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Best Indian Restaurants In Roseville

Best Indian Restaurants in Roseville
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It is no secret that Roseville has plenty of places with fantastic menus and cuisines of different cultures. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer a wide variety of food that is of exceptional taste and quality.

One of the most popular traditional cuisines nowadays is the Indian one. Brightly-tasting spices and unique combinations of ingredients make this food unforgettably delicious. Moreover, the assortment of dishes offered by Indian chefs will not leave anyone disappointed, as one will most definitely find something to their liking.

When we go out, we want to taste the best of the best meals, and finding them in Roseville should not be a big problem. To help you with the choice, we have compiled a list of the most popular Indian restaurants in the city. All of them guarantee you the best experience of Indian food and cultural excitement.

Top Indian Restaurants in Roseville

There are several Indian cuisine places in Roseville that are worth mentioning. We are going to talk about some of them, and then you will decide which one is the best for you. All of the restaurants have been carefully reviewed, so the best quality service is guaranteed at any of these places.

1. Chaat Paradise

Open for the whole day from Tuesday to Sunday, Chaat Paradise is a great place to try out Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of vegetarian dishes that everyone should try. Moreover, if you are trying to switch to a vegetarian diet, the menu of Chaat Paradise will make it easier, as the food is just as delicious.

For those who love to spend evenings outside, there are some tables in the outdoor area in front of the restaurant. You can enjoy some Indian delicacies while breathing some fresh and warm Roseville air. Isn’t it nice?

As for the menu, it can be enjoyed by anybody, even kids. One of the most popular choices among customers is tea. Chaat Paradise provides a great choice of different tea kinds, and you should definitely try one when you come for a visit.

2. Porottas South Indian Cuisine

If you are looking for a fun place with great Indian meals, then Porottas South Indian Cuisine is the place to go. A lively atmosphere with cheerful music and friendly people who are always up to a nice conversation make this place so outstanding from the others. And of course, the food here is of the highest quality and amazing taste.

The food at this place is mainly vegetarian, so you do not have to worry about finding meals that are good for your diet. All of the menu positions are claimed to be healthy and delicious at the same time. By mixing six different arusuvai flavors, the chefs achieve a unique Indian taste, which is loved by many customers.

In the restaurant, there is a special service available, which allows you to order food from tablets if you find it more convenient. What is more, you can order the food from Porottas South Indian Cuisine to be delivered right to your house or apartment. You can try out the infamous dishes without even leaving your home!

3. Mehfil Indian Restaurant

For those who do not look for a vegetarian menu, there is another fantastic restaurant in Roseville that serves Indian food. Mehfil Indian Restaurant is a great place with various menu positions and a chill atmosphere that is perfect for dining alone or with some company.

Some of the most popular dishes that the clients love include:

  • Lamb Tikka Masala;
  • Fish Masala;
  • Peshawari Naan;
  • Punjabi Bakra;
  • Tandoori Mixed Grill.

The place also serves beer, which is great if you are looking for a spot to spend a Friday night with your friends. The food offered at Mehfil Indian Restaurant will not leave you disappointed, as the taste of it is just excellent.

4. Bombay Cuisine Indian Sweets

The name of this restaurant might fool someone into thinking that the place serves only candies. However, Bombay Cuisine Indian Sweets provide its customers with an extensive menu of different dishes. There are some meals that are vegetarian as well. If you come with kids, there is some special food for them too.

All of the food is made from the freshest ingredients, which is why its taste is exceptional. Each step of cooking is controlled and strictly regulated, so you know you get a meal of the best quality in the end. The combination of a modern approach to cooking and traditional ways of Indian food preparation makes each meal taste like heaven.

One of the features that make Bombay Cuisine Indian Sweets a great Roseville restaurant is the option to make reservations. So if you are planning a night out and you want to make sure you will eat no matter what, you can book a table for any preferred time.

5. Indian Bowl

If you need a place in Roseville to celebrate an event or have a meeting with your friends, Indian Bowl is a nice option. This restaurant has every service a loyal customer could wish for. You can order some food to take out or have a delivery right to your place. Moreover, if you wish to enjoy the best Indian food at the restaurant, you can make a reservation beforehand.

For those who want to have bigger celebrations at Indian Bowl, there is a great catering service provided by the professionals. You can be sure that your guests will enjoy the time spent at this place because the restaurant performs everything with the best quality.

The menu of the Indian Bowl is quite extensive and includes different types of meals, including vegetarian ones. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very authentic, and it almost feels like you are visiting someplace in India. Also, the prices will not leave you disappointed for sure.

6. Bawarchi Indian Cuisine

Want to taste the best dishes of North and South India? Then Bawarchi Indian Cuisine is the place to go. They offer many different menu positions that include some of the best traditional meals. There are some options for vegetarians as well. Moreover, you can customize your orders and ask for some ingredients to be added more or less.

The menu is not quite the same as in other Indian restaurants. Unique combinations and methods of cooking make the food at the Bawarchi Indian Cuisine unforgettably delicious.

The place is great for a relaxing evening. The peaceful ambiance of the restaurant makes your experience of Indian food even better, as you are able to enjoy the food properly without being distracted by anything.

7. Himalaya-Hub

The adventurous spirit of the Himalayas is accessible to you right in Roseville. The Himalaya-Hub offers its customers fantastic meals from Nepal and India. Dishes that come in many different forms can come as a full meal or as something to grab quickly.

One of the most popular services of the restaurant is its delivery. Each order is processed carefully by the employees, and you can follow the process of preparation in real-time. The delivery is available all around the city and the places nearby.

However, if you want to visit the place yourself, you can come from 11 am to 9 pm any day. Himalaya-Hub will be waiting for you with a warm welcome.

8. Tandoori Nights

If you want to experience the real taste of authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine, visit Tandoori Nights. This restaurant preserved the old tradition of making food in the Tandoori oven. Each meal made in the tandoor has a unique taste, which combines the smoke and roast.

Whether you prefer juicy meat made by the recipes of traditional Indian chefs, or you want some soft and warm Naan bread, Tandoori Nights has you covered. Along with these two popular meals, there is a great variety of other menu positions as well.

Despite the extensive list of meat meals, there are many vegetarian options as well. Properly prepared vegetables with herbs will amaze you with the quality of their taste. Other dishes, like vegetarian curry and saag paneer, are just as good as the non-vegetarian menu positions.

Indian Food in Roseville

Roseville is full of different restaurants that serve traditional Indian food. All of them have a different atmosphere, which varies from peaceful getaways to friendly and lively get-togethers.

Each restaurant has its own unique menu. The majority of places offer vegetarian meals, as Indian food is mainly made without meat. Some spots will also provide you with a special kids menu if needed.

Visit some of the offered Indian cuisine restaurants in Roseville, and you will not be disappointed. The flavors, the ambiance, and the culture will surely impress you and give you the best emotions.


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