Bathroom Remodel in Granite Bay

Bathroom Remodel in Granite Bay

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Bathroom remodeling is a must when you’re tired of the old design and want to make the room more ergonomic. How to organize this process smartly and save on repair costs? Let A+ Construction be your ultimate renovation guide.

“Why would I need a contractor for my tiny 6′ x 8′ room?” – you can ask. The smaller room is, the harder is fitting all objects and organizing storage. Let’s find out how working with a contractor differs from doing the renovation on your own.

Design planning

On your own: You have to watch magazines, stroll through showrooms, and visit websites to check out trends 2018 and the ideas for smart repair works. But how to combine the vintage style vanities with modern utilities and bright colors that you like? Without professional help, you won’t be able to fulfill your wishes and make the interior that all family members like.

With a contractor: An experienced designer elaborates the project that appeals to every family member, and the bathroom is equally convenient for kids, adults, and the elderly. You don’t have to waste time in search of inspiration: specialists know the ideas 2019 and trends 2019 even before they are published in popular magazines!

Cost estimation

On your own: One of the most typical mistakes to avoid is searching “building stores near me”. That’s what you’re likely to do, but it means being limited in choice and agreeing for the first price you’re offered.

With a contractor: The company keeps monitoring the cost of bathroom utilities, supplies, and materials to provide clients with the most agreeable options. Specialists will inform you about the places where you can purchase tools, materials, and furniture for cheap. Besides, you’ll be given the bathroom remodel quote sample for better budget planning.

Repair works

On your own: You have to perform all the steps on your own: that requires much time and effort. It’s very challenging for beginners, and there’s always the risk of mistakes.

With a contractor: All works, including floor laying, tiling, bathtub installation, etc. are done by professionals. The labor cost totally covers saved time and brilliant results you enjoy.

Upgrade your wet area today! From simple acrylic enclosures to extravagant showers, we do it all.
Vanity usually becomes the focus of the bathroom by default, we can find one that fits your style.
Change out floors to ones that look beautiful and are more durable around wet areas of your home.
If you want to change the layout of your bathroom, our designers will get your space just right for you!

How to remodel your bathroom in Granite Bay, Sacramento area, CA?

If you need guidance for dummies, we will explain where to start. Before you launch your DIY remodeling project, you need to research trends and ideas 2018 – that will give you a better insight into what a perfect room should look like. Look at some online gallery with photos before and after – pay particular attention to the bathrooms of your size (the approach to remodeling of 5 x 10 and 6 x 6 bathrooms is different). Alternatively, you can google “a showroom near me” and visit the nearest stores.

Ready to start? Mind 5 common mistakes to avoid:

One of the main jobs of building companies is giving a piece of advice and offering clients the best repair proposal ever. If you feel that you can’t come up even with 1/2 bath remodeling ideas, and this is an impossible mission, it’s time to ask for professional help!

Why hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Granite Bay, Sacramento area, CA?

Trusting such a hard task as remodeling to a handyman is the best decision you can take. Renovation of the bathroom has a lot of peculiarities and challenges, that’s why there are many questions to ask a contractor. But which company can live up to your expectations? A+ Construction is a leader in the sphere of home remodeling. Being based in Sacramento, we work with clients from all over California, NYC, New Orleans, Pinellas County, Quad Cities, Utica NY and other regions.

Why do our clients praise us?

Have doubts and questions? Read our customers’ reviews to make sure that A+ Construction is the right choice.

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My huge 8 x 8 bathroom was supposed to fit in everything: cosmetic kits, towels, cleaning products, and home clothes. However, I couldn’t figure out how to organize storage and asked A+ Construction team to help me. After I filled in the bathroom remodel questionnaire, they came up with splendid solutions. We managed to modify the bathroom in a week – that was quick and easy. Thanks!

Granite Bay

thought that remodeling is a very expensive process until I saw A+ Construction’s labor estimate template. Turned out, I could afford the whole range of services and even save on some repair works. Thank you, guys! You make it all a bit easier!

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