Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have a lot of distinct advantages. A modern household cannot be complete without a functional and comfortable bathroom. Cabinets allow you to decorate the interior of your bathroom while drastically enhancing its functionality and adding even more utility to the room.

Here is a short list of benefits that you will get with bath room cabinets:

  • Bathroom cabinet refinishing allows you to completely overhaul the interior of the room changing its appearance and style. Bathroom cabinet refacing is a good way to alter the interior design.
  • Cabinets will save a lot of space. Bathrooms are usually compact utility rooms and additional storage space can be detrimental for its functionality.
  • Custom refacing options significantly increase the amount of available design options. Instead of focusing on following trends, you can make something unique.
Choosing your style

One of the most common reasons to reface bathroom cabinets is your desire to change the way your room looks. Having a lot of decorative options helps in choosing the right style of decorations that will suit your mood. We offer you a wide range of door types with different patterns and exteriors. You can choose from up to 140 variations of doors.

Every door can be made with specific type of wood. In addition, we offer a multitude of finishes from traditional wooden veneer to modern unconventional textures. There are various ways of restaining bathroom cabinets and we can offer you a way to completely change the way your room looks without changing its contents.

You can customize and individualize the interior design even further by adding fancy furniture, handles, and other small details to the ensemble of decorations. This will make your cabinets unique while not hindering their functionality and usability.

With various finishes, colors, and materials available, you will be able to customize your bathroom and make it truly special. However, there are other reasons to refinish bathroom cabinets apart from having a desire to make you room look fancy.

Renovation is necessary

Sometimes, you simply need to fix your old storages. It is necessary to reface bathroom cabinets and replace doors in order to keep your bathroom functional and attractive. Old wooden cabinets can be salvaged and simply fixing and refacing bathroom cabinets is more than enough to bring back the charm that your bathroom once had.

Refinishing bathroom cabinets will make your aging storage space like new. At the same time, you will spend less money by fixing your existing closets instead of buying all-new ones. This is a perfect solution in terms of both budget and aesthetic appeal.

Save your time!

The process of refinishing takes from little to no time. It is simple, cheap, and efficient. The whole process of complete bathroom cabinets renovation includes several consecutive steps.

  • Call us right now and make an order. Our consultants will inform you about our best offers and you will choose the most suitable design options and materials.
  • Our team will arrive to your household make necessary measurements and disassemble your old cabinets if necessary.
  • We will refinish bathroom cabinets in our facility in Sacramento CA or assemble new ones depending on your project. This process takes 2-3 days at most.
  • Then, the team will deliver the cabinets and install them. This process takes less than a day. In the end, you will receive your warranty.

Each project is approached individually. We will always offer you interesting solutions for your bathroom depending on its size and style. Prices also vary depending on chosen materials, furniture, and restaining options.

If you’re interested in having new bathroom cabinets installed in your home, turn to the design services, high-quality products, and expert installations provided by the professionals at A+ Construction. We’ve been in the home remodeling business for years, and understand what it takes to create a beautiful, modernized bathroom.

We invite you to visit our showroom, where you can see for yourself the various products and services we offer and pick the options that work best for your home.

With the help of our design team and state-of-the-art software, you can create a beautiful bathroom that fits within your budget. Whether you only need new bathroom cabinets or you’re interested in a complete bathroom renovation, A+ Construction has you covered.

The selection of bathroom cabinets and other elements we offer for a bathroom remodel, is virtually unparalleled. We carry cabinets in all styles, sizes, colors, and finishes, so we’re sure to have an option that complements your bathroom’s existing décor. Plus, we also offer a cabinet refacing service, in which we can change the appearance of your cabinetry, while keeping the original frames and boxes intact.

And when you choose A+ Construction for your new bathroom cabinets, you’ll benefit from our exceptional customer service. We offer:

  • Free estimates for bathroom remodeling projects
  • Advice from certified bathroom designers
  • Regimented schedules for construction
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • A satisfaction guarantee

For more information about the bathroom cabinets we can install for your home, contact A+ Construction today.

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