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Bathroom remodel in Wilton

Bathroom remodel in Wilton

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The best way to refresh your house is bathroom remodeling – all in all, this is the room where we spend a lot of time and want to simply relax. Wonder how to renovate the space? Where to start? This guide is here for you to provide some ideas 2018 and trends 2019, describe the steps of remodeling, and give some useful pieces of advice.

One of the main questions people ask is “What is better – make a DIY project, or ask contractors to help me?” Let’s compare both options.

A DIY renovation project

Remodeling is a challenging task even for beginners. First, you need to define what the final result should be like and what exactly should be changed. Maybe you just want to refresh the finishing? Or replace the bathtub, shower cabin, and flush toilet together with vanities? To get inspiration, you have to search for ideas in magazines, stores and showrooms. Even if you find great trends 2018 and ideas 2019, you should know how exactly to implement them.

As soon as the project is ready, cost estimate should be done. There’s always the risk of mistakes in calculations, and you can forget about some details (labor cost, tools, or decor accessories). As the result, the planned budget is exceeded.

If you have dealt with financing issues successfully, there’s the whole gamut of mistakes to avoid at the stage of repairs. The materials should be enough, as well as other supplies. Bathtub installation or piping replanning can be done incorrectly – these are the jobs of professional, and such tasks are hard for dummies. Imagine how much it would cost to remake everything!

Work with building companies

All you need to do is show the designers the gallery with ideas photos and examples, describe your requirements and wishes. The company will provide you with a ready proposal, ready 3D model and free estimates of labor.

A handyman and team of builders will do the work for you: tile the walls and the floor, install a bathtub and other utilities, organize piping and ventilation, and implement all the desired trends. The entire remodeling process is done by the contractor – you just need to approve of the plan and cost estimates.

Adding a bathroom to existing floorplan will give you the space you always wanted.
Upgrade your wet area today! From simple acrylic enclosures to extravagant showers, we do it all.
Vanity usually becomes the focus of the bathroom by default, we can find one that fits your style.
Change out floors to ones that look beautiful and are more durable around wet areas of your home.

How to remodel your bathroom in Wilton, Sacramento area, CA?

Even small bathroom remodel process should be approached with responsibility and exceptional accuracy. Let’s discuss how to organize renovation properly. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. When estimating the cost of remodeling, people forget about some expenses. It won’t hurt, if you make a checklist PDF or Excel where you write down the price range of materials, furniture, utilities, etc. It will help you to plan the budget properly.
  2. “I will just buy supplies in stores near me” – that’s how most people do. However, if you monitor the market better, you can buy necessary items for cheap on sales and outlets.
  3. Safety is number one concern. Sockets and wires should be protected against moisture, and you should avoid having slippery floor and inconvenient high bathtubs. This is crucial for elderly and small children.
  4. Mixing up different styles. Combining the elements from vintage style with minimalism is a bad idea. Make sure that finishing and objects match. Otherwise, the interior will look oddly. For more complicated design solutions, hire a designer.
  5. It’s impossible to fit every single thing in a tiny 6×6 bathroom. Plan ahead and make sure that you will have enough space for all appliances and utilities – calculate dimensions before making purchases.

If you have some certain ideas of renovation, google ‘showroom near me’ and check out available variants. There’s a chance that you can find suitable 9×9 ideas, 1/2 bath remodeling ideas, and inspiration for your interior.

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Why hire bathroom remodeling contractor in Wilton, Sacramento area, CA?

Now when you know how much efforts and time are required for remodeling, you might have a lot of questions to ask a contractor. So why hesitating? A+ Construction is one of leading companies in the remodeling sphere. Our clients are fascinated by before and after results of renovations, and you can be the next to reap benefits from our expertise.

A+ Construction is present in Sacramento area, but we also work with clients from NYC, New Orleans, Utica NY, Pinellas County and Quad Cities. Why do our clients love us?

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When remodeling a bathroom where to start in Wilton, CA?

If you do not know where to start your bathroom remodeling in Wolton, CA area with, we will be glad to guide you through all the steps. Inform us about your ideas, and budget, and we will do the rest.

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom in Wilton, California?

Remodeling bathroom in Wolton, CA area is a piece of cake if working with us. We will purchase the best materials, and build the best design for your bathroom. We start with plumbing and electricity works.

How much does remodeling a bathroom cost in Wilton?

There is no fixed price for bathroom remodeling in Wolton, CA area, however, we ensure you get approximate cost after checking your bathroom. Besides, for all the clients who turn to us, we offer a quote.


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  • I needed to make a 5 x 10 bathroom convenient for my old parents and storage of numerous kits, clothes, towels, and other stuff. After searching for a few building companies near me, I chose A+ Construction. They kindly provided me with great ideas for seniors and showed an estimate template – it helped to figure out the renovation cost. It’s not as expensive as I thought it would be! Together, we have managed to create a perfect room. Thank you so much!

    Victor Wilton
  • The only thing I needed to do is answer the bathroom remodel questionnaire and enlist a few keywords for designers to understand how I wanted my 6x7 bathroom to look. That’s it. Their app helped us to calculate the material cost. They explained what will be done at all repair stages and gave a detailed job description. I approved, and we started working. Remodeling has never been so easy!

    Rebecca Wilton

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