Bathroom Remodel in Citrus Heights

Bathroom Remodel in Citrus Heights

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Bathroom remodeling contractors are challenging yet inspiring process: it’s a chance to transform the bathroom into a cozy and functional space for your rest and relaxation. Regardless of the bathroom size (5’x 10’, 5′ x 8, 6′ x 8’, 8’ x 8’ 6’ x 6’, 6’ x 7’, 9’ x 9’ and other), there are always a lot of layout and design options to choose from.

At the start you need to decide, if you want to implement DIY ideas or evaluate proposals from reputable contractors. This decision will influence the estimates, the time frame and the amount of job done. People choose remodeling and making additions to their bathroom to reach the following goals:

  • update the bathroom fixtures or adapt them to kids or elderly in the house;
  • optimize the layout, change flooring, add or remove steps;
  • add house resale value.

We strongly recommend consulting professionals and carefully evaluate the scope of work before you start. The price range of bathroom remodeling varies depending on the room footage, complexity of changes and additions, materials and styles. By contacting our company, you will be able to get a bathroom remodel questionnaire and quote sample, see before and after photos of already completed projects, and receive personal advice from the experienced contractor.

Our company has dozens of satisfied customers in NYC, New Orleans, Quad Cities and the entire Sacramento. You can see impressive ideas pictures in the gallery. We strive to match your expectations and do it for cheap. If you are searching, where to start, how to renovate a bathroom for dummies or for beginners and where to find top construction stores near you – you should contact us anyway. Our managers consult on all questions regarding home and bathroom remodeling.

We are one of the reliable construction companies near you, ready to implement any modern- or vintage-style project of any complexity. Familiarize yourself to our impressive portfolio and ask contractor any questions on estimates, job description and examples of executed projects.

How to remodel your bathroom in Citrus Heights, Sacramento area, CA?

1) Get a clear idea of what you want

If you are skilled enough in design, you can try to look for professional designer tools or apps to create your unique project. In case you know nothing about designer apps and kits, delegate creating layout to experienced contractors. Make sure you have clear ideas or pictures of what you would like to implement. For example, you may want to build a walk-in shower, change the bath shape, add hi-tech fixtures or environmentally-friendly shower systems. Specify points of primary importance for you today.

2) Plan your budget: how much you can spend to get the job done?

On our website there are various price range options, kids-friendly bathrooms and ideas for seniors. The price we offer is reasonable and honest. Although in many cases DIY projects may appear cheaper, because labor cost makes outsourcing not that profitable, only professionals can guarantee supreme quality and provide competent advice on bathroom maintenance. According to statistics, about 35% of DIY fail and customers eventually use professional services. You can calculate estimates with the help of estimate template at our office or online. Specify key remodeling aspects, provide details and think of the questions to ask the contractor.

3) Go into detail

At this stage you should pay attention to preferable materials, color schemes, original solutions and such. If you are well-informed about it – perfect, visit us and share your ideas. If you are searching for inspiration, then design magazines can help you with this task. In addition to annoying ads about showrooms near you, fixtures and supplies, you can find valuable ideas that meet your expectations. Look for bathroom remodeling checklist pdf to help you with this task.

If you value your time – contact us, and our specialists will offer you trends and ideas 2018-2019.

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Why hire bathroom remodeling contractor in Citrus Heights, Sacramento area, CA?

The most valuable remodeling tip is about hiring a team of handymen from a professional company. There is hardly anyone, who likes mess in the house, solving additional urgent problems daily or re-doing the job a few times. These are mistakes to avoid, so it’s better to think in advance and estimate your time and financial expenses with a reliable contractor. Our company will provide valuable advice, quotes calculations and offer a fair deal. Our primary task is to perform your bathroom remodeling at the highest level and as fast as we can.

Here are top reasons, why hire bathroom remodeling contractor in Citrus Heights, Sacramento area, California:

  • Less stress and faster results – our team can work on several tasks at once and show you results a lot faster than you can see them in case you use DIY tips. Our expertise helps us choose right materials, colors and textures to keep customers satisfied.
  • Transparent estimates –our specialists will help you with cost and material estimation using special software apps. No difficult math on your own.
  • Safety and guarantees – it’s always more expensive to correct mistakes than to hire competent contractors from scratch. Cooperating with us, you are always protected by the contract.
  • No mess – remodeling a bathroom on your own means you must deal with cleaning up afterwards. We will do that for you.

To get all this all you need to do is to contact us. If you have questions to ask a contractor – we are glad to consult you online, per telephone or in person. You can read customer feedback and reviews about our company, check out photos in our portfolio and find examples of bathroom remodeling projects. No matter, what task you have – cosmetic remodeling or plumbing work, we are ready to deliver you top-class experience with our company. Be a proud home owner with functional, modern and attractive bathroom!

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