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ADU Gold River, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU Gold River, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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Nowadays residents of California, and Gold River particularly, are more and more willing to build a nice ADU (or accessory dwelling unit) on their land plot. If you are still unsure about this acronym’s meaning, it may become familiar if we say its other names: second unit, casita, in-law unit, or granny flat. All of these refer to the same thing: a small house that is located close to your primary home.

Recently the legislation regulating the topic in Gold River (and California, generally) has become more simple and welcoming for residents, allowing them to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on their land with ease. Still, there are some legal peculiarities and requirements to these houses, which we will discuss in this review when we speak about the applicable state law.

Besides, we will discuss the contractors available on the market today, give some hints on choosing your perfect contractor to build an accessory dwelling unit, and outline useful details about this housing type.

We will start by explaining what types of accessory dwelling units exist and are currently allowed in the Gold River area.

Possible Types of ADUs Next to Your Primary House

Not many people think of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) types; however, sometimes it is better to choose one type than another because it will be more convenient and fulfill a homeowner’s needs. Right now in Gold River, you can select to create one of the following granny flats:

  1. Attached ADUs

As follows from the name, an attached unit will be attached to the primary home. For instance, you will have one wall or door uniting both objects.

  1. Detached ADUs

On the opposite side, a detached unit is the one that is separate from the “main” house. A detached ADU may be located at a certain distance from the primary home and not be connected by a wall or anything else.

  1. Conversion ADUs

This term is applicable when you convert something to an ADU: for example, you already have a garage, but you don’t need it to be a garage anymore. In this case, you can easily turn it into a comfortable accessory dwelling unit and use it for other purposes than before.

  1. Junior ADUs

Junior accessory dwelling units are called “junior” because they have a specific size. A typical junior ADU is less than 500 square feet. If your unit is bigger, it can’t be considered a “junior” one. We will discuss the possible ADU sizes in Gold River in the following parts of our review.

Gold River ADU Builders for Hire

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, residents of California, whether they live in Gold River, West Sacramento, Los Angeles, or any other city, are now feeling more and more confident about building accessory dwelling units. The crisis is still here, but many property owners have adapted and now wish to implement their plans to build accessory dwelling units on their land plots.

And because homeowners are ready to bear additional costs and financial risks more than a year ago, contractors are getting back to work, ready and happy to help. Even though you can easily find a building company in Gold River that will develop a project for you in the shortest terms, still, there is a set of recommendations we propose that explains how to select your perfect company among tons of contractors available today.

Don't worry: defining your best option when you look for a company that will build an ADU for you is not that hard. You just have to take a couple of points and considerations into account. Check them out below.

Turnkey Design & Build


Start your project off right with a detailed plan for your project and a design from our industry experts.


Set up a workable schedule and work out all the details of your project with a dedicated PM.


We will do all the work in getting your project permitted and get the construction going on your project.


We'll finish your project on time & on budget and go over how we can meet your long term satisfaction.

ADU Contractor in Gold River

Choosing the best contractor that will help you to create an ADU of great quality in Gold River is easy. Before we list the things you may think about, we would love to propose one ADU outstanding builder: The A+ Construction & Remodeling company. Its team can boast an experience of many years, unique projects completion, and attention to every single client.

There are some vital things to have if you are a building company, and A+ has it all. When you choose the contractor, remember to check the following:

  • The company’s complete works

It is essential to check the contractor’s portfolio before you sign an agreement and start building an ADU. It would be best if such a portfolio contained not only beautiful pictures but also a thorough description of what was built and other important details. You also shall ensure that the company is not a newbie on the market and really has some years of expertise at least.

Pay attention to the project types the company develops, see if there are many ADUs built already. Remember that checking the portfolio will help you to define whether your preferences coincide with the company’s style and designs or not. If you sign a contract with a company that creates something you consider ugly, an ADU that you get after all might make you miserable.

  • The money you are ready to pay

Your budget is an important point when you make a decision about this or that contractor. Currently, there are great companies working in different segments, ready to provide an ADU to people with almost any income level. Before you apply to this or that company, count the money you are ready to invest in an ADU.

If your budget is rather moderate, checking the average pricing of the contractor in advance will help to avoid time-consuming negotiations. If you are not limited in spending, don’t be fooled by fake discounts and unrealistic suggestions.

Still, there are some companies that provide clients with services in various pricing categories. Try contacting the A+ Construction & Remodeling company that may offer different solutions for any budget.

  • The word of mouth

Talking to your friends and family who recently have had a renovation or an ADUs construction near their primary home is a fantastic idea! They might easily help you to make the right choice and tell more information about the company that you may have already chosen. Sometimes talking to your friends, colleagues, or relatives may save you from making a massive mistake, and this case is not an exception. The internet reviews with clients' comments and pics will help, too.

  • The documents required by federal and state law

We may say that this is the most important thing you should check before you sign the selected company. It applies not only when you decide to build an ADU but also when you want to begin any other works related to remodeling, construction, or reconstruction.

ADU Unit Construction in Gold River

When we think about broadening our existing space by building an ADU, we have to follow the state law and legal norms regulating the topic.

In Gold River city, by law, you are allowed to construct at least one accessory dwelling unit near your primary residence. If the primary home is owner-occupied, its owner can build a junior ADU in addition to the existing house.

Your ADU shall have certain features, like a lot size: no more than 500 square feet for a junior ADU and no more than 1000 square feet for a regular unit. Any living unit in California has to be no less than 150 square feet. Regarding the size, your attached ADU shouldn't be higher than 30 ft, and a detached ADU should be no more than 16 ft.

The California state law keeps changing from time to time, and the local contractors should know about the corrections. Still, remember to ask your building team about it and ensure that your project is implemented in accordance with the current legislation. It is important regardless of the ADU type you have chosen: a detached or attached ADU, a junior one, or garage apartments.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

Gold River ADU Construction Company

When you choose a solid contractor, it is important that the team goes smoothly through all the building phases together with you. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Your financial resources are important when it comes to additional costs that may appear. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to predict the final cost from the start because the building process can be tricky.

It is vital that you check the architectural plans, designer's offerings regarding your future space, and other things tied to the project. You have to participate because otherwise, the result may not satisfy you.

If you feel like your project is moving to the wrong place, don't hesitate to tell the contractor's team about it. The sooner your comments arrive, the smaller are the risks of additional costs or problems.

With the services provided by A+ Construction & Remodeling, you can be sure that all your comments and wishes will be accepted. The expertise and job the company has done in the in-law units creation will help to broaden your property the way you need.

Building ADU in Gold River

If you are still unsure about creating accessory dwelling units near your main home, we will now propose a couple of reasons for you to think about. There are several ways to use an additional in-law unit: check out our suggestions below.

Making your existing space more engaging for tenants

ADU on your backyard gives you more flexible options if you rent your house and adds value to it. You can offer it to potential renters who might need more space than you already have. If they don't want to use an ADU, you can just close it and lower the rent price. If you have to provide a mortgage payment regularly, additional sums you receive from the ADU rent will also help you.

Using it as a home office

Because we are still into the COVID-19 pandemic and no one knows if it ever ends, having a separate additional space that can serve you as an office or studio is a smart move. Believe us, the quality of your life will become much better if you have a nice and quiet space where you can work or dedicate some time to your hobbies. Junior ADUs or garage conversions fit perfectly in such cases.

Building a nice place to accommodate your guests and family members

You can create an ADU with a couple of bedrooms which will be ideal if you have a sudden visit of your relatives or friends. Our advice is to have accessory dwelling units with at least two small bedrooms and one great room where everyone can chill together. This is more applicable to regular units, not junior accessory dwelling units.

Prefab ADU Construction

If you have counted your budget and realized that you can’t afford a full-price ADU yet, don’t get upset: there is another option that may fulfill your needs and leave you satisfied.

Those property owners who want to save money and get almost the same ADU next to their first house tend to choose a prefab ADU. It becomes possible to save plenty of money because if you pick a prefab unit, there is no need to develop a unique project and hire a full team of engineers, architects, and designers. You just get a ready-made, well-built in-law unit that you can use right away.

Regarding the pricing difference, we will not promise you certain numbers because prefab ADUs are also different from each other. On average, customers who select such a unit pay three times less than those who build an ADU from scratch.

Of course, the time spent on buying a prefab unit is also less than if you build one, so this is a perfect choice if you need to add an ADU to your primary residence quickly.

ADU Housing

Now that you know almost everything about ADUs in Gold River, don't hesitate to find a decent company, contact its team, and join the community of ADU owners.

An ADU is a smart investment and a great idea for those who want to fulfill their backyard and add more value to the property. We hope that our review was helpful if you want to build an ADU in Gold River city. After all, remember that it is vital to choose the perfect company that will help you go through this adventurous process and either build a unit or convert your garage into a nice living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my accessory dwelling unit for?

There are so many ways to use your ADU! It may be constructed as an office, a studio, a small real property for your retired parents, or a guest house. Just think what your existing garage can turn into and consider getting an ADU in addition to your existing property, and you won't regret it.

How much does it cost to build a granny flat in Gold River?

It is quite hard to predict the price; the cost will depend on the ADU type (whether it is a detached ADU, or a junior one, and so on) and your project. Typically, the price starts from about 80,000 US dollars for a normal ADU and may go up to 300,000 dollars.

What ADUs are allowed in Gold River?

You can get an attached or detached ADU, a conversion ADU (like if you convert your garage), or a junior unit. All of these have unique features that we have described above. So, we recommend you analyze your needs and think of the perfect type before you begin building.

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General Information

Gold River is a suburb or else called CDP in Sacramento, California. The total population of this area is only 7,532. It is a good place for families and in terms of the diversity of people. The education in Gold River is believed to be above average. Alongside it, Gold River is the highest in income in Sacramento.

Gold River is a primarily residential area, however, it accommodates commercial, industrial, retail areas that all benefit the economy of the suburb. The major population segment is more family-oriented or of those who have a house there to live in during the vacations.

Gold River is located nearby the American River, Folsom city, and Rancho Cordova. The planning of lands is of villages. 25 separate villages are regulated by the Gold River Community Association. Each village has also sub-association that controls the living.


Gold River has a 3.9% unemployment rate. During the last years, there is visible job growth, especially, within young adults and graduates. The jobs have been increased by up to 1.4%.

Cost of Living

It is hard to say that Gold River is cheap in living. Compared to other cities across the nation, the average cost is 51% higher. The community consists of villages, where the majority of houses for a living are for rent or sale. During the last decade, there was a 10% decline in population, one of the reasons is believed to be linked to the high cost of living.

Voting System

Gold River belongs to Sacramento County, and it voted Democratic in the last elections.

Real Estate Market

The median home cost is approximately $578K.


As of now, Gold River has a total population of 7,532. The racial division belongs to 73% of White, 2% of African Americans, less than 1% of Native Americans, 18% of Asians, 6% of Hispanic among others.


Like in other Sacramento cities, in Gold River, there are very hot summers and cold winters.

Averagely, there are 265 sunny days per year, and 0 inches of snow as well as 20 inches of rain.

Notable People

  • Dan Lungren — a former congressman, and California Attorney.
  • Roberta MacGlashan — County Supervisor in Sacramento.
  • Nasir Gebelli — a former programmer at Square.

Top Things to Do in Gold River

Gold River is not so rich in sightseeings or things-to-do, that’s why the majority of residents will prefer visiting nearby cities. However, in Gold River, there are many places for dining experience both for breakfast and late evening if you plan to spend some time with your family during dinner. Among the most popular things you may spend time on, there are:

  • Nimbus Dam and Fish Hatchery

Nimbus Hatchery is home to Chinook salmon and steelhead which are raised and then released in the American River. This place itself may become a spot for fun, as the administration offers interesting educational activities both for children and adults who would like to see how fishes are given a life and then released to the river.

Information for Visitors:

It is open Monday to Friday from 8 am — 3 pm. Saturday to Sunday from 9 am — 3 pm. It is closed on Christmas Day.

Raceways are daily open from 7:30 am — 3 pm.

For more information, you may call them directly — (916) 358-2884.

  • Sacramento Aquatic Center

This Gold River spot is situated on the Lake Natoma. It is a Boating Center where youth and adults may learn instructions for safe boating, visit classes, and camps aimed to promote the boating sport, organize team buildings as well as access rentals of boats and other equipment.

Among the most popular programs presented in the center, there are sailing, windsurfing, wakeboard, boating, and jet skiing among others. It fits young adults as well as more adult people who want to learn something new.

Information for Visitors:

There are membership fees for every class. The center also offers discounted programs.

The operational hours differ depending on the month, however, during the summer, they are — Monday–Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The last rental of equipment goes out at 7:15 and must be returned to the facility by 8:00 pm.

Reviews on Living in Gold River

Residents are more into dining experiences, that’s why the feedback on Gold River is mostly about the restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. There are popular brands such as Starbucks or Papa Murphy’s Pizza, so you won’t experience any lack of internationally-recognized dining spots.

In general, Gold River has a pleasant greenery aesthetic that attracts people for time-spending on nature. If you lack communication, the community resembles a family itself.

Gold River rankings: 22 out of 816 as the Best for Retiring in California, 78 out of 525 as the Best for Living in California, and 105 out of 525 as the Best for Raising a Family in California — as per Niche.


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