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Amusing Facts About Sacramento, CA

Amusing Facts About Sacramento, CA
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Many residents of Sacramento have been living in this place for decades, and most likely, they know lots of curious and exciting stories, legends, and facts about this place which are very fun to tell visitors. However, some of these facts are still being unknown by many, and that is why we decided to devote this article to the most unusual and fun things you should know about Sacramento. Enjoy!

Interesting Historical Facts

  • Sacramento is not the first and not the only capital of the state of California in history, but it is the reigning city for the second time. In addition, other cities such as Monterey, Vallejo, Benicia, and San Jose have performed this role before her.
  • In 1976 Sacramento was famous for conducting the largest renovation project in the country. It was the project of the Capitol building, and for that time, this restoration was really huge.
  • In fact, Sacramento is two cities in one because of many underground tunnels beneath the city foundation, which were abandoned due to the flood threat. Besides, within Sacramento’s boundaries, there are Sacramento and West Sacramento counties that now belong to different counties (Sacramento and Yolo, respectively).
  • Sacramento is the birthplace of the Pony Express delivery service that later stretched all the way to Missouri city.

Facts For Tourists

  • Sacramento has a lot of nicknames by locals and visitors. So, the residents usually call it Sactown, while among guests, the city has tons of interesting and unconventional names. Some of the most popular include “River City,” “Camellia capital of the world,” and ”City of Trees”.
  • If you decide to visit Sacramento in the summer, you may encounter extremely high temperatures, so it is better to visit this city in the fall or spring in order to enjoy the local attractions without any difficulties.
  • The Sacramento region is famous for a huge amount of different kinds of museums. So, there is a wide range of options you can visit, from the State Railway Museum to the Crocker Art one, which is considered to have the longest history of existence among the Western states.
  • For more than 40 years, Sacramento had conducted the popular multicultural Jazz Festival where music lovers could enjoy all genres of music. Unfortunately, in 2017 they stopped holding this event, but many people still remember the magical atmosphere of this festival.
  • The Sacramento Zoo is one of the local historical heritage sites that has existed since 1927. These days everyone still can visit this place or even stay at night at the local hotel and enjoy wild nature in the middle of the night.
  • Sacramento is the world’s leading almond producer. The headquarters of the Blue Diamond is located here, and every year they produce tones of almonds and deliver them to the American market.

Sacramento Kings Facts

  • The team has a talisman that is a lion named Samson. They always demonstrate him at their games.
  • Perhaps not everyone remembers this, but the Kings were originally known as The Royals, a semi-professional team from the New York state. Then, they represented Kansas for a while, and only after that, in 1985, they became the Sacramento Kings team.
  • In total, Kings had four relocation attempts to Anaheim and Seattle after they became representatives of Sacramento. However, all the deals were canceled when one local millionaire bought the whole team, and since that time, Kings have been representing Sacramento.
  • By the way, the cost of the Kings is over 500 million dollars. For this price, they were purchased in 2013.

General facts

  • In general, the climate in Sacramento is very pleasant and comfortable, with mild temperatures and warm sunny weather, which people can enjoy most of the year. However, sometimes if you come here during the summer months, you may encounter extremely high temperatures. So be careful!
  • Speaking of population, today, the city is home to half a million people. In addition, almost 2 million more live in surrounding areas.
  • Sacramento is equidistant from San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, making its location incredibly unique. In fact, it is located right in the middle between vibrant city life and natural beauty. In addition, both of these places can be quickly reached by car within an hour.

Entertaining Places

  • There are a lot of cultural places that you might want to visit in Sacramento, including Sacramento Opera, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Theatre Company, and California Musical Theater, where you can see famous Broadway troupes when they come to the city with their shows.
  • In the region of Sacramento, you can also find more than 30 theaters, museums, and other cultural places in total.
  • If you are looking for night-time entertainment, there are many clubs in Sacramento and its regions. They all have different features, and you can find places where you will be able to try swing dancing, hip-hop, rock and roll, and other dance styles.

Unconventional Attractions

  • Samson Luggage Sculpture was installed by sculptor Brian Goggin in 1998 at Sacramento International Airport, and it represents the whole period in which air travel has been possible. The installation is two fascinating pillars constructed of more than seven hundred pieces of luggage dated from the early twentieth century that impress every traveler who arrives in Sacramento.
  • Sacramento Old City Cemetery is not the most optimistic and fun place; however, this is exactly where you can get involved in the historical past of Sacramento by visiting the graves of the people who lived there during the Gold Rush-era. This place is very popular during Halloween when everyone can book a night-time Lantern Tour and immerse themselves in the gloomy atmosphere of the Old Californian Cemetery. Besides, there are lots of other guided tours available throughout the year, including free day-time walking tours. Check their website to prepare for the excursion and find out more details about the location, including the Old Cemetery map, in advance.
  • The Spirit of Sacramento is a three-story riverboat that has a very interesting and unusual story. Initially, this boat created in 1942 had the name “Putah” until it was bought by John Wayne in 1954. The actor used this boat in his movie Blood Alley, and it was its finest hours. Then the boat was sold and used for river tours. In the 1990s, it has renamed “Spirit of Sacramento” and was used for beautiful river cruises until a terrible fire broke out on the boat, which almost destroyed it completely. Now it sits near the river, abandoned, and you can see this once-grand vessel any time you visit Sacramento.
  • Safetyville is a miniature replica of Sacramento designed to teach children safety in 1984. The “city” is located in the suburb of Rancho Cordova, and there you can find the mini versions of McDonald’s, police and fire departments, state capital buildings, and much more. If you visit Sacramento with your children, they will definitely like this unusual place scaled especially for them. However, not only children, even adults will be interested in visiting this tiny city to admire this tiny real-world replica.
  • The modern Eagle Theatre is a replica of the first Californian public theatre that was destroyed by the flooding in 1850. The reconstructors tried to build the replica as close to the original building as possible, but anyway, they added a number of insignificant changes such as an asphalt floor instead of beaten earth one and smaller benches in the main auditorium. You should visit this place if you are keen on theatre and its history as well as the cultural history of Sacramento in general.
  • I Street Bridge is the heaviest swinging center Bridge in the U.S., built in 1911. Overall, the bridge weighs over seven million pounds and has two desks for highway and railroad traffics. The Bridge can span 90 degrees clockwise to give fast access to the City River and carries about ten thousand vehicles and trucks.

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