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Best Hiking In Roseville, CA

Best Hiking in Roseville, CA
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If you are a lover of hiking trips or just want to have a wonderful walk around the city after a long week, you will definitely love the paths found around Roseville. These are not difficult or debilitating trails, so everyone can carry them out with joy.

Luckily, Roseville nature is rich and diverse, so you can choose the trail that seems more pleasant to you or try all of them to decide which conditions are the friendliest for you to determine later hiking or biking trips.

All of the paths are revised by the officials, so you can be sure there will be no unexpected dead ends or rubbish all around. Hence, we definitely recommend you try any of the suggested paths.

Best Roseville Roots for Keen Hikers

Here we prepared the five best trails around Roseville for your weekend or weekday hiking activities. Hopefully, you will find your perfect one here! Read on!

1. Dry Creek Community Park

One of the most popular and indeed the best trails for road or mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, dog-walking, or common walks with kids. Having astonishing nature with wildflowers, hills, mountains, and comfortable paths, it is a place where many local bicyclists and runners find their peace. It is an easy route for beginners with a length of three and a half miles, which takes about one hour to finish.

What is more, the best tennis courts, soccer, and baseball fields are found here, so if you are a real sports fan, it is a place worth visiting. You can also attend Dry Creek park with your dogs but only using a leash.

However, be ready to face a lot of crowds here since the park is situated near the city and is popular among many locals. Hence, it is better to visit it in the morning or late evening.

2. Secret Ravine Trail

If you are looking for a less crowded trail, you may like this Secret Ravine trail located not so far from the eastern part of the city. It is not very commonplace for families or dog owners. Therefore, only bicyclists and runners are likely to be met here. It is perfect for mountain biking and hiking, thanks to the challenging parts of the route with an elevation gain of 154 ft!

It takes approximately an hour and a half to complete this path with the path of four and a half miles. Hence, it is not so good for beginners or those who prefer a calmer pace. What is more, there are not many trees met along the road, so it is risky to go there on a sunny day without extra water sources.

In general, it is completely up to you whether to visit this trail or not, but we would rather recommend it to those who feel mostly prepared for the challenging pathways.

3. Miners Ravine Trail

The longest of the available Roseville trails is surely the Miners Ravine one. Having a length of almost nine miles, its passage takes about three hours for an average runner. Also being a challenging route, it has a 314 feet elevation gain, so it is a perfect trail for mountain biking. Here you will find both places for family activities and areas with no one where you can calmly enjoy time with yourself.

The route is also absolutely scenic as it passes through several parks and starts in the old town of Roseville. What is more, the pavement is smooth thanks to the special rubber and asphalt cover, so you are likely to enjoy it year-round. It also provides an accessible area for wheelchair users. There are benches placed throughout the whole path, which means that the visitors can rest whenever they want to in the pleasant setting of Roseville nature. The environment also provides a safe place for both pedestrians and bikers by dividing the pavement into two sides.

Besides being a perfect trail for sportsmen, Miners Ravine is also a worthy route to have a walk with your family on some sunny day.

4. Pleasant Grove Creek Trail via Dirt Trail and Bike Path

If you prefer shorter distances, the Pleasant Grove Creek trail is one of the best possible choices for you. It has a length of three miles and it takes only one hour to complete the whole trail for an average runner. Longing through the best parks of Roseville, it has dirt trails with some parts paved with asphalt or special bike traces.

Talking about accessibility, it is not the best place for wheelchair users since the major part of the trail is paved mostly with dirt. There are not so many parking places around the trail, so consider extra areas where you can leave your vehicle. Nevertheless, Pleasant Grove Creek is still a great place for biking or hiking thanks to the many turns this trace has.

In general, it may not be the best place for a common walk, but is still a great trail for sports and other activities. However, it is better to use it only during dry seasons.

5. Saugstad and Royal Park Trail

Longing for a more civilized route with a friendly environment? Then consider the Saugstad Park trail which is fully paved and available for all activities as it lies through the park. Being an easy trail, it has a length of three miles and 45 feet lift, so it will be perfect for any type of sports activities or common walks, also has dozens of benches and specific areas for cardio workouts.

Also being a popular destination for family vacations, there may be too many people on weekends, however, the sights are indeed worth it. Through the whole path, you will observe the Dry Creek river sceneries through the trees and even be able to visit natural observation platforms. The environment here is well-developed and provides the best conditions for all types of outdoor activities, including the environment for wheelchairs. The paths are divided for pedestrians and bicyclists, so do not worry about your road safety.

In general, it is probably one of the best places to spend time hiking or biking thanks to the magnificent sights and advanced conditions for spending time outdoors.

All in all, as you can see, there are many ways you can spend time in Roseville, and what is more important, there are many places where you can advance your hiking and biking abilities in sightseeing surroundings. Hence, you can choose among the most fitting path lengths and crowdedness of the area to have an extremely good time!


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