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Best Breakfast In Elk Grove, CA

Best Breakfast in Elk Grove, CA
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There are two things all of us inevitably love and need – a good nutritious breakfast and Elk Grove's cozy atmosphere. Especially for these purposes in Elk Grove, there are numerous fantastic places to spend time with some outstanding cuisine and a cup of morning coffee. No matter whether you are aiming at visiting the branch with your friends or family, there will always be a perfect place for you.

Luckily, there are dozens of worthy places you can visit daily on your path to work or after the gym or attend weekly as a celebration of weekends. In any case, it is important to pay enough attention to breakfast as the main meal of the day that will pace your whole day.

Special for local folks and tourists, here is a list of the best breakfast brunches for any taste and preference. Stay with us to be up to date about the news of Elk Grove!

1. The Waffle Experience

The first up on our list is the place where you can taste the most delicious classical breakfast in Elk Grove – The Waffle Experience. It is a perfect branch to try both insane tasty combinations along with some common mixes. For instance, the menu suggests waffles with carnitas and pork belly if you would like something carbs-packed, waffles with fresh fruits and berries for a lighter start of the day, and waffles with eggs Benedict for something more classical and nutritious. There are dessert positions, too, so if you or your kids want a sweeter dish, here is a Smort’Tella; waffle with Nutella and marshmallows.

It is proclaimed that the branch uses only fresh local products, so choosing them means you support the local producers and farmers. Proceeding with the menu, you will also find many vegetarian and lactose-free positions here, so do not worry if you have any specific preferences in your diet. On the other hand, you can order a gigantic portion of your favorite combo to take your energy boost for the whole day with eggs, and fish Sacramento King or eggs and pork Praise the Lard.

Situated in the very heart of the city, The Waffle Experience will definitely find its place in your heart and belly, too!

2. Mel Dog’s Cafe

For fans of more traditional breakfasts, here is the local celebrity – Mel Dog’s Café. It is famous for its good old service, perfect dishes, and variety of menu positions. You can choose from dozens of options starting from the big game, such as a great chicken fried steak or roast beef hash with eggs, and finishing with lighter dishes such as California scramble or American pancakes.

The main point here is that all dishes are made following traditional recipes with the best local products. Be sure that the bacon will be hot and crispy, the eggs will literally melt in your mouth, and the vegetables will be as fresh as possible. Along with high-quality products, you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the menu options, which contain both classical breakfasts and more untraditional options for any taste.

Surely, there is a reason why so many folks appreciate this place and visit it every weekend, so hurry to take your place in Mel Dog’s Café before the breakfast peak hour!

3. Rescate Coffee

Probably the coziest place on our list today is a popular family-owned Rescate Coffee. There are so many perks here, so it is hard to determine where to start. For instance, the specialization of the place is specialty coffee and bakery with wonderful pancakes. However, you will also find many other positions, such as burritos or croissants, so there is no chance you will not find something for your preferences. Along with bakery positions such as bagels and cinnamon rolls, you will find a great variety of unique drinks like coffees, milkshakes, and matcha.

Another point to pay attention to is the warm service that will give you a good mood till the end of the day. You can also bring your dog with you since Rescate is a dog-friendly café that also sends a share of the income to animal charities.

All in all, Rescate Coffee is indeed a place worth visiting alone or with your friends and family, as you will, in any case, find a delicious breakfast and spend the best part of the morning in a cozy setting.

4. Sheldon Inn Restaurant & Bar

For a chicer breakfast, we highly recommend one of the most popular places among Elk Grovians – Sheldon Inn. Serving classical positions such as avocado toasts and farmer’s breakfasts, this place can also surprise you with some more unique options like Garden Frittata or Waldorf chicken salad with dried cherries and blue cheese. There is also a menu for children provided for family weekends.

But what is indeed noticeable about Sheldon Inn is the brunches they make every Sunday at 10 am. Full of various dishes, the branch will not ever leave you hungry or disappointed since there are dozens of recipes presented, so you can prolong the brunch till noon without getting tired of what you can taste. What is more, you can also add some cocktails to your brunch menu.

Do not forget to book your place at the weekly brunch to taste one of the best available breakfasts in the most luxurious place in Elk Grove!

5. Sweet Puffs Ice Cream

Looking for something unconventional for your breakfast? Then, consider a local ice cream and waffle breakfast brunch – Sweet Puffs. Last but not least on our list, Sweet Puffs is a place where you can try some unique ice cream combinations with various add-ons. You can consider it as a perfect place to visit with kids during a sunny morning walk or a branch to visit with your friends in the evening after a long day.

No reservations here are required as the place offers take-out options, so be sure to bring ice cream with a drink to prolong your walk with a delicious scoop of local frost!

All in all, there are many places you can head to in Elk Grove. Luckily, there are enough days in the year so you can visit all of them and choose the one that is closest to you and your favorite diet. We guarantee you will enjoy your breakfast time in any of the listed places and will definitely want to come back there!


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