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Best Chinese Restaurants In Elk Grove

Best Chinese Restaurants in Elk Grove
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Are you looking for a place with delicious Chinese cuisine and lots of positive reviews? Or maybe you want to try something new and surprise your loved ones with an unusual evening? We offer you to spend the evening in one of the restaurants with traditional Chinese cuisine. We have collected the best places in Elk Grove that have earned the love and trust of the residents of the area in one list.

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine or just like to try different national cuisines, then this article will definitely interest you! Keep reading to find out where you can have a delicious dinner with family or friends and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a cozy Chinese cafe.

1. Journey to The Dumpling 

Obviously, the Journey to The Dumpling restaurant specializes in dumplings, which are an integral part of traditional Chinese cuisine. It may seem that the menu is no different from other restaurants with Oriental cuisine, but the main advantages of Journey to The Dumpling are high quality and professionalism. For example, when ordering dumplings, you can be sure that you will get the perfect ones. What is more, you can always contact the waiters who will tell you about the dishes on the menu and Chinese cuisine in general.

Restaurant meals are available for delivery and can be ordered to take away. In addition, it is a great place to have dinner with your partner, friends, or family, as the restaurant has not only seats inside but also on the terrace outside.

2. Hidden Dumpling House

This Chinese restaurant opened just five weeks ago but has already become a popular place in Elk Grove. Here, you will find a fairly diverse menu. Despite its name, the restaurant presents not only dumplings with various flavors but also numerous combo plates. You can choose a dish depending on the size: the cafe has small, combo, and large portions. Here you will find both chicken and beef dishes, as well as dishes that include legumes or vegetables, so the place can be recommended for vegans to visit. In addition, do not miss the opportunity to try noodles and soups! All dishes are available for delivery.

If you like unusual Asian sweet drinks, then we recommend ordering mango ice blended or rose iced tea. By the way, this is a dog-friendly place, so you can visit the restaurant with your pet.

3. Peony Palace

This restaurant is a real treasure hidden right in the middle of Elk Grove. This small cozy restaurant is a great place for the whole family to gather and enjoy the authentic atmosphere. We advise everyone who loves Chinese and Mongolian cuisine to visiting this place. The main advantage that makes this place stand out is the speed of cooking. The chefs prepare the dishes extremely quickly so that in a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy traditional dishes made from fresh ingredients. We recommend ordering the Pu-Pu plate, Salt baked chicken wings or Prawns with lobster sauce Kung Lao.

Generally speaking, here, you will find a lot of unusual dishes, so a few visits will not be enough for you to try them all.

4. Red Chopstix

The first Red Chopstix cafe was opened in 2013. This is a family business that has been on the market for 9 years and occupies a worthy place among other Chinese restaurants in California. According to the owners of the cafe, their specializations are soups, noodles, and wontons. Wontons are one of the varieties of Chinese traditional dumplings, which are often prepared for the celebration of New Year's Eve. In the restaurant, you can try wontons all year round. Moreover, the menu includes ready-made dinners for several people ranging from two to six visitors and combos for one (you can choose among several options).

You can also rely on the advice of the restaurant’s chef and order one of the dishes from the chef's choice section. You will definitely discover new unusual tastes and combinations in the Red Chopstix restaurant!

5. Hidden Sichuan

The owners of the Hidden Sichuan restaurant are proud not only of the delicious traditional food but also of the authentic and friendly atmosphere they create for the residents of Elk Grove as well as the high level of service. One of the most popular dishes of the restaurant that have earned the love of visitors are chicken dishes: Sesame chicken, Bon-Bon chicken, and Chicken with broccoli, as well as Fried wontons, Chow mein noodles, and Egg flower soup.

A convenient reservation service is available on the website, which allows you to quickly and easily book a table in a restaurant. Moreover, you can use the catering service.

6. Chef Bo

Visiting the Chef Bo restaurant, you will definitely be surprised by the wide variety of dishes on the menu. Here, you will find 7 varieties of soups and 6 more different noodle soups. You will need several visits to try more than 10 various noodles. We advise you to try seafood dishes in this restaurant. Choose from about 10 shrimp dishes, a couple of fish filet dishes, and scallops. For vegans, there is a separate section on the menu with vegetable dishes. The restaurant offers special combos for one and lunch specials.

Take advantage of these and other special offers to make your meal at Chef Bo not only delicious but also profitable!

7. Tea Garden

The Tea Garden is one of the oldest restaurants that specialize in Chinese cuisine in Elk Grove. This restaurant was opened in 2007 but remains popular and relevant to this day. It is not surprising, because the Tea Garden has a lot of fans who come to lunch and dinner regularly to enjoy proven dishes prepared by professionals. Moreover, even the interior of the restaurant was designed so that it reminds you of China. Here, visitors are sitting at a giant round table that is filled with a variety of dishes. In addition to family reunions, you can visit this restaurant alone to have lunch on a working day.

Take advantage of a special offer for a combo lunch that includes an egg roll and soup.

8. Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is a restaurant that started as a family local business. The owners tried to combine traditions with new technologies and fresh ingredients to get an excellent result. The popularity of the restaurant and many positive reviews confirm the success of the family business. The chefs of the restaurant periodically update the menu with new dishes to surprise even regular visitors. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, you may encounter queues. Fortunately, you can order online to avoid waiting.

Regarding the menu, there are special dinner sets for several people, and a wide variety of dishes with chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables.

9. Mainland China

Mainland China is a restaurant that occupies a special place on our list. We are now talking not just about authentic Chinese cuisine, but about a unique blend of two traditional cuisines. The chefs of this restaurant use classic Chinese recipes but add Indian spices and flavors to create dishes that you will never find in other restaurants. If you are already familiar with Chinese and Indian cuisine separately, then we advise you to enjoy the unique finds of completely new flavors in Mainland China.

For example, it is worth trying Indian Style chili chicken and Manchow soup, which can be cooked in vegan and non-vegan versions. In addition, the chefs of the restaurant have developed a special menu for children in which there are no spicy dishes.

10. Rose Palace

This restaurant stands out for its diverse menu with many items. For example, you can choose from about 25 chicken dishes, 15 appetizers, and 13 soups. The menu also includes dishes with seafood, beef, and vegetables. Pay attention to the long list of specials for lunch and dinner. Here, you can try tofu cooked in various ways. In addition, do not miss the opportunity to save on a joint family dinner and order one of two combos for a company of 2 to 6 people.

Thus, there is a wide variety of Chinese restaurants in Elk Grove, CA. We have collected the newest and oldest cafes in one list, guided by the main selection parameter — positive feedback from visitors. We sincerely hope that this list will be useful to you and you will visit at least one of the restaurants recommended by us next weekend.


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