlords because they find it disturbing to be watched all the time.
  • In case the plan with the rent does not work out, it will mean that the place will stay empty for some time, not bringing you any income.
  • Do not forget that you need to follow certain rules and regulations when repurposing a finished basement or a garage into a living space. You may need to pay for a consultation with a professional to ensure that the law is not broken.
Two-bedroom house with an open-plan kitchen
A two-bedroom ADU with a universal design that would be a good fit both for a young couple or a family with kids. Each room was carefully planned out to maximize the space.
Versatile ADU for living and work
This versatile addition serves as both an office and living quarters for our client. With a modern kitchenette, spacious bedroom, and well-appointed bathroom, it provides a comfortable environment for independent living while staying connected to family, all conveniently located in the backyard of the family home.
Charming little white house
This charming white granny flat in the backyard offers independent living with a cozy porch, shuttered windows, and a fully equipped kitchen. It's the ideal home for our client's mother, offering a serene and functional space for her to call her own.
Minimalist backyard cottage
This minimalist and contemporary backyard ADU features a full-size kitchen, spacious living room, a separate bedroom, and a full bathroom with a built-in bathtub. It is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish living space. The use of light shades makes the space feel light and airy, and the slanted roof makes it feel even larger.

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A+ Construction & Remodeling designed and built an addition to our home. The work was timely and excellent, and we didn’t have to worry about anything from the very beginning. The staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the addition looks like it has always been there. Highly recommend.
Emily J.
I decided to build my parents an addition so they live next to us. If you are looking for a company that strives to provide excellent quality and workmanship this is as good as it gets. They work hard to keep the customer happy. My folks cannot be more pleased with their new home. And I couldn’t be more pleased with communication and amount of attention to detail.
Michael & Rebecca H.
This is the second project we have had A+ Construction and Remodeling do for us and can't be happier! They provided the highest quality workmanship, took good care of our backyard and cleaned up afterwards! We would recommend them to anyone, you just can't go wrong, and their pricing was fair!
Brett & Jill P
We came to A+ Construction looking to have an addition built for our daughter. They prepared a beautiful rendering of the new place and we immediately got over-the-top excited about this project. The execution didn’t disappoint. The crew worked really hard! In the end, we are all very happy with the new addition in and will recommend A+ to our friends and family.

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Is an in-law suite a good investment?
It definitely is, even if it does not serve its primary purpose. This kind of home addition can increase the price of your house and simplify the process of selling it in the future. On top of that, an in-law suite can be used not only as a space to live in but may be converted into a home office, a rental apartment, or a place to hold parties and entertain yourself.
What is a mother-in-law's house called?
It is a room or a house, usually not of a big size, that can be part of the house where you are living or a separate building in the backyard or a garden. This room should be specially designed to fit your parents' or inlaws' needs.
Why are they called mother-in-law suites?
The name actually speaks for itself, and they are called so because they are supposed to host relatives or inlaws. They can either be attached to the house or take the form of an accessory dwelling unit.
What is an inlaw suite BC?
This is a special area inside your home that is to be located in the basement. The letters BC stand for a basement suite, which defines its purpose. If you are interested in learning more about inlaw suites, you can contact a local contractor like A+ Construction and Remodeling for details.
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