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Best Clubs In Downtown, Sacramento: Nightlife

Best Clubs in Downtown, Sacramento: Nightlife
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Thank God the week is over, and the weekend is coming. Are you looking for an enjoyable place to spend the night and find new acquaintances? Sacramento is a very quiet place, but everything changes when the night comes. Let’s have a look at the most civilized nightlife zones basing on the feedback of the Yelp users.


The place looks deserted, but don’t let the exterior mislead you. The place has recently recovered from a serious flood, and now one of the most popular small cafes in the area is getting back to business. This place, established in 2001, cannot be considered an elite nightlife space, but the local regulars keep coming here every Friday. They come here to enjoy:

  • Live performances of talented musicians;
  • Incredible view on the river;
  • Nice snacks, drinks, and cocktails.

Swabbies has a bar and a restaurant as well. The staff members will arrange anything:

  • Private or semi-private parties;
  • Business groups celebrations;
  • Receptions with the participation of a big number of people;
  • Birthdays and anniversaries;
  • Marriages and festive riverfront ceremonies.

The visitors and the guests mostly enjoy seafood and fish dishes. The most fantastic entertainments are held on the outside stage. Another benefit of the place is that it’s not far from the airport, which is convenient for someone who wants to have a last drink before getting on board the plane.


Most clients emphasize the fact that the staff members, as well as the cooks, are very creative here. Canon offers incredible ambiance and knows how to be sophisticated and dignified at the same time. They know how to make the most ordinary dishes incredible.

The locals agree that the place became the best in the area right after the opening.

  • The bar program is unique here with perfectly crafted cocktails;
  • There’s a wide range of unique delicacies in the menu;
  • The staff members are very knowledgeable and experienced (they’ve been working in a team for over eight years);
  • There’s a spacious patio;
  • The restaurant’s concept of the cuisine is farm to fork;
  • There’s a range of dishes for vegans and vegetarians.

The only trouble with the restaurant is a small parking lot. It is suitable for eight vehicles only. You’ll have to take a taxi on a busy night or leave your car at one of the closest parking lots.

London Dance Club

In contrast to the previous restaurant, this place has nothing to do with the word “quiet.” The place is relatively new, and you can easily find cool pictures of it on Instagram.

The club is made up of three levels. Each of them is a zone destined to function in a certain way. They are:

  • A cocktail bar downstairs;
  • The second level is a neon-inspired area which is used as an Instagram zone;
  • The upstairs is a spacious dance hall.

London is one of the most sophisticated zones in the downtown area. Here you can:

  • Spend an enjoyable time in the lounge while sipping the cocktails or socializing in a peaceful environment;
  • Have a look at the club’s mezzanine area and enjoy the neon atmosphere;
  • Get to the top of the building to have fun on the dancefloor.

Regardless of who you are — a casual music enthusiast, or a sophisticated audiophile — you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of our acoustics. There are VIP reservation options. Don’t forget to have a look at the official website to learn more about ongoing and upcoming events.

IMPORTANT! You should be no less than 21 to be allowed to enter the club! There’s a specific club dress code that you’ll have to follow. Flip-flops, ripped jeans, or work boots are not allowed here. Smoking is not permitted, as well as any type of electronic cigarette.

District 30

Another dancing spot in the area offering drinks, snacks, and low tempo music. Discounts and happy hours are available. The owner of the club is willing to persuade the potential clients that their stereo system is the finest in the area.

Here is what we managed to find based on the reviews of the Yelp users:

  • You have to pay $10 entrance fee, which is absolutely acceptable;
  • The prices on drinks and cocktails are high;
  • The staff members are professional and knowledgeable — the majority of the guests say that the bartender is a real professional;
  • The music feels too loud, and the new tracks are mixed with the old ones, which feels improper for some of the guests;
  • The place is very crowded, and it’s not spacious enough.

Judging by the information posted on the official website of the club, they hold regular events, arrange group parties and private events. VIP booths are also available. You can get to the guest list via the website, using the contact information presented on the main page.

IMPORTANT! As well as it happens with the majority of the clubs like these, you are not allowed to come wearing anything that looks like sportswear. The website urges the guests to dress to impress! Fancy clothes are required.

Club Equilibrium

One of the craziest places in the area! This place is like a person with several personalities inside. It looks like a completely decent place playing gothic, industrial, cyber-punk, and metal tracks in combination with numerous associated representatives of this music (Depeche Mode, Marilyn Mansion, Delirium…)

The place is not only famous for high-quality music and top atmosphere. They hold regular themed events involving all guests in creative fun.

If you join the club’s Facebook page, you’ll manage to become a guest and be invited to the club free of charge. Besides, you can enter the club for free before 10 pm. After 10 pm it will cost you $5, which is not much for a joint like this.

The bar is perfectly equipped, and it’s close to the dancefloor, so you don’t have to get far away to get another drink. There are several areas in the club:

  • Karaoke bar;
  • Outdoor patio;
  • Special separate rooms for electronic and hip-hop music;
  • A pool situated in a spacious lounge.

Talented guest DJs come here every night for an enjoyable performance.

Midtown Barfly

There are many clubs in the downtown area of Sacramento. Nevertheless, they are mostly the same, without any eclectic feel or peculiar atmosphere. They are regular dance clubs with noisy electronic music and the same type of people coming every night. There’s nothing in common about this joint.

It’s a place where one can listen to a live cover of Sisters of Mercy and dance with the like-minded people without even knowing them. The prices on drinks here are reasonable, and the public manages to sustain the whole atmosphere.

Professional dance teachers come here on Fridays or on certain arranged events and teach the public to dance salsa and bachata.

Among the other pleasant details, Yelp users pay attention to the following little details:

  • The bartenders are perfect;
  • The bathroom is clean and neat (which is important for a night dance club);
  • The music is decent;
  • There’s a great number of talented dancers of all genders and ages, and it’s pleasant to simply watch them;
  • Once a month, a band visits the place for a memorable performance.

Unfortunately, because of its eclectic vibes, the place is often crowded, and it’s hard to find a place to dance. If you want to know more about the activity of the club and the upcoming events, sign up to their Facebook page.

The Starlet Room at Harlow’s Dance Club

Initially, this place was a cigar bar, which slowly turned into one of the most famous Sacramento’s venues for dancing and socialization. The place was changing for a long period of time, and now it’s a live music club in the art-deco atmosphere, with a special ambiance and top-notch events.

The place is still in the process of reconstruction, and it will pass through numerous alterations further.

The owners of the club hold regular events. Visit the official website of the joint to learn more about the upcoming events and live performances.

Midtown Stomp Swing Dancing

It’s a unique dance venue that opens its doors every Friday night. The owners of the joint managed to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can dance and swing partners while socializing with each other and sharing emotions.

The coolest thing about this place is that you don’t have to come with a partner! There will be enough people for you to dance with. Nevertheless, you can come with a partner who is not against swing dancing.

The venue has been working since 2005, which is a long period of time for a unique place like this. It means that it is really popular with people of all ages. At present, it’s one of the largest swing dancing clubs in the area.

Judging by what the guests say about the place, we can say the following:

  • The place is fun and safe with a lot of people willing to socialize;
  • Many people get there for more than a year and a half and even managed to find partners;
  • It might be hard for a beginner to join the dance and perform together with the others, but the atmosphere is still welcoming and psychologically comfortable.

The place can be a nice entertainment even for those who are not fond of dancing — watching this crowd move in a single rhythm is a pleasure as well.


It’s a karaoke bar located in the old part of Sacramento. It’s a spacious place with a big bar and huge TVs showing videos. There are rooms that you can reserve for your company and sing with your friends so that no one could interfere with you.

The service is good, judging by the feedback of the visitors. There is a special smoking area if you need to have a smoke. The only trouble is that the place is usually very crowded.

The dress code is casual, and you don’t have to search for a fancy dress if you simply decide to hang out with your friends. Of course, there are special events held in accordance with certain rules, including the dress code.

Get to the official website for more information on the menu, drinks, current, and upcoming events, as well as reservations.


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