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Best Lunch Spot In Lincoln, CA

Best Lunch Spot in Lincoln, CA
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Having a lunch break at work or traveling to Lincoln, it is highly probable that you will be confused by the huge variety of eateries here. When you are hungry, there is no time to choose. That is why often you may prefer just convenient to reach cafés and restaurants instead of the most popular and high quality. However, we are ready to help you in this situation and offer you the top 6 eateries in Lincoln for lunch.

If you have enough time, we recommend you to visit all of the listed restaurants. This list was created based on our own experience and reviews of visitors and specialists. These spots for lunch may satisfy everyone’s needs, as they represent different cuisines and are designed in various ways. Lincoln is the best place to try meals of various cuisines and choose your favorite restaurant. Check the recommendations and create your rating of the best spots for a lunch in Lincoln.

Pay attention to the average prices for the dishes, their sizes, quality of ingredients, and location when you choose the restaurant. The restaurants included in this list correspond to high-quality eatery characteristics.

1. Los Gallos Taquería

If you are a fan of Mexican food or always wanted to try it, you should definitely visit Los Gallos Taquería. Located in the city center, it is very convenient to reach from any point of the city. Besides, it is suitable for those who walk across the city and want to take a break and get energy for the rest of the walk.

Mexican food served here is reviewed as the best available in Lincoln. It is always made of fresh ingredients, as the owners of this family café care about the quality of cooked food. Also, it will not take much time for you to wait for your order as the staff working here do their best to satisfy the needs of all the visitors. By the way, do not hesitate to ask the staff about the spiciness and content of the dishes and ask to change it if you want less spicy food.

All in all, this eatery has positive reviews and is worth visiting if you stay in Lincoln. Give a chance to Los Gallos Taquería and you will never go to any other Mexican café.

2. Simple Pleasures

Not only the quality of the food, but also the atmosphere created in the café is important for getting pleasure from your lunch. This place can surprise you with authentic designs styled like the Golden Country eatery. The café location is also perfect for lunch breaks as it is situated in the city center. You can stay inside or outside depending on the weather conditions but anyway you will like the appearance of this eatery.

As regards the menu content, here you can find the most common American snacks and dishes made of fresh ingredients. The most popular choice of the visitors of this place is sandwiches. The place is focused on the cooking of various sandwiches such as classic ones and some locally created. Reading the reviews for the Simply Pleasure, we got hungry just by the description of the dishes there. It is the place where everyone will find food according to their tastes and be happy with the design of the eating space.

Visit Simple Pleasures if you do not want to experiment with the cuisines of other countries. Order a simple but very delicious sandwich and spend your lunchtime in great surroundings.

3. Rebel Hen Café

Rebel Hen Café is a cute family-owned spot suitable for breakfast and lunch. Here you can grab a coffee and take some pastry to start a day with tasty food or order some more nutritious dishes. The café serves mostly fast-food meals such as sandwiches and snacks, but all of them are cooked with fresh products. It makes the taste of the meal different from the usual fast food. Besides, no fast food eatery can offer you such high-quality coffee as the Rebek Hen Café does.

By the way, almost all the reviews about food and services in Rebel Hen Café are positive. So, this place is popular among local residents as it is located downtown, and offers competitive prices and delicious meals. They also can change the recipe of the meal if you have some strong preferences or allergies to some ingredients. All in all, it is a nice place to visit on your lunch break, with healthy meals and friendly staff.

So, Rebel Hen Café is a quiet spot for lunch situated in the center of Lincoln. Come here to check the actual menu and enjoy the time spent in a friendly atmosphere.

4. Sourdough & Co.

This café offers clients a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads to order. Most of them are unique, so you can try original combinations of ingredients here. Moreover, all the ingredients are fresh, and the café guarantees their high quality. Mostly all reviewers evaluate the quality of food and service as high. The prices here are competitive, so everyone can afford to order a sandwich for lunch here.

Besides, this eatery provides an opportunity to take out the order. That is why it is a popular place to stop by on your way and take a delicious and fresh meal. The location is quite far from the city center, so it is better to visit this place by car. We recommend you to try a special meal here which is a cream soup served on a piece of bread. It will be a nutritious addition to your lunch.

Visiting this place, you do not need to make a reservation as the hall of the Sourdough & Co. is big enough to fit many visitors. Try out one of the best sandwiches in Lincoln here, and maybe it will become your favorite eatery in the city.

5. Olivers Brewhouse & Grill

Even though this restaurant is more popular to visit for dinner, it offers acceptable prices and a variety of meals presented on the menu at lunchtime too. The main specialization of this eatery is the grill. So we strongly recommend you order a grilled steak or ribs here as they are perfect according to reviews. Besides, some standard meals such as sandwiches, salads, or soups are also available here. Some reviewers stated that the wood-fired pizza here is the most delicious in Lincoln. You have a huge variety of options to order here, and this place deserves visiting several times.

Additionally, the prices for all meals are average regardless of the restaurant status of this spot. Thus, for one meal, you will spend $10-$15 and be full for the rest of the day. They have some vegan dishes as well and can adjust the content of the meals based on your requirements. However, do not forget to book a table here in advance as this restaurant is always full. Such a characteristic definitely shows the high quality of service and food cooked here. Also, it is located downtown, so it is really convenient to visit if you work there or are walking through the city center.

Check out the website of Olivers Brewhouse & Grill and explore the menu, offered types of beer, and contacts to make a table reservation. We are sure that this place will make you enjoy every piece of the meal you order.

6. Orchid Thai Cuisine

Searching for Asian food in Lincoln that you can order for lunch, you should choose this restaurant. It offers many Thai meals and some other Asian traditional dishes. All seafood and other ingredients are always fresh. According to reviews, the size of meals is large and prices are quite low. Thus, you can enjoy the original Thai food at affordable prices here.

The only disadvantage of the Orchid Thai café is its location, but you definitely should visit it if you are living in a close neighborhood. This restaurant is kid-friendly and allows you to regulate the spiciness of dishes. Besides, it is perfect for vegans, as the menu includes several meals for vegetarians and vegans.

Come here with your family or friends for lunch and try the special Thai meals. It is the best choice for Asian cuisine lovers or those who want to experiment with their diet.

Best Lincoln Breakfast Takeaway

It is quite hard to choose one restaurant among the dozens of available ones in Lincoln. This list of eateries can help you to save time for the selection of the best spot for lunch in Lincoln, CA. Of course, there are many more restaurants worth visiting in Lincoln, but we were trying to pick ones that are affordable and provide a variety of meals.

So choosing one of the eateries from the list, you can be sure that you or your friends will find the food they like for lunch.


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