Bathroom Remodel in Davis

Bathroom Remodel in Davis

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We suppose you’re looking through multiple photo galleries of bathroom remodeling ideas, searching for inspiration, showrooms or estimate templates. Only one customer in ten knows exactly how to remodel a bathroom and give it a fresh new look at a reasonable price. If you are not the one, at our website you can get plenty of examples and contemporary solutions, get to know our price range for such services and learn most important questions to ask a contractor.

It’s obvious that there are a lot more ideas for larger rooms (5’x 10’, 6′ x 8’, 8’ x 8’. 9’ x 9’). but if you are a small bathroom owner (5′ x 8, 6’ x 6’, 6’ x 7’ or smaller footage), you can be sure there are a lot of options near you for installing a new shower fitment, vanities, bath, flooring solutions or steps. If you are interested in some specific ideas 2018 and 2019 – we would be glad to implement them in your project.

Feel free to browse our gallery in search for ideas or show any photos from apps, magazines or handymen sites. We will help you structure the process of bathroom remodel, provide you with quote sample and a questionnaire and discuss the details. This is our expertise – to make people happy with their new-looking bathrooms or entire homes. Our team consists of competent specialists in various spheres associated with construction and design.

A little information about our company:

  • We provide remodeling, renovation and repair services as well as valuable ideas for your home;
  • is one of the leading companies in Davis, Sacramento area;
  • No matter if you want to start a luxury vintage style bathroom remodeling project, look for ideas for seniors or need to remodel for cheap – contact us, we always have something to offer in any price range;
  • Our company is ready to show before and after pictures of similar projects completed;
  • We offer free cost estimates and affordable labor cost;
  • Contact us, if you are wondering where to start!

How to remodel your bathroom in Davis, Sacramento area, CA?

The answer to this question is simple and sophisticated at the same time. On the one hand, you need to take a basic decision: whether to use DIY-solutions or do it with the help of experienced remodeling contractors. On the other hand, this decision takes time. We suggest doing the following: if you have some experience in reconstruction or remodeling, possess profound knowledge about construction materials, estimates, quotes and job description – you can safely search for DIY-schemes to implement. If you are new to this area, let specialists do the job for you. Here are a few reasons for that:

  1. Our company knows a lot about adding resale value to homes, installing smart and eco-friendly fixtures and make the life of your family easier.
  2. We eliminate risks associated with improper materials choice, technical mistakes, plumbing damages etc.
  3. Due to vast experience of our team, final costs won’t exceed estimated costs too much (if they even do);
  4. Correcting mistakes after implementation of ‘DIY for dummies’ is always a lot more expensive than doing well from scratch.

You might have various goals of changing the look and functionality of your bathroom:

  • Making the bathroom friendly for children, elderly people or people with special needs;
  • Installing updated equipment, changing the shower cabin or bath;
  • Improving the esthetical aspect, using trends 2018-2019 to boost house resale value.

No matter which option you choose (of add more tasks for our team), we can assure you the job is going to be done first-class, fast, and with no mess. Call us to learn more about our approach and pricing policy.

Why hire bathroom remodeling contractor in Davis, Sacramento area, CA?

Hiring an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor is a valuable advice many sensible homeowners would give to their friends. It is both time- and cost-effective. These two aspects are especially important, if you don’t plan to leave the house during the process. Our specialist will confirm the step-by-step plan and discuss additional services you may be interested in. We purchase supplies and materials on your behalf at stores near you with best price and quality ratio, we get supplies from Utica NY, New Orleans, Pinellas County, Quad Cities and all over the US.

To make the preparation for bathroom remodeling easier, our team have prepared 5 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choosing DIY-tips instead of professional assistance – if you are not completely sure you manage, this option cannot be called economy. In the latter case you are protected by the contract, while in the former case you have no guarantees the result is going to be successful.
  2. Calculating expenses on your own without your contractor – sometimes such math can be challenging enough, and customers usually make mistakes that prevent them from good understanding of the situation. Our company have professional kits and software for making estimates that are likely to be true.
  3. Ignoring customer feedback – always read reviews and consider comments of other customers, when you choose the contractor.
  4. Having no questions to ask a contractor – the more specific and detailed task we get, the faster and better we can do the job. If you have questions, doubts, demands and wishes – make sure you express them at the start. Sometimes it’s useful to make notes beforehand.
  5. Ignoring the technical aspect when creating a design – we suggest being very careful with plumbing. In some cases, moving the plumbing may cause troubles with financing, appear time-consuming or even hardly possible.

Remember, if you hire a contractor, you won’t risk your money. You pay for having the job done effectively and as described. You benefit from individual design and customized solutions for small spaces or people with special needs in your house. Homeowners don’t have to waste time of estimating the budget on their own. Their interests and rights are protected by contract with a designer, electrician, plumber, tiling specialist or other masters. All you need is confirm the projects, accept the results of intermediate stage and the result. Your bathroom will get a brand-new look, improved functionality, safety and comfort. Make this space nice and cozy to relax after a long working day or start your morning with pleasure there!

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