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American Sacramento Restaurants

American Sacramento restaurants
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Top 10 American Sacramento Restaurants Worth Your Attention

Each year capital of California Sacramento attracts millions of visitors from around the world. There are plenty of museums, the zoo, festivals, and cultural and historic places with their designated tours that are sold like hot buns on a stove. Besides, it has many interesting facts. Did you know that this city is the biggest producer of almonds? Yes, millions of pounds are harvested yearly. So, whether you are a travel enthusiast or gourmet do not underestimate this pot of gold of authentic restaurants. They boast a variety of signature dishes and friendly staff that can make anyone feel at home. Here is a guide to the top 10 restaurants worth visiting in Sacramento.

Frank Fat’s

This place is perfect for those who like historical background. The restaurant started serving food in 1939, and it is considered to be the oldest one in the USA owned exclusively by one family. The main idea in the last century was to feed people with quality food. Nowadays, the chef mixes the techniques of cooking and uses many features taken from Asian, French, Italian, and of course American cuisine. However, if believing TripAdvisor, people mark it as the number one place to try Chinese food. Besides, it belongs to a fine dining experience so organizing there romantic or family dinners is a must if you pass by this city.

As of now, their team offers to try discounted signature drinks and appetizers by visiting a well-known happy hour, in their case “Martini Hour”. Monday to Friday from 3 pm – 6 pm, but do not forget to make a reservation as far as many people are eager to relax during the siesta time.

If concerning the menu presented on their premises, there are two, one for lunch and the second one for dinner. The best sellers from both menus are banana cream pie, potstickers, and Szechuan beef. The prices, in turn, range from $10 to $20 on average.

Official website: https://frankfats.com/

Location: 806 L Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Firehouse Restaurant

This 60 years old place also belongs to a fine dining experience and is perfect for gourmets. An extensive wine list and intimate atmosphere that is suitable for romantic or business meetings. Today, the team has 6 ongoing menus created for lunch, dinner, dessert, happy hour, thanksgiving day, and chef’s specialty. The main cuisine is American. If referring to three first, there are salmon tartare, crab cake, oysters, carpaccio, panna cotta, cheesecake, and many other signature dishes. Thanksgiving offer will take place accordingly on 28, November from 1 pm – 8 pm and it will cost $64.95 per person. People may try Classic Waldorf salad, Butternut Squash and Ricotta Ravioli, cranberry-pumpkin pie, and of course roasted duck. If you would like to hit their bar for some discounted drinks, a happy hour is ongoing from Monday to Friday from 2:30 pm – 6 pm and offers cocktails, wines, draft beer along with small appetizers such as sliders, truffle fries, bruschetta.

And, at last chef’s specialty menu “Farm to Fork” where 5 signature dishes are perfectly paired with a wine. $89 for food sets, and $119 if choosing them with alcohol. For instance, a person may try Smoked Dixon lamb loin with root vegetable ratatouille under port wine plum sauce paired with 2017 Mollydooker Shiraz.

Other prices range from $9 to $60 on average. Again, to have an opportunity to enjoy their food, make a reservation. Also, think about this place as an event space.

Official website: https://www.firehouseoldsac.com/

Location: 1112 Second Street Sacramento, California 95814


If you look for a place with more simple dishes that have nothing to do with fine dining, Bacon&Butter may offer Californian farm-to-table cuisine. And, what is more attractive, they have two locations, so any group of people will have a chance to be accommodated during the operational hours. Their target is to use only local farmers’ products regarding vegetables and fruits, and they refer to Beeler’s for beef and pork. Moreover, if you would like to grab something to eat while on the go, they have fresh baked goods such as bacon apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and chocolate cookies.

Do not be scared their name has nothing to do with reality, there are plenty of dishes without bacon and butter. For example, if turning to their main menus for breakfast, lunch, and brunch, there are grilled cheese benedict, avocado toasts, chia seeds puddings, and other healthy dishes. The prices are affordable and range from $3 to $20 per plate. Besides, it can be considered a cheap place for families who want to have a nutritious lunch without paying over the nose.

Official website: http://baconandbuttersac.com/

Location: 5913 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95820 #tahoepark

3839 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 #eastsacramento


Looking for Japanese cuisine? Kru is a contemporary dish with Asian techniques. There any person can enjoy the variety of food along with booking this place for the event. The executives even took one step further, they offer to buy signature clothes with KRU logos, and they have a separate webpage where people may purchase alcohol bottles. The restaurant, in turn, is open only for dinners. And, you can try nigiri, sashimi, cut and hand rolls, zenzai, small plates, ramen, and yakimono. The prices are surprisingly average considering the costs of ingredients. For example, a person may try 6 pieces of oysters only at $18.

Moreover, they also have a happy hour that ongoing from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Sashimi, skewers, rolls paired with three cocktails, beer, wine, sake, and Japanese whiskey. All the items presented on the menu are discounted and you may spend less than $20 for drink and dish together.

Official website: https://www.krurestaurant.com/

Location: 3135 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95816

The Kitchen

What about Michelin star restaurant? Sacramento may boast its fine dining winner. This place offers a five-course prix fixe menu along with a list of beverages. Moreover, “the menu for each evening is based on a twelve-month seasonal framework and features the freshest daily ingredients and unique creative touches”. Each month they offer particular wine selections that can perfectly fit any food course. Other drinks are sake, beer, and cocktails. Any guest may choose the course dishes, or refer to their taste and choose from the “intermission” menu. You can walk through the chef’s stations and pick whatever attracts your attention and matches your taste

Also, The Kitchen offers people to book a space for hosting private events, parties, or meetings. 60 guests space for $155 per person plus a $4,000 beverage minimum and $3,500 room fee.

This week’s menu as an example will consist of Butter Basted California Halibut, Périgord Truffle Handkerchief Pasta, and Pistachio Pavlova. The price per dinner may be averagely $135. Keep in mind, it is a luxury segment and a place for people who know the rope of fine cuisine.

Official website: https://thekitchenrestaurant.com/

Location: 2225 Hurley Way Sacramento, CA 95825

Woodlake Tavern

The best BBQ in Sacramento is all about the Woodlake atmosphere. It is a friendly restaurant and event space together. If you book a place for a wedding and a birthday, they will have all the facilities to accommodate big groups of people. Craft cocktails, comfort cuisine, and great hospitality this is how they describe themselves. This place is perfect for real men or women who cannot resist eating meat. Barbecue, roasted meats, and other dishes such as pasta, seafood, and of course seasonal local ingredients.

The team offers to try their happy hour with designated happy bites and drinks. For instance, for less than $12, a person can enjoy wings, beef tallow fries, ribs, and sliders. And, for less than $7 local handle draft beer, house wines, well drinks, and mixology classics.

Besides, during the thanksgiving days, people may pick up ready to eat dishes for their feast tables of course if preordering this option. Roasted turkey, ribs, maple glazed carrots, and many more you may check in their separate specialty menu.

Official website: https://woodlaketavern.com/

Location: 1431 Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento, Ca. 95815

Tres Hermanas

Good news for lovers of healthy Mexican food, Tres Hermanas welcomes people who cannot live without guacamole. This place has more than 20 years of history, and it specializes in exactly northern Mexican cuisine and a variety of fresh Margaritas. Besides, people may enjoy their Carnitas, Rich Mole Poblano, tacos, and enchiladas. If you are in a hurry and want to have takeaway bites, refer to their takeout menu. Antojitos, Burrito, Quesadilla, and desserts. Everything ranges from $3 to $16. Moreover, they have a separate kids’ menu with small burritos and rice plates.

Keep in mind, during the Friday service, it is worth coming early or making a reservation. Many people occupy this place on this day to enjoy Chicken Fajitas. One more bonus they do have very quick service, and large portions. So, if you have nearly half an hour to eat and feel full, order anything from the menu, and in several minutes, you can satisfy your Mexican food craving.

Official website: https://www.treshermanasonk.com/

Location: 2416 K Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Biba Restaurant

What about another award-winning restaurant? Biba is a representative of Italian cuisine and named after its celebrity chef. Biba Caggiano published nine best selling cooking books, and she had her culinary show on the television. In 1986, she opened this place, and since that time, it was even awarded as the best Sacramento restaurant. Even though it belongs to a fine dining experience, there are many simple but qualitative dishes. But, the prices for gourmet courses are relatively high. The prices range from $10 to $25. Burrata con Zucca, Calamari Fritti, of course, Pastas, Pollo alla Milanese are the most in-demand dishes. If you are from Italy who visit California for several days, do not linger to visit this place. You will not see the difference between your local dishes and Biba’s.

Besides, Biba organizes many events dedicated to culinary topics. For example, any person may join wine tastings and holiday specialty days. To have a chance to try her signature dishes, please do make a reservation.

Official website: https://biba-restaurant.com/

Location: 2801 Capitol Avenue Sacramento, California 95816

The Mimosa House

This place is proud of its explicit wine and champagne lists. And, its main cuisine is American. The all-day dining option helps to meet the requirements of any client. And, that’s why they have a few menus dedicated to each time of the day and happy hour. From Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm – 6 pm, you may try $2 off all the cocktails, sandwiches, $1 off beers, and snacks. If looking for a heavy meal, there are steak sandwiches, burgers, wings, tacos, garden grubs, and personal plates such as Louisiana BBQ Ribs, or Southern Fried Chicken. The prices for items from the regular menu will be from $10 to $20 only. Besides, they organize many fancy brunches, but according to TripAdvisor feedback, people had better make a reservation in advance for all the events.

If needed, a restaurant also provides a catering menu for 10 or more people. Visit them if you want to see the longest offer of mimosas.

Official website: http://www.themimosahouse.com

Location: 5641 J Street, Sacramento California 95819

Yue Huang

And, last but not least, this place will perfectly fit dim sum lovers. Their Cantonese cuisine features many specialties including king crab, pumpkin soup with snow fungus and lily, fish and seafood options. All-day dining experience welcomes anyone who enjoys both spicy and sweet and sour dishes. For instance, a person can refer to an ala carte menu with roast duck at $15 per half, house bbq delight at $18, hot and sour soup at $8.95. Or, big sets that will consist of 10 big portioned plates on a client’s preference. But, the price may seem exorbitant. A set “Happy Life” that costs $498 will include suckling pig combo, honey walnut prawns, scallops, nest bird soup, mix mushrooms, empress chicken, lobster, sea bass, fried rice, and red bean. However, the taste will not leave you indifferent.

Moreover, this restaurant may be a perfect space for weddings, banquets, graduation parties, retirement celebrations, birthdays, and Quinceañera.

Official website: https://www.yuehuangdimsum.com/

Location:3860 Truxel Road Sacramento, CA 95834

Restaurant Criteria

To make it easier for readers, let’s define what restaurant will match your needs by comparing a few of them involving criteria. First off, pay attention to the next factors:

  • Kids policy. All the mentioned restaurants allow kids on their premises. But, if you plan a family visit to other catering places, make sure by calling them and getting to know whether they permit you to take children, and they have a dedicated kids menu.
  • Check for extra fees. When overviewing the menu, do not expect to calculate every fee online. Some restaurants charge even for cork bottle service.
  • Make a reservation. Again, the described restaurants that belong to fine dining require a previous reservation, especially for dinner service.

Follow these rules, and refer to the next table when visiting Sacramento for a food tour.

Frank Fat’s Fine-dining Mix 4.5
Firehouse Fine American 4.5
Bacon&Butter Casual American 4.5
Kru Premium casual Japanese 4.5
The Kitchen Fine American 5
Woodlake Tavern Premium casual American 4.5
Tres Hermanas Family type Mexican 4.5
Biba Fine Italian 4.5
The Mimosa Casual American 4
Yue Huang Casual Cantonese 4.5


Good luck with choosing one of the restaurants. Do not forget, any place may meet your criteria as far as the above-mentioned places boast an exceptional service, and any staff member can make you feel like at home.


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