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ADU La Riviera, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU La Riviera, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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Nowadays, the construction of ADUs, also known as accessory dwelling units, is becoming much more demanded in Los Angeles County. And that's not surprising because lots of homeowners need a second additional house on their property. ADU is an independent living area on a residential lot connected to the main dwelling or a separate building. It has other names, such as secondary living unit, granny flat, guest house, cottage, in-law unit, or casita (Spanish for "small home").

Basically, if you build an accessory dwelling unit, you get two homes on one plot. And the idea of such a place is very attractive to people for several reasons – for example, to build a place to live for their grandparents, in-laws or guests. So, if you own a patch of land in La Riviera, CA, and would like to extend your property, this article may be useful for you.

Accessory dwelling units can be included in properties of a single family or several families. They can be made in different ways – for example, you can take a part of an already existing building, attach an additional part to it or create a completely new one. Even your garage can be turned into an amazing little housing with all the necessary conveniences, fully suitable for comfortable living. You only need to invite a team of skilled housing experts, and they will transform your old garage into something really wonderful!

Here, we are going to provide information about choosing a company that will satisfy your needs. Also, we are going to say a couple of words about the California state law and the necessary requirements for an accessory dwelling unit, such as its largest possible size and height. We hope that our article will help you know more about ADUs and plan your building process better.

In addition to that, we will tell you about a professional contractor with a lot of experience. No matter which type of ADU you want to construct – either an attached or a detached one – this company is a real expert on all types of such houses. Their specialists will consult you about what exactly suits you better and help you build the ADU of your dreams.

La Riviera ADU Builders for Hire

If you live in La Riviera, CA, and think of building an ADU on your property, you need the most high-qualified and experienced professionals to do it.

And one of such companies is A+ Construction and Remodeling. It provides a broad assortment of services, for example:

  • Renovation of houses;
  • Renovation of kitchens and bathrooms;
  • Various plumbing services.

Also, ADUs built by this company meet all the necessary requirements and never violate any state restrictions.

ADU Contractor in La Riviera

The services of A+ Construction and Remodeling Company in La Riviera include:

  • Obtaining all the needed permits;
  • Helping you design your ADU better;
  • Demonstrating you a 3D model of your future ADU;
  • Giving you plans with the building permit, so you will see that nothing will breach the law;
  • Making sure that all the rules, such as regulations and laws, are met properly;
  • Helping you select the best building materials.

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ADU Unit Construction in La Riviera

In this chapter, you can read the following things: what is an ADU and why you may need it, the main types of ADUs and the main things you need to know before building an ADU. Let's look at this in more detail!

Reasons for building an ADU

Do you think that being an ADU owner would be great but still have doubts? Here are some reasons why you might need a second home at your property:

  • A cozy home for your grandparents. Other names of accessory dwelling units are granny flats and in-law houses. And they are called like that for a reason – they are often built for grandparents and in-laws. It is really convenient when your elderly family members live near you but in separate housing. You can visit them, care for them and help them whenever they need, but their life will be much more quiet and peaceful than if they lived in your primary residence.
  • Studio/workshop/home office. Owning an accessory dwelling unit is also very convenient when you're a freelancer who works from home. With an ADU, you can sit calmly and concentrate on your job tasks without other people distracting you. Also, you can design your workplace as you like, so it will definitely be very comfortable for you.
  • Rental income source. Another use for an ADU is a rented separate building. Especially if it is very well-done, beautiful, and cozy, different people will gladly live there, enjoying tranquility and peacefulness, and will pay you rent for it! If your accessory dwelling unit is situated in a really scenic place with a wonderful view, such as a pond or a forest, your rental income will be much higher. Isn't that great?
  • A place for guests. All ADU structures have kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets – just like any ordinary single family home. So, it would be very comfortable for your guests to stay there for some days. Especially when you do not have enough space for them in your main house, or feel uncomfortable that they will sleep at your home during their visit.

Also, an ADU, even if it's a little junior accessory dwelling unit, will definitely add more value to your building. If someday you decide to sell your property, an accessory unit will make it much more attractive for potential buyers and increase its home equity.

Types of ADUs

  • Detached ADU is a building that is completely independent of your primary residence. The location of these ADUs is mostly in people's backyards.
  • Attached ADU is a structure with at least one common wall with your already-existing house. It can have a separate entrance.
  • Garage conversion is the type of ADUs based on existing units – to be more exact, garages. Also, if homeowners want, they can build an ADU on top of their garage or attach it to the garage's side.
  • Home conversion is an existing space in the house, such as a bathroom or kitchen, which is turned into an accessory dwelling unit. ADU of this category is much rarer, but it can be seen too.
  • Junior ADU or JADU is a small (500 sq. ft or less) accessory dwelling unit that is constructed in the existing space of a single-family home or other building.

What to know before creating an ADU?

As we have already said, the reasons for building accessory dwelling units can differ greatly, and so do their types. An ADU can be attached to your own home or be a completely different building. Also, it can be standard or junior. The latter is also known as JADU, and as it can be seen from its name, it is smaller than a regular one. Besides that, there is such a thing as a conversion ADU – when you take a garage or another already existing construction and turn it into a fully functional house with a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen.

Homeowners who look for an ADU-building company in La Riviera can encounter lots of different firms that are specialized in constructing this type of housing. But in case you are in doubts about which contractor to choose, here are some important things which you definitely should take into consideration:

  • Permissions and licenses. When you are seeking the right ADU-constructing company, it is necessary for you to make sure it is properly licensed and legally allowed to build ADUs and do remodeling tasks. A company that lacks permissions and licenses can be unsafe and unreliable, and vice versa; if a firm has all of them, it means that it is secure, well-established, and can be relied upon.
  • Experience and a list of completed works. ADU building and remodeling is a very large field with lots and lots of various companies. However, sometimes their approaches differ, so it would be much better for you to look at the pictures of the company's previously-built housing to decide whether you like their style or not. Also, you should not forget the simple fact that the bigger is the company's portfolio, the more experience it has. So it is better to select a company whose portfolio is at least not too small.
  • Photographs and reviews. Today, with global access to the Internet, it is possible for everybody to search for all the information and reviews about the company. It can help you greatly – you will know which constructor you should trust and which one will certainly let you down. If a company has much more positive reviews than negative ones – it means that it is probably very reliable and professional.
  • Your financial possibilities. Do not forget one of the most important factors – the prices of ADUs. It is needless to say that you should choose the company whose ADUs are affordable for you and not too expensive. It can take much time and effort to search for the best combination of quality and price, but it is definitely worth it. Also, it is necessary to plan your ADU building or remodeling very well to avoid all kinds of unexpected costs.

So, who is the contractor who meets those requirements perfectly? Does such a company even exist at all? Yes. It exists, and its name is the A+ Construction & Remodeling company.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

La Riviera ADU Construction Company

The A+ Construction & Remodeling company has been operating in California for a very long time, so its experience is really impressive. It offers a wide range of services, so if you want to construct an accessory dwelling unit at your property, its high-qualified staff will do whatever you need. You will definitely be satisfied with the results, regardless of the type of your building! And they always have a very affordable housing supply. Their prices are never too high.

This company has tens of completed accessory dwelling units in its portfolio. Lots of clients are truly glad and advise its services to their friends, relatives and simply to other Internet users on various forums.  If you consider creating an ADU, it would be a great decision to contact this company. It offers the most top-quality services in ADU construction, excellent materials, and resources. It will make your building fireproof, durable, and long-lasting because it strictly follows all the fire safety standards and building rules of California. The A+ Construction & Remodeling company owns a great portfolio containing ADUs of all kinds, including junior accessory dwelling units.

Building ADU in La Riviera

Because the USA is a federative country, its states' laws can vary greatly. ADU building laws are no exception. So, how is this field regulated in Los Angeles County?

In the Golden State, there is a specific state code that includes those laws, and of course, in La Riviera, this code is also valid.

According to the California building code, if your existing house is a multiple-family dwelling, you can have two detached ADUs. Tenants of apartment buildings can construct one accessory dwelling unit per 4 residential ones.  Also, this law limits the height of granny flats. Detached ADUs should not be higher than 16 ft, and the maximum height of attached ones is 30 ft.

From the beginning of 2020, the state of California introduced new laws regarding the ADU building process. Now, it is permitted not only on single-family properties but on multi-family properties too. Apartment building homeowners, those who live in residential sectors, and, of course, owners of a single-family home – all of them can construct ADUs.

In addition to that, the permit fees are reduced, and other inhibitions are canceled. For example, a homeowner is not required anymore to live on the property where the ADU is situated. The new law also permits you to build accessory dwelling units of 500 square feet or less, called JADU or junior accessory dwelling units.

ADU of this type is situated within a single-family home or any of accessory structures – for example, a garage. Now, every single family is allowed to own one accessory dwelling unit and one JADU.

What about the size?

The typical size of ADUs in California is 800 square feet or smaller. The building area of a single granny flat is limited to 850 square feet. If the ADU is double, it increases to 1000 sq. ft.  It is possible to extend this space to 1200 square feet, but in this case, you will need to apply to La Riviera's Planning Division. The minimum lot size is 150 sq. ft.

Also, a junior accessory dwelling unit will require a second parking space. But for a standard ADU, no matter, attached or detached, one space for parking is enough. Garage conversions also do not require extra parking lots.

Which materials and resources should you use to build your ADU? And in which style should it be? Those aspects are not regulated by the law at all. You can use whatever materials you want and build in any style and shape you like.

Fire protection measures

A very important thing is the regulation of fire protection. According to the state law of California, accessory dwelling units are not equipped with anti-fire sprinklers. So, it is allowed to use only traditional methods of fire protection. But don't worry – the A+ Construction & Remodeling company always takes fire safety into account and builds maximally fireproof housing.

Standard accommodation requirements in 2020-2025 will not apply to accessory dwelling units. As for setback requirements, they are not needed for JADUs and ADUs, which are made from an existing garage or other structure. Of course, it should be legally formalized. The biggest setback that can be for a detached granny flat is only 4 feet from the rear and sidelines of the property.

Nowadays, the main regulations in Los Angeles County are the ones that we described above. But laws often change, so we strongly advise having a consultation with the local Planning Division before building the second house.

Prefab ADU Construction

Many ADU is constructed with a prefabricated approach. They are usually called "prefab ADUs". They are built faster than non-prefab ones because the general constructor delivers all earlier-made parts of the house, which are assembled in place.

ADU Housing

What should you do before you start building your ADU housing? First of all, you need to determine all the exact rules and requirements in your areas, such as height, floor, or parking. To do this, you should contact the building or planning department. Then, you should check with the building department to determine all the rules, especially if your ADU is going to be based on a garage. After that, you will need to call the Fire Department for more information about fire safety.

The next stage is to cooperate with designers and contractors. You will need to meet skillful experts, such as the ones from A+ Construction & Remodeling company, to create a design for your ADU and estimate the price. After that, it is necessary to secure the financing of the process. You should include some additional amount of money into the total sum for different unexpected costs.

Then, you will need to ask the members of your City’s Planning, Community Development, or another department like this about all the exact guidelines and ordinances of ADU building in your area and the applications that you should submit to begin constructing. And once you obtain all the needed permits and your architectural plans are approved, you finally may start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build an ADU on my property?

Yes, of course, you can, if you have all the necessary possibilities and resources. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can be useful in several ways, which we have covered above. So you definitely won't regret it! Moreover, the demand for ADU houses is growing daily. They are becoming much more popular in Sacramento nowadays, so they will be not only cozy and convenient but also trendy!

Does Sacramento allow ADU?

Yes, it completely allows homeowners to build accessory dwelling units. But they need to follow some rules, for example, the minimum and maximum lot size. You can read more about those rules above. If you want to learn them in more detail, you can read California Residential Code.

How much does a prefab ADU cost?

A prefab ADU is cheaper than a regular one because no architects or designers are involved in their building. Of course, it is impossible to say exactly how much prefab units cost because each case is individual. But in general, prefab ADUs cost 3-4 times less than ordinary ones. A great choice for single-family homeowners!

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General Information

La Riviera is a CPD of Sacramento County in California or else called a suburb. The total population is nearly 10K. There are more residents of liberal views as well as more family-oriented social units. Beyond that, it is famous for its picturesque parks, and calm atmosphere if you seek inner peace.


La Riviera cannot boast the racial diversity, and it is similar to other cities in Sacramento with the prevalence of White residents. The racial division is 67% of White, 10% of African Americans, less than 1% of Native Americans, 7% of Asians, 16% of Hispanics.


It is a very sunny CPD, and those who seek a place with a minimum rate of precipitations may find La Riviera perfect. Totally, there are 269 sunny days per year, 20 inches of rain, and 0 inches of snow. There may be a strong wind, however, it is an exclusive situation.

Where to Study?

The education level in La Riviera is believed to be above average. There are many students who are most likely to pursue education after high school in nearby cities or states. The most popular schools are West Campus as well as the School of Engineering and Science.

Things to Do in La Riviera

It is worth saying that there are no much activities in La Riviera CPD, residents who want to have some fun, shopping experience or just receive positive emotions are most likely to go to nearby cities.

  • Drive-in Sacramento — WestWind

It is an alternative to traditional movie theatres. You may invite your partner or go with the whole family to watch a movie. The cinema offers snacks including popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, and Pepsi products. Also, they have playgrounds if your children are not into the movie.

This drive-in offers first-run movies, so it does not differ from indoor theatres. You may watch the major releases or premiers ongoing in the cinematography.

As for the prices, they are quite low. $8.25 is an adult ticket, kids’ admission is $1.75 but for children under 4, the admission is free of charge. Every Tuesday is a family night, so the tickets are sold with discounts.

  • K1 Speed

Those who are into racing experience may visit K1 Speed center. It offers all-electric go-kart racing. Within their facility, you may also find a museum-like collection of racing apparel, racecars, artwork as well as memorabilia.

During the breaks of your racing experience, K1 also offers to spend time in their lobby grabbing some snacks, playing video games, or watch their plasma televisions that show what is going on in the race area.

The location is open daily.

The prices:

  • Admission with 2 races, T-shirt — $55
  • 1 race only — $22.95
  • 2 Races — $39.95

You are able to buy membership and get privileges in the form of free races on your birthday, storing your racing history in their database among others. Upon the request, individuals may book a birthday party or throw team building as well. If needed, the instructors may provide some classes for safety and guide one through on how to race professionally.

  • Jastag

8,600 square feet of fun for adults and children. Room for 8 teams, mysterious lighting, music, and many more to dive into laser experience. There are many things to do including arcade games, laser maze, bumper cars. Also, it is possible to throw a birthday party or team building if in La Riviera you do not have spots to do that.

The price per game is only $9.99. You receive 15 minutes of gameplay.

It is open daily:

  1. Monday 4:00 pm–9:00 pm
  2. Tuesday — By Appointment Only
  3. Wednesday 4:00 pm–9:00 pm
  4. Thursday 4:00 pm–9:00 pm
  5. Friday 4:00 pm–10:00 pm
  6. Saturday 10:00 am–10:00 pm
  7. Sunday 10:00 am–9:00 pm

In fact, there are many more, you may discover nearby La Riviera. If you want to stay in La Riviera itself, among the activities, you are most likely to go to the restaurant or coffee shop. The prices are quite affordable.

Reviews on Living in La Riviera

La Riviera is believed to be an extremely calm area. Residents enjoy breathtaking views on the American River or spend a 1-hour drive to Lake Tahoe. It is safe, clean, and offers comfort for families. There are many dining spots, and you may have a decent shopping experience.

The crime rate here is very low, and it is mostly limited to property robbery. There are also communities that are gate-guarded. And, one may acknowledge the luxury real-estate. If you plan to relocate to La Riviera, the prices per houses may be relatively lower compared for example to Granite Bay or Folsom.

According to Niche, La Riviera is among the most suitable CPDs for young professionals in California, and the Best Suburbs in Sacramento to live in comfortably. The median household income is approximately $63K.


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