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Best Breakfast In Davis

Best Breakfast in Davis
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If you want to have a great breakfast or brunch at a cafe in Davis County, there are a lot of amazing variants for you. Moreover, during weekends many of them offer the possibility to have brunch even in the afternoon. In this article, we'll tell you about sixteen cafes and restaurants in Davis, which can be called the best in this area.

1. Wolfe Street Brewing

We think that Wolfe Street Brewing is one of the best eateries in Davis. This interesting and unusual place has tons of advantages that make it especially worth visiting.

Let's look more closely at what they offer:

  • Bingo nights. Wolfe Street Brewing holds bingo nights, which are really popular and beloved by many visitors. Also, the main prize is truly amazing;
  • Unusual and creative beer "cocktails." Great examples are black IPA with hazelnut coffee, enamel peeler with a sour patch, amber ale with chai, and pale ale with jalapeño pepper;
  • Speaking of beer cocktails, we definitely should mention such a thing as so-called "beer-mosas." It's wheat beer mixed with various types of juice, which are available only during weekends. Among the yummiest ones, there are grapefruit beer-mosa and Bloody Mary (as you can see from its name, it's a beer-mosa with tomato juice);
  • Food trucks. This eatery has featured such awesome food trucks as Rocktown Slops, Grilled Cheese Mania, and Honey Hog BBQ. We're sure that nearly everyone who has tasted their food loves it very much. And we can guarantee that this place is the best place to eat something delicious from such a food truck;
  • Amazing bartenders, the majority of whom are JMU students;
  • Great merch — for example, extremely comfortable T-shirts, large beer glasses, and unique hats;
  • Lots of live music. On weekends, there are concerts by various local singers or bands. Despite not being very famous, they are usually very entertaining and talented. Also, there's a DJ every Thursday;
  • A possibility to eat and drink beer in the open air. When the weather is nice and warm, it's especially wonderful. Wolfe Street Brewing's outdoor part is really amazing — it has a corn hole and lovely picnic tables;
  • Many board games, especially old-school ones such as Connect-4 and Giant Jenga. So, it's a great place to come with a company of friends and spend a wonderful time there, drinking beer, listening to awesome live music, and playing those exciting and nostalgic games;
  • The prices here are quite low. Every Thursday, the beer here costs only $2 per glass. On other days, its prices are $4-$6. So, it's a great option for people who can't afford expensive restaurants or simply like having a great time without spending too much money;
  • In addition to that, Wolfe Street Brewing holds a festival named Cask Fest which features lots of amazing music bands and has an incredible atmosphere.

2. Janet's Sunshine Cafe

This cafe specializes in breakfasts and brunches only. It even closes after 2 p.m. The food here is delicious, so it's no surprise that it's got tons of praising reviews. Also, it has the atmosphere of a good old classic diner in a small town. So, it's a really wonderful place!

3. Black Bear Diner

People who've visited this cafe usually are very pleased about it. Its food assortment mainly consists of traditional Southern dishes, which are truly yummy. Unlike Janet's Sunshine Cafe, it's open all day. So, if you desperately want a delicious pancake in the evening, Black Bear Diner gives you an amazing possibility to get it!

4. Kneaders

Many people know and love this cafe for its Chunky Cinnamon French Toast, but its menu is rather wide and has expanded greatly. You can order an omelet or a sandwich here, and of course, there are traditional cinnamon rolls, pastries, parfaits, and smoothies. But if you ask us, we would recommend Pecan pancakes.

5. Noah's Bagels

All bagels in this cafe are super fresh and made with only the highest quality ingredients. They use cage-free eggs and completely natural dough without any artificial ingredients. Also, bacon is always cut very thickly here, which makes bagels even yummier. They're so delicious that even a large box of such bagels can be devoured in a moment!

6. Crepeville

Crepeville is a simple, casual-style cafe. As it's seen from its name, the main dish here is crepes. But it's not the only one — this eatery also serves salads, sandwiches, pastas, and many other yummy things.

7. Our Kitchen Cafe

The menu of this new restaurant is rather large and consists of very different things. If you're a fan of Mexican food, it's a great place for you, because this cuisine is represented very widely here. Tacos, burritos, huevos rancheros — there are lots of them in this place. But if you prefer other types of breakfast, you can also find many yummy dishes here, such as omelets, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, biscuits, or French toasts. We warn you that it can be really difficult to choose!


If Crepeville specializes in crepes, and Noahs — on bagels, IHOP's primary dish is pancakes. According to their website, they're famous all over the world. But their menu isn't limited to pancakes at all — there are also many other yummy dishes, not only for breakfasts but also for lunches and dinners. Also, it should be mentioned that IHOP has been functioning for 60 years, which means that it's got a lot of experience and long-established working traditions. Its staff is very friendly and nice. And since it's a simple, casual style, and affordable cafe, not a posh restaurant, you don't need to dress formally or expensively to go there. There'll be nothing shameful if you visit this place in your ordinary, everyday attire.

9. Caffe Torino

This cafe has a lovely atmosphere, which resembles a cozy and small coffee shop. Their drinks and pastries are amazing, but we think that the best choice on their menu is crepes. They have a wide variety of fillings, both ordinary (available during the whole year) and season-related, which you can order only on holidays and other special occasions.

10. Nino Viejo

This restaurant's menu is not very large yet, but everything in it is delicious. As you can see from its Spanish name, it serves mainly Latin American cuisine. Its brunches include such dishes as tortas, huevos rancheros, and others. It's possible to eat either indoors or al fresco. The atmosphere of Nino Viejo is really fun and very suitable for brunch dates.

11. Annie's Cafe

This restaurant opened not so long ago, starting as a food truck. The main dish in it is crepes. There are lots of their varieties there, including savory as well as sweet ones. But of course, crepes aren't the only thing on its menu. There are many other variants, including healthier and low-calorie ones such as smoothies and gluten-free batter.

12. Scrambled

Scrambled is a rather new restaurant that is situated in the northern part of the Layton Area. It has a drive-thru, which is very convenient for those who often eat on the go. The menu of this cafe contains mostly traditional breakfasts such as French toasts, pancakes, and waffles. Also, they've got lots of other dishes — for example, burritos, biscuits, omelets, and skillets.

13. Twigs

This cafe is open only during weekends, but their food is awesome. It's a great place for brunch dates and al fresco dining.

14. Annie's Family Diner

Don't confuse this eatery with Annie's Cafe, about which we've written earlier. They're different, but equally amazing places. Some time ago, Annie's Family Diner was called Granny Annie's and was a bit old-fashioned. After it got a new owner, it changed its style to a more modern one. But its menu is as awesome and delicious as it always was! The dish that we especially recommend is honey butter scones.

15. Blue Lemon

Unfortunately, breakfasts are temporarily absent from this cafe's menu. But there is a possibility that someday they'll return there again. Let's just wait and hope for it, because it's an amazing place for a morning meal. The dishes at Blue Lemon are yummy and fresh, and portions are just the right size.

16.Sill's Cafe

This cafe is extremely popular among local residents. That's why it's often overcrowded with people. But despite this, it's a lovely place with traditional breakfast dishes, scones, and various specials. Even if you visit this place once, you'll definitely want to return there more and more!

So, as you can see, there are lots of various eateries in Davis where you can have a wonderful breakfast. The choice is so wide that there's something for everybody, even for the pickiest customer. And in our review, we have only scratched the surface — there are hundreds of other cafes and restaurants there, many of which are no less amazing than those we've written about.


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