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Best Campgrounds Near Elk Grove, CA

Best campgrounds near Elk Grove, CA
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Who does not like some time out in nature, far away from the noise and the rush of the city? If you are a camping enthusiast in Elk Grove, CA, there are a lot of opportunities for you to go camping near the city. The South of California has some spectacular landscapes and beautiful wildlife.

You would be missing a great opportunity if you did not take a chance of staying the night in nature and enjoying its peace and calmness or some fun outdoor activities like fishing or making a bonfire. If you are looking for the best campgrounds in the Elk Grove area, stay tuned!

The Foxes Family Farm

One of the nearest to Elk Grove campgrounds is The Foxes Family Farm. It is a peaseful and quite place that can provide you with the most relaxing experience of out of town camping. The farm has all the facilities you need for comfortable living and plenty of space for RV owners. The property has five sites, each of them accommodating up to eight people.

The hosts allow guests with animals as long as they are not aggressive or dangerous. Speaking about the animals, you might meet some wildlife friends, such as foxes and turkeys, but they do not pose any danger.

There are also a lot of fun activities that owners suggest to try out on the farm or in the area nearby:

  • riding a bike;
  • taking a boat trip;
  • catching fish;
  • taking a hike;
  • horseback riding;
  • swimming, and many more.

Laguna Del Sol Clothing Optional

If you want to get out of the city, but still enjoy plenty of fun and exciting activities, Laguna Del Sol Clothing Optional is perfect for you. They have camping sites that allow tents, but most importantly, they can make your nature getaway the most active and at the same time relaxing.

Laguna Del Sol Clothing Optional offers swimming pools and a lake for those who enjoy water activities. The campground also has a lot of sport facilities that allow everyone to find something for their own taste. Despite being out in the nature, you can still enjoy a fabulous night out as the activities continue at night, and a great bar opens up for the guests pleasure.

This option is perfect for campers who like get out of the noisy city but still be able to enjoy all the great things in habitual comfort.

Sacramento Shade RV Park

Those who travel by RV know how hard it is sometimes to find the perfect campground to stay for a couple of days. If you have an RV and you are near Elk Grove, it is worth visiting Sacramento Shade RV Park.

The place has all the facilities that will make your stay there as comfortable as possible. There are grocery shops nearby and what is more, you can visit Haggin Oaks Golf Complex that is placed right beside the campground. If you are a fan of this sport, it is a great chance to relax and spend a lovely time there.

The visitors love this place because it has a great privacy measures. You do not have to worry that some people you do not know will disturb you or make you uncomfortable. Safety is one of the priority for many travellers and campers, and the park’s owners make sure to provide it.

Moreover, the territory is full of trees and it feels like a nice natural getaway. It is also the advantage for your RV, as the vehicle can stay in the shade even on a hot Californian day.

Kloss Park

If you do not have much time for an outside of the city trip or you do not like to be far away from home in genral, you can still enjoy camping in the park. Kloss Park in Elk Grove is perfect for camping if you want to experience the beauty of it for one night.

While not being quite similar to the traditional campgrounds, the park still welcomes campers on Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening, and on Saturdays from the morning and a whole day around. It is absolutely free, so anyone can take a tent and set up a camp there.

Bella Branch at SE Ranch

What a better way to enjoy your RV nature getaway than to stop at the ranch? Bella Branch at SE Ranch offers you the unforgettable experience of RV camping full of cute animals and succulents. The place has two camping sites where you can park your vehicle, and each of them can accommodate up to four guests.

One of the main attractions of the ranch are of course it animals. If you love llamas, sheeps, goats, cows, or chickens, you should definitely visit the place. The friendly owners of the ranch will tell you everything about their animals, and they might even take you to their succulent garden.

Note that the place is mainly for the RV living, meaning all the facilities should be provided by your own efforts. Still, the ranch has a picnic table that you can enjoy your food at and the trash cans.

Upper Riverfront Campsites

Want to spend some time by the river and have a relaxing experience of camping? Visit Upper Riverfront Campsites near the Cosumnes River. The campground welcomes all types of travellers, and you can stay there in tents, trucks, RVs, or any other types of camping vehicles. The place offers 5 sites that differ by the amount of shade and type of the camping method. Each site fits up to six people.

Imagine any type of a fun activity that you can do by the river. Well, this campground can provide you with almost all of them:

  • swimming in the river;
  • looking for some small pieces of gold in the water;
  • fishing to get some great catch;
  • watching some wild and domestic animals;
  • taking a hike;
  • riding a bike on the mountains, and many other exciting things.

Elk Grove is a fantastic place for camping. Warm climate allows to do camping trips almost all year round, and friendly people will welcome you at their campgrounds with warmth and comfort. There are camping sites for any taste and budget. Find the one that is perfect for you and enjoy the best camping experience ever!


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