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ADU Woodland, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU Woodland, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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When your family is getting expanded, or you simply need some additional rooms, accessory dwelling units might be the best choice!

Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU is an additional house that is placed on the same piece of property where your primary structure is. Accessory Dwelling Unit can be attached to the property of your primary home or garage or simply exist as an independent secondary home unit somewhere in your backyard.

With the constant urbanization and population growth, buying a new house/apartment or a piece of land to construct a new dwelling is becoming highly overpriced, as there are many offers by many people.

ADUs, or granny flats, are the perfect choice for those people who need a little bit more livable space on their property and do not want to go through the trouble of buying additional land or a house!

However, there are some laws that need to be taken into account when creating Accessory Dwelling Units. In the USA, each state has its own ones, so be careful.

For you to escape the unnecessary burden of dealing with law problems or any other ones related to building an ADU on the Woodland Hills' property, please read this article, in which we will try to cover all of the possible gaps that might appear in the process.

Woodland Hills ADU Builders for Hire

You may not even need to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit right now, but the probability that you will at some point in your life is very high: imagine that you decided to have a baby, maybe a few of them, or your parents are no longer able to take care of themselves, and you are going to move them to your house.

In these and many other cases, additional space to live on your property is necessary.

A+ Construction and Remodeling company is definitely one of the best ones on California's market, and our 20 years working experience proves that!

In general, here is a list of our services:

  • Full home remodeling
  • Partial remodelings, such as of your kitchen or bathroom
  • Home improvement plans and designs
  • ADU building
  • Room additions, and many more

With A+, you will not have to worry about law restrictions, making a layout of your house, buying supplies, and hiring professionals – all of that is provided by us for any kind of services, ADU residential project included!

ADU Contractor in Woodland Hills

Here is a list of services that you will obtain as a client of A+ Remodeling:

  • First, our ADU contractor will help you to create a general plan of your Accessory Dwelling Unit, with attention to your needs and ADU Woodland CA regulations
  • Second, a flexible schedule of the construction process will be made by our team together with you
  • Third, A+ will permit your project with the law representative and start the ADU construction process
  • Fourth, our team will try its best to complete the project within the agreed-upon time period and provide you with the warranty that will correspond with the type and amount of work done by A+.

ADU Unit Construction in Woodland Hills

Now, let us discuss some important technicalities of the Accessory Dwelling Unit in the city of Woodland Hills, including its types and perks, so you could make a well-informed decision on whether or not you actually need an ADU for your property.

Types of ADUs allowed

There are six types of ADU project that exist and can be done by A+ Remodeling and Construction team on your property, and here we will provide you with some explanations on them:

  • Detached ADU. This type is the one that exists separately from your main house. In most cases, they would be located in the backyard of your property.
  • Attached ADU. This is the reverse type – it is connected to your existing primary residence from the most convenient side. However, this type should not be bigger than 50 percent of the existing floor area of the house's lot coverage.
  • Internal Conversion ADU are chosen by those people who want to change an already existing accessory structure of their homes into an additional living space. For example, it could be an accessory building, such as a garage or a studio placed on your property.
  • Basement Conversion ADU, as you can guess, is related to turning your basement's existing space into a decent living area with most of the usual amenities present.
  • 2nd Floor Conversion ADU is the one created on top of some already existing part of your primary dwelling, for example, on the top of a garage.
  • Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit is similar to the internal conversion ones, and only it has some space limitations. In the case of Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, no more than 500 square feet of your already existing home area can be changed, and in addition, the ability to share the bathroom with the main part of the house should be present.

Advantages of Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit

A great number of advantages for creating an ADU can be thought of.

For example, your ADU can increase the efficiency of a dwelling unit and become a source of some extra income. Of course, the amount will differ according to the type of your Accessory Dwelling Unit and its size, but in general, making an ADU on your property can bring you some profit.

If you always have a lot of friends coming over, your Accessory Dwelling Unit would play a role of a guest house so that your far living friends and relatives can feel more comfortable when staying in your single-family house. And if you later decide to sell your house, the value of your property will definitely increase, which means that you will be able to get a better deal.

Moreover, it might be the case that you would need to take care of your parents, as they no longer can be responsible for their own lives due to some health problems. In this situation, the ADU project will provide you with additional space for everyone to adjust better to new circumstances, as well as give some privacy to every family member so that your single-family home would not be overcrowded.

Woodland Hills ADU construction company

Choosing A+ Construction and Remodeling company as your ADU contractor is a very wise choice, as California's reconstruction market is quite a competitive area and does not let a company that wants to be popular and trustworthy make a mistake or treat clients unprofessionally.

With A+ you can be confident that you will get:

  • A team of professionals that know every important detail in ADU construction
  • A client-oriented approach in which all of your needs and requirements are taken care of even before the construction process on your property has started
  • Hundreds of positive reviews of our clients
  • An excellently done project within the time borders that were set by you together with our team

It does not matter what you want: a garage converted or a new single-family house for your parents; let us do all the worrying about the peculiarities and possible problems that might occur during the construction so that you would not have to stress at all!

Turnkey Design & Build


Start your project off right with a detailed plan for your project and a design from our industry experts.


Set up a workable schedule and work out all the details of your project with a dedicated PM.


We will do all the work in getting your project permitted and get the construction going on your project.


We'll finish your project on time & on budget and go over how we can meet your long term satisfaction.

Building ADU in Woodland Hills

There are quite a few spheres in which law restrictions take place. But the good news is that since January 1, 2020, some new regulations have been made so that Woodland Hills homeowners could have more freedom when it comes to ADU construction.

Let us now go through every one of them still existing standards so that no blindspots would be left for you to deal with later.

  • The minimum and maximum size. The good news here is that there are no restrictions on the minimal area size of your ADU. However, the maximum size can differ in accordance with the type of your ADU. It is only logical that the detached Accessory Dwelling Unit will have different regulations than the attached one.
  • Locations. The only general restriction is that your ADU should be placed on the residential area, which can be your single-family house or multi-family properties. However, note that it should be placed no more than one-half mile from a bus station or public transit station.
  • Numer of ADUs for one house. The maximum amount for a single-family home would be two ADUs. As for the multi-family building, it all depends on the number of units that already exist on the piece of property and on the type of ADU you would want to construct.
  • As for the height, it should be no less than a single-story height of 16 square feet.
  • Your detached ADUs should have no less than four feet of the side and rear setbacks from the main house, as well as from the rear property line, which would not be the case for converted space and junior ADUs. As for the fire codes: fire sprinklers are required only for the primary residence ADUs fire safety.
  • Other development standards include parking requirements, which are applied only for attached and detached ADUs, and the parking provided should be of one parking unit. When a garage or any other covered parking structure is converted into an ADU, parking standards are not applied, which means that no additional off-street parking space is required.

A+ Remodeling team will meet all of the Woodland Hills law regulations so that state law representatives would not search Accessory Dwelling Unit of yours. With us, you can rest assured that everything will be done professionally.

Prefab ADU Construction

Prefabricated ADU construction is quite a popular method of making ADUs. Prefabricated means that you will have a constructor that will find and deliver to you all of the needed and already made parts for the building process. What is left for the team to do is simply put together the pieces.

What is beneficial from this method is that it allows both the owners and the builders to spend as little time on construction as it only possible so that you, as the client, would get an ADU very quickly. Moreover, the quality of the pieces is usually higher than the one of the on-site builders.

In addition, we may say that you would not need to worry about the pricing of such a method: of course, everything differs depending on the type of ADU that you would need to make, but in general, you will see the prices starting from 300 dollars.

ADU Housing

ADU housing is a very popular way of expanding your existing primary dwelling that brings to the USA citizen more benefits than a simple size: you can get some extra income, a place where guests and friends may stay over, or a convenient method of adjusting your parents to the new way of life.

If even one thought has run over your mind about ADU, we would definitely recommend you consider making an ADU and choosing an A+ company as your contractor.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

The exact pricing that you would get depends on many different and important factors, such as:

There are only some very general price ranges for you to consider. For example, a detached ADU would cost somewhere around 300 dollars, while garage conversions can be of 30,000 dollars price.

Can I build an ADU on my property in California?

Generally speaking, yes, you can. As long as your property is considered to be for a single-family dwelling, you can build and rent your ADU without any permission from the homeowners association to be taken into account, as well as make them inside a designated historic district.

Moreover, now the property owner does not need to live on the property to be able to rent your ADU, and the requirements for an ADU's size now are at least 800 feet and a maximum of one JADU that is no more than 500 feet.

Do I need a permit for making an ADU in California?

The only building permit that you would need to obtain is the one from the City Planning Division.  Also, a zoning administrator permit may need to be obtained if the size is bigger than 1000 square feet, which is three bedrooms.

All other permits, such as the approval from your homeowners' association, are no longer needed for your ADU to be legally established.

To get an ADU permit, simply find out information about all of the important and mandatory law regulations from the ADU Oridnanes of your City Council, include them in your plan, and send your letter to the Planning Division. To lessen your burden, the A+ team will help you to align your needs with the restrictions.

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General Information

Woodland is a nice quiet middle-sized city, which is developed and safe enough for living with a family. It is characterized by a calm and friendly atmosphere, most locals know each other for ages. There is a good selection of schools, parks, entertaining locations, groceries, restaurants, cafes and other facilities needed for comfortable living.

At the same time, it is situated a short drive from Sacramento ― the capital of the state, which means that, living in Woodland, you can easily make use of all the facilities and opportunities offered by the large city.

Key Facts about Woodland:

  • This city is the county seat of Yolo County.
  • The total area of Woodland is about 40 sq km.
  • As of 2010, the city was inhabited by 55,468 people.
  • The zip-codes of Woodland: 95695, 95776.
  • The current mayor of the city is Xóchitl Rodríguez.

Things to Do in Woodland:

  • To see the world’s biggest collection of ancient agricultural equipment in Heidrick Ag History Center. Woodland is located in California’s Central Valley ― one of the most fertile farming regions in the US, so, it is not surprising that the past, the present and most probably the future of this place are closely connected with cultivating the land and producing crops. In the museum center mentioned, you can see ancient tractors, harvesters, trucks, automobiles, horse-drawn tools and other farming equipment and learn lots of exciting facts about the history of the agricultural industry of California.
  • To have a look at vintage automobiles in Reiff’s Gas Station Museum. In fact, this museum is a private house belonging to the automotive fan Mark Reiff, who has gathered a unique collection and has made a decision to show it to the public. This museum is a must-visit spot for both adults and children.
  • To watch a show in the Woodland Opera House Theatre. They offer plays to suit every taste: from classics, like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, to modern musicals and children’s shows inspired by popular cartoons and well-known fairy tales.
  • To practice water sports in Velocity Island Park. The best way to spend a hot summer day in this Californian city is to go to a water park. In Velocity Island Park, you can enjoy varied refreshing and fun water activities: from wakeboarding and paddleboarding to trying your skills and strength on the huge inflatable obstacle course. One should note that the safety of each and every guest is the top priority of the team of this entertaining center, so, you can safely try extreme sports there. Sure, when you get tired, you can have some rest on the beach or at the local cafe, serving cheeseburgers, pizza, salads and other delicious and substantial bites.
  • To take a ride by Sacramento River Train. If you have some free time ― around 3 hours, be sure to join this train tour from Woodland to West Sacramento. During the tour, you can enjoy entertaining shows offered, which are intended for families with kids mainly, taste delicious meals and drinks that are served on board or just admire the beautiful scenery of the Yolo County Wildlife Refuge.
  • To spend time with kids in Jack Slaven Park. There are modern and well-equipped playgrounds for children of different ages, a creative water zone, picnic areas and extensive lawns for varied outdoor activities.
  • To find all the cats along Dead Cat Alley. Certainly, there are no dead cats. The alley is marked with the help of 13 funny cat sculptures situated overhead that show the way. In fact, it is the historic landmark, which helps visitors to learn more about the history of the city and to find the main local attractions. During a walk down this alley, you will see the place, where Woodland began, qet a glimpse into the history of the local railroad, find the Woodland Opera House, make a visit to the local Chinatown.

Outstanding Residents of Woodland:

  • Jillian Camarena-Williams ― the retired shot putter, who has competed for the USA at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.
  • Thomas Haden Church ― the well-known actor, who has been shooted in more than 40 films, including Spider-Man 3, Hellboy, George of the Jungle, George of the Jungle 2.
  • John Didion ― the American football player, who played as a center for the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints.
  • Vicente Escobedo ― the boxer, who has represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.
  • Dustin Pedroia ― the second baseman, who has played for the Boston Red Sox in the Major League Baseball.
  • Edward Howard ― the singer and bandleader, who enjoyed popularity in the 1940s–1950s.

Neighboring Places:

  • Knights Landing ― the census-designated place ― is located to the north of Woodland;
  • Dunnigan ― the census-designated place ― lies to the northwest of Woodland;
  • Madison ― the census-designated place ― is situated to the west of Woodland;
  • Davis ― the most populous city in Yolo County ― is located to the south of Woodland;
  • West Sacramento and Sacramento lie to the southeast of Woodland.

Public Transportation in Woodland

The majority of Woodland residents gives preference to personal cars, although there is a good selection of YOLOBUS routes linking Woodland to Sacramento, Davis and other neighboring communities.

The city of Woodland is crossed by Interstate 5 and State Route 113, which promotes the development of interurban transportation.

The closest Amtrak stations are located in Davis, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Rocklin.

The nearest airport is situated in Sacramento.


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