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Best Family Eateries In Elk Grove

Best Family Eateries in Elk Grove
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Elk Grove is full of unique eateries that present various cuisines and offers different types of entertainment to guests. Some of them are more suitable for evening dinner with friends or a partner while others serve perfect dishes at lunchtime. If you are searching for a restaurant with delicious food but open for families, this review will help you to find one that is located close to you.

Not every restaurant is child-friendly and is suitable for family visits. In this review, we will describe top eateries in the Elk Grove area that can become one of the favorite places for your family members.

1 — Old Town Pizza

Probably, you have already heard about this restaurant as it is one of the best pizza places in Elk Grove. They developed their own recipes of pizzas, so you can taste specialty pizzas of different sizes there. Moreover, you can order other dishes such as salads or starters. Thus, every family member will be satisfied with the choice of the restaurant as everyone can find something he or she likes there.

By the way, having a weekend lunch with family or resting in this place with friends, you can try a craft beer. More than 15 types of craft beer are presented on the menu of Old Town Pizza. Relax with a glass of cold beer in the city center and eat the freshest pizza made in brick-oven in this restaurant.

The place is kid-friendly, so your children will not distract anyone from eating delicious meals. The staff can always help you with the choice of the pizza based on desired ingredients and provide a personal service.

2 — Leatherby’s Creamery

Having a family walk, you can stop at the family creamery and regale your children with the best ice cream available in Elk Grove. In addition, this cafe will surprise you with the variety of meals offered on the menu. Here you can taste everything that children usually like — burgers, milkshakes, ice cream, desserts, salads, and some other starters.

This creamery was rewarded as the best one in Elk Grove. Do not miss an opportunity to eat honored ice cream and allow your family members to try it.

3 — Mikuni

If you and your family are fans of Japanese cuisine and culture, you must visit Mikuni. It is a Japanese restaurant with well-designed halls and a welcoming staff. Locals believe that this restaurant is the best place in Elk Grove where you can taste various Japanese meals.

Moreover, the chefs working in this restaurant are well-known for their culinary masterpieces such as tempura, sushi, teriyaki, and others. Besides, a huge variety of dishes offered by restaurants guarantees that every family member will find a plate depending on the taste.

The restaurant is family-friendly, and we think that it will be an exciting experience for your children or other family members to spend time in a Japanese designed place.

4 — Todo Un Poco

Searching for Mexican food in Elk Grove, you should definitely visit this eatery. Todo Un Poco is a family-owned eatery that surprises visitors with the mix of Mexican and Italian approaches to cooking. If you want to taste some new meals with interesting mixes of ingredients, Todo Un Poco is the best place for this.

Even though they serve ordinary meals like sandwiches, kinds of pasta, pizzas, the taste is always unique. Do not forget to order an Italian wine and look at the usual dishes from another angle.

Of course, it is a suitable place for family visits as well. Waiters will help you to choose the best table in the restaurant where you will feel comfortable having dinner with children and help to choose the meals that everyone will like.

5 — Boulevard Bistro

This restaurant is a top recommendation for those who want to taste local cuisine and drinks. Firstly, the location is perfect for city visitors and residents as it is situated in the city center. Walking through the Old Town of Elk Grove, find time to stop at this eatery and order the best dishes of American cuisine.

Furthermore, the building where this bistro is located in a historical construction dated to 1908. Thus, it will help you to feel the historical atmosphere of eating the tastiest meal there — filet mignon.

The visit to Boulevard Bistro will not be a usual dinner but also an entertaining and educational activity. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the most famous restaurant in the Sacramento region.

6 — Thai Chili

Thai food is specific, but it is one of the favorite cuisines of all people. You can try it in Elk Grove as well and feel the saturated flavor of Thai spices. Visiting this place with your family, you can choose and order huge plates with various Thai meals and share them together.

We recommend you order Green Avocado or Spicy Noodles. These dishes will definitely present all the nature of Thai cuisine and become your favorite food in Elk Grove. By the way, do not worry if you or your children do not eat spicy food. You can always ask a waiter to make the meal not spicy for you. The staff of
this restaurant will do their best for you to enjoy your stay in this restaurant.

Spice up your walk-in Elk Grove with the perfect Thai meals cooked in this restaurant.

7 — Happy Garden

Happy Garden is a small Chinese eatery that serves the most flavorful meals, according to reviews of visitors. You may find a variety of Chinese food here and enjoy eating it in a family atmosphere. This place is calm, so it can become your favorite spot for weekend family lunch.

What is more important, the size of the meals and the prices for them are perfect for family visits. You can order huge portions of different Chinese dishes so every family member can taste them. The prices are affordable even though the plates are usually big. Another advantage is that the staff treats
every visitor personally. If you or your children have some allergies, you can ask the waiter to change the recipe for you.

Spend a wonderful time with your family eating the best Chinese cuisine in Elk Grove.

8 — Plaza del Sol

One more recommendation for lovers of Mexican cuisine is the eatery Plaza del Sol. Here you can order the dishes made according to main Mexican recipes. Moreover, the restaurant is suitable for vegans, and the staff of this place will make everything for you to satisfy your needs with their food.

By the way, the prices for meals are affordable in Plaza del Sol. If you bring the whole family for lunch to this eatery, it will not hit your budget significantly. Besides, if you visit this place for entertainment, you can check the bar and the best Mexican tapas here.

Come and check the advantages of this restaurant. You will not be disappointed by the quality and the taste of the food there.

Summing Up

No matter what is the purpose of your visit to the restaurant, you can always find delicious meals and a pleasant atmosphere in eateries in Elk Grove. It is important to be responsible for the choice of the place where you have lunch with your family. Check the recommended restaurants and taste the various cuisines available in Elk Grove.


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