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Own a home in Wilton and need some change? The best way to refresh your house is bathroom remodeling – all in all, and this is the room where we spend a lot of quality time alone and want to simply relax. Wonder how to renovate your old bathroom design quickly and effortlessly? Where to start? This guide is here for you to provide some ideas for the latest 2020 and 2021 trends, describe the steps of the bathroom remodeling process, and give some useful pieces of advice.

The main question people ask about bathroom remodeling is: “What is better – doing a DIY project, or hiring professional contractors and designers to help?” Let’s compare both options below.

A DIY Renovation Project

There are typically two types of people: the ones who try to fix everything in their home themselves and the ones who hire professionals to do the work. But a bathroom remodel is a challenging task, especially for beginners. Here are a couple of hardships that might come your way:

  • First off, you need to define what the final result should look like and what should be changed. Want to refresh the bathroom finishing? Need to replace the bathtub, shower cabin, and flush toilet together with vanities? Or maybe you want to build a master bathroom at your house? These renovations require a different amount of work and skill (especially when it comes to installing a master bathroom).
  • Second, to get some bathroom remodeling inspiration, you have to search for clues in magazines, stores, and showrooms. As to stores and showrooms, there are not many of those in Wilton, so it might be a bit challenging to find the necessary vibe.
  • Third, even if you find something you like, you should know how to implement it in real life. But as soon as the project is ready, the cost estimate should be done. There’s always the risk of mistakes in calculations, and you can forget about some details (labor cost, tools, or decor accessories). As a result, the planned budget is exceeded.

If you have dealt with financing issues successfully, there’s a whole gamut of mistakes to avoid at the stage of bathroom and shower repairs. The materials should be enough, as well as other supplies. Finally, the bathtub or shower cabin installation or piping replanning can be done incorrectly – these are the jobs for bathroom remodeling services, and such tasks are hard for dummies. Imagine how much it would cost to remake everything!


Adding a bathroom to existing floorplan will give you the space you always wanted.


Upgrade your wet area today! From simple acrylic enclosures to extravagant showers, we do it all.


Vanity usually becomes the focus of the bathroom by default, we can find one that fits your style.


Change out floors to ones that look beautiful and are more durable around wet areas of your home.

Working with Building Companies

If you live in Wilton and have a bathroom remodeling project that you feel you cannot cope with on your own, it’s best to consider hiring a professional construction crew. All you need to do is contact the best local bathroom remodeling services and show their designers your gallery with renovation ideas, photos, and examples, describe your requirements and wishes. The company will provide you with a ready proposal, a 3D model, and free estimates of labor and materials costs.

Once you decide to hire a professional crew for your bathroom and shower reconstruction, you need to make sure they do the work properly. We all care for the outcome (especially when it is our home), and that is why choosing the building company is so important. You can rely on a national rating or your personal experience when choosing who to work with, but either way, ensure to check the license of the subject company or remodeling service.

A bit of advice: you need to realize your needs before you hire a company to do the work in your home. Otherwise, you might be left with unnecessary bathroom devices and bills to pay for their installation.

We suggest you trust us and our work experience to get high-quality service. Our handyman and builders will do all the work for you: tile the walls and the floor, install a bathtub and other utilities, organize piping and ventilation, and implement the desired bathroom renovation vision. The contractor shall do the entire remodeling process – you just need to approve the plan and cost estimates.

How to Remodel Your Bathroom in Wilton, Sacramento, CA?

This article provides some useful tips and information on the bathroom remodeling service for homeowners in Wilton. Wilton is a tiny place in California. There are literally no bus stops or railway stations in town (not even one). The town is all about personal cars and means of transportation. So, if you do not have a car, it may be rather difficult for you to buy and deliver the remodel materials.

Even a small-scale bathroom remodeling process should be approached with responsibility and exceptional accuracy. Let’s discuss how to organize the renovation properly. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid for homeowners in Wilton:

  • “I will just buy supplies in stores near me” – that’s how most people do. However, if you monitor the market better, you can buy necessary items for cheap on sales and outlets.
  • Safety is the number one concern. Sockets and wires should be protected against moisture, and you should avoid having a slippery floor and inconvenient high bathtubs. This is crucial for the elderly and small children.
  • Mixing up different styles. Combining the elements from vintage style with minimalism is a bad idea. Make sure that finishing and objects match. Otherwise, the interior will look odd. For more complicated design solutions, hire a designer.
  • It’s impossible to fit every single thing in a tiny 6×6 bathroom. Plan ahead and make sure that you will have enough space for all appliances and utilities – calculate dimensions before making purchases.
  • If you have a certain vision for your dream bathroom renovation, google ‘showroom near me’ and check out available variants. There’s a chance that you can find suitable 9×9 projects, 1/2 bath remodeling ideas, and inspiration for your interior.

    Tips on Remodeling a Mobile Home in Wilton

    If you think your mobile house in Wilton, CA, could use some proper bathroom remodeling service, you have come to the right place. Everyone knows the famous saying: if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. That is why it is better to trust professionals to remodel your home. It doesn’t really matter how big of a bathroom remodel you are planning on: painting the walls, changing the counter tops in your bathroom, converting the bathroom area into a walk-in shower, or doing a full renovation.

    There are plenty of companies doing remodeling in Wilton, but here are a couple of reasons why you should choose us to get your mobile house bathroom remodeling done:

    Contact us at the official A+ Construction corporate e-mail, and we will provide you the best service on home reconstruction in Wilton.

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    General Information

    Wilton is a small community situated a short drive away from Sacramento.

    Moving to Wilton is a perfect variant for those, who are searching for a comfortable and quiet place located away from the noise and the dust of a large city. It is a suburb with the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the calm and friendly atmosphere.

    Wilton is the tight-knit community, where people know each other thoroughly. But that’s an advantage, since it facilitates the safety. According to statistics, the crime rate is minimal there. So, you can safely move there with kids.

    Naturally, many Wilton residents are involved in farming. There are dozens of ranches and farms, specializing in producing varied crops and breeding animals. But, since Wilton is situated close to other bigger cities, including Elk Grove and Sacramento, there is a wide selection of job options, you can easily keep working outside the town. For example, the distance from Wilton to Sacramento is about 30 km, and it will take you about 30 minutes to cover it by car.

    Still, one should take into account that to feel comfortably living in Wilton, one needs a car, since the local infrastructure is not so well-developed. There are a few shops and facilities for pets and farm animals, but most locals prefer to drive to bigger cities to do shopping and deal with other routine issues.

    Key Facts about Wilton, CA:

    • Wilton is the census-designated place in Sacramento County.
    • The total area of Wilton is about 75 sq km.
    • As of 2010, the population of this community was 5,363 people.
    • The zip-code of the suburb ― 95693.

    Things to Do in Wilton

    Although Wilton is a small town, the local life can hardly be called boring. There are a lot of facilities that enjoy popularity among both locals and guests from neighboring towns and cities:

    • Fog Willow Farms. Many US citizens make a trip to a farm every year before Halloween in order to join celebrations and to choose pumpkins. But a visit to the local Pumpkin Farm is a completely different experience, since this place is transformed into a real entertaining center for the entire October. Little visitors can have fun climbing the giant haystack, see and feed more than 50 farm animals, take tours by creative trains, ride a pony and enjoy lots of other exciting activities. Sure, the farm also offers souvenirs and delicious bites, including classic caramel apples. There is also the Science Farm, where kids of different age (including pre-school) can explore physics, chemistry, biology and more by watching the life of animals and taking part in fascinating and entertaining experiments. Such lessons will definitely encourage them to pay more attention to studying and to broaden the outlook.
    • English Rose Farm. It has been operating in the community for more than 15 years and has established the reputation as the facility with the top-quality service and high safety standards. Besides traditional riding lessons, it offers special training programs for those, who take horse breeding seriously and plan to engage their lives with it. For example, you can take equine first aid lessons there. By the way, if you own or plan to buy a horse, you can use their boarding services.
    • Hawthorn Ranch. That’s another popular horse riding spot in Wilton, which provides personal and group classes for jockeys with different experience. This ranch boasts an extensive territory covering 20 acres. There are varied riding arenas, including the ones equipped for jumping and other tricks. And if you do not have the opportunity to enjoy riding during the daytime, you can use a special illuminated arena.
    • The Alta Mesa Gun Club. This is the non-profit family organization that conducts regular shoots that are open to the public and promotes shooting sports, including trap shooting. It is the place, where locals come to spend some time together with friends and families and to match aiming accuracy with each other. It is truly crowded on weekends and holidays.
    • Brave Horse Winery. Winemaking is one of the key industries in California, so, if you live in this sunny state, to taste at least a couple of local wines is a must.
    • The clothing-optional resort Laguna Del Sol. There are four different pools, a fitness center, tennis courts, volleyball courts, shuffleboard areas, pool tables, a ping pong table and other amenities for playing sports, exercising and just relaxing. There is even a dog park.

    Certainly, in Wilton, there are also other farms and ranches that offer varied training and entertaining options.

    Since Wilton is a rural place, most local facilities are connected with farming and breeding animals. So, the diversity of activities is limited. But, if you prefer to spend free time in a different way, you can always take a drive to Elk Grove, Sacramento or other city located nearby. There are so many varied attractions in the Sacramento Area.

    Neighboring Places:

    • Elk Grove is located to the west of Wilton;
    • Vineyard is situated to the northwest of Wilton;
    • Rancho Cordova lies to the north of Wilton;
    • Rancho Murieta is situated to the northeast of Wilton;
    • Herald is located to the south of Wilton.

    Public Transportation in Wilton

    The key transportation means in Wilton is personal cars. There are no railway or bus stations in the town.

    There are two highways lying near Wilton: State Route 99 and State Route 16.


    Why Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Wilton, Sacramento, CA?

    Now that you know how much effort and time are required for bathroom remodel, you might have a lot of questions to ask the contractor and designers. So why hesitate?

    A+ Construction (all rights reserved) is one of the leading companies with some of the best designers in the remodeling sphere. Our clients are fascinated by the before and after results of renovations, and you can be the next to reap benefits from our expertise, craftsmanship, and experience.

    Our company is present in the Sacramento area (including Rancho Cordova, CA, Roseville, CA, and Wilton, CA). Still, we also work with clients from NYC, New Orleans, Utica, NY, Pinellas County, and Quad Cities.

    Why do our clients love us?

    If you live in Wilton, California, choose us to create your dream bathroom, and we promise you will never regret your choice!

    FAQ about Bathroom Remodels in Wilton

    Here are some frequently asked questions about bathroom remodeling in Wilton (California):

    What Does a Bathroom Remodeling Project in Wilton Generally Cost?

    Everybody has different needs, so it really depends on the designs you are planning to implement in your bathroom. Like, if you consider painting your bathroom walls – that would be one price; but if you consider ceramic tile – that is a whole other story. Plus, there are different types of materials involved, and the final cost may increase depending on their quality, required quantity, and unique dimensions of your bathroom.

    How to Hire a Good Bathroom Remodeling Crew in Wilton?

    It is genuinely hard to find a skilled and qualified bathroom remodeling crew, especially when it comes to small places like Wilton, California. In this case, we suggest you use the reliable advice of someone who has already used the service or check out the rating of local general contractors. Please make your choice wisely, as the quality of your new bathroom depends on it greatly.

    How Do I Contact the A+ Construction Office?

    At A+ Construction, we care about keeping in touch with our customers (current, potential, and new). If you are planning a remodeling in Wilton, you can call our hotline, come to our closest office in North Highlands or Fair Oaks, or simply file a letter with your requirements (do not forget to use the relevant address and zip codes). Contact us now and get a free estimate of the bathroom to remodel work!

    Where Do I Get Some Inspirational Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

    You can get some fresh bathroom remodeling ideas from magazines, journals, and even online blogs. Young designers tend to post their work online to attract new customers and show off their creations. We suggest you contact us, and we will help you create and customized design for your bathroom!

    To Sum Up

    Bathroom remodeling is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The bottom line is: realize your needs clearly, pay attention to the company you choose (do your homework and check the company’s rating), check out the latest tendencies in bathroom designs. Or simply pick A+ Construction to get the highest-level service in Wilton!

    If you care for the result and are not sure of your abilities and craftsmanship, do not perform any remodel works by yourself. The A+ Construction would be more than thrilled to create your dream bathroom! Join us on social media to follow our newest refreshments and projects. Besides Wilton, we also provide our services in the following cities nearby:

    Check out more of your bathroom remodeling reviews by city or customer review in the comment section below. If you happen to have any questions, you can always contact our manager by the phone number indicated on the main page of our website.

    All rights reserved. Consider looking into bath remodel service in Vineyard.

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    When remodeling a bathroom where to start in Wilton, CA?

    If you do not know where to start your bathroom remodeling in Wolton, CA area with, we will be glad to guide you through all the steps. Inform us about your ideas, and budget, and we will do the rest.

    What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom in Wilton, California?

    Remodeling bathroom in Wolton, CA area is a piece of cake if working with us. We will purchase the best materials, and build the best design for your bathroom. We start with plumbing and electricity works.

    How much does remodeling a bathroom cost in Wilton?

    There is no fixed price for bathroom remodeling in Wolton, CA area, however, we ensure you get approximate cost after checking your bathroom. Besides, for all the clients who turn to us, we offer a quote.


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    • I needed to make a 5 x 10 bathroom convenient for my old parents and storage of numerous kits, clothes, towels, and other stuff. After searching for a few building companies near me, I chose A+ Construction. They kindly provided me with great ideas for seniors and showed an estimate template – it helped to figure out the renovation cost. It’s not as expensive as I thought it would be! Together, we have managed to create a perfect room. Thank you so much!

      Victor Wilton
    • The only thing I needed to do is answer the bathroom remodel questionnaire and enlist a few keywords for designers to understand how I wanted my 6x7 bathroom to look. That’s it. Their app helped us to calculate the material cost. They explained what will be done at all repair stages and gave a detailed job description. I approved, and we started working. Remodeling has never been so easy!

      Rebecca Wilton

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