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Best Neighborhoods To Live In Folsom

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Folsom
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People who are fortunate enough to live in warm and cheerful Sacramento county know that it is essential to live in a friendly neighborhood. When you always have good weather and beautiful sites and good friends around you, this is what makes your life many times better.

However, good people are not the only thing that makes the best neighborhood. There exist many factors that affect your life in a particular district. Luckily, each year there appear many ratings of the Sacramento area’s neighborhoods, so you can extract very useful information from them.

In this article, you will find the top 5 Folsom neighborhoods that are taken from the 2021 top of Sacramento county’s neighborhoods. Stay with us if you are interested in where it is better to stay in Folsom!

What Makes the Best Neighborhood?

First of all, let us explain what are the criteria by which we estimate the quality of the neighborhood. Obviously, there can be many things that realtors or property experts may consider while evaluating the price of the house. However, we rarely may determine them in our daily life.

So, what except nice people around can affect your quality of life? In this article, we considered the following factors:

  • the crime index in the region;
  • job opportunities for all social groups;
  • the number of schools, kindergartens, universities in the nearest area;
  • distribution of amenities and facilities within the neighborhood;
  • cost of living, including renting or buying the property.

As you can see, these are really demanded features of our daily life or needed information for considering buying a house. Therefore, the list of best neighborhoods is reliable and can fit the vast majority of needs of an average person who thinks of acquiring a new dwelling in the Folsom area.

Best Hoods around Folsom

In the beginning, it is nice to mention that all the cities listed here have one thing in common. It is the overall safety of daily life, that is why children can safely walk down the city center streets while their parents go shopping, for instance. Nighttime in the Folsom area is also not dangerous. However, as in many American cities, it is better not to walk alone in remote areas. Now, let’s proceed to the list itself.

1. Broadstone

Broadstone fairly takes all the first places in various ratings of American neighborhoods. It is the biggest neighborhood in Folsom, CA, and thus it suggests many opportunities for the guests and the citizens. For example, it is a perfect place for great shopping since it has four large shopping malls in the center and the suburbs. What is also beneficial in Broadstone is that the city has easy access to Highway 50, which means that one can go in any direction and fastly approach other big cities. One of the options to consider visiting is Lake Tahoe, located an hour to the east of Broadstone.

As to the local facilities, one can find the main city Kaiser Hospital, which is situated not very far away from the city center. On the opposite side, there is a California Family Fitness Center. There are more than ten public schools and more than 40 private ones! Fortunately, the city is also flooded with parks, so you will definitely find a place to take a walk.

The population of Broadstone is nearly 10,000 people, and the household income is, on average, higher than the national level. However, the cost for real estate is also higher and, on average, is $500,000. Nevertheless, the amount of owned property here is six times bigger than rented one.

All in all, we can really recommend you move to Broadstone as it is a very friendly and liveable neighborhood with many facilities located in the heart of California.

2. Lexington Hills/The Parkway

The second place goes to two neighborhoods that are often counted as one. Although The Parkway is a younger area, they still look great together. It has the best location regarding the natural sites. In Lexington Hills, you have quick access to the FIDO Field Dog Park and to Folsom Lake College. Therefore, you can have a daily walk in a pleasant natural setting. Moreover, as is seen from the name of the area, there are many Hills in the city. Luckily, they do not have the burden of traveling through the city as they are situated closer to the suburbs.

As in Broadstone, there are many shopping centers and huge markets. What is more, there are several entertainment places in The Parkway. For example, you can find a hiking and biking trail in The Parkway. Again, hills are another option for spending your spare time. In the evenings, the sight of the city from the heights is amazing!

If you want to move to the Lexington Hills area, you should be ready to spend some money on the dwelling as here it is several times higher than the national median. However, there is a solid reason for such prices. For instance, the Lexington Hills/The Parkway zone has the highest density of schools in the whole of Folsom. Having 15 public and 35 private schools, there are 50% of families in the city population.

Therefore, we highly recommend visiting this wonderful area at least to enjoy nature and the view of its quiet streets from the hills.

3. Empire Ranch

Empire Ranch is a very forthcoming area to live in. It has many green zones and is located ashore on Folsom Lake. The State Park is also situated there. So, again it is a very nature-saturated region. What is more, Empire Ranch is a prolonged area, and it lies within El Dorado Hills up to the lake. It makes the dwellings in the area affordable for anyone, as the most affordable homes are closer to the Iron Point Road.

The whole Empire Ranch area is pretty old and thus has many sightseeing options. Hundreds of aged trees, the historical appearance of the buildings, and the Rancho atmosphere in the old part of the city. What is more, you have access to the Empire Ranch Golf Club; what could be better?

Again, as in many Folsom neighborhoods, the real estate costs a lot here. The median price for purchasing a house is $600,000 in Empire Ranch. According to the official statistics, the majority of residents have bachelor's degrees, and almost half of the population is families with children. Empire Ranch is also a popular destination for tourists as it has many high-quality restaurants and cafés.

The majority of the citizens have their own estate there, which means that it will not be a burden to afford to acquire a dwelling in Empire Ranch.

4. Los Cerros

Los Cerros is a unique place within the Sacramento area and especially Folsom. What distinguishes it from many other nearby neighborhoods is that it has a hillside not far away from it. What is more, it is situated near the old side of Folsom, yet the dwellings are located in the new part, so you will live in comfort and with easy access to the historical sites.

The architecture and houses’ layouts here are another freaky feature. Long stairways and unique appearance are what divide Los Cerros' urban style from any other city. However, it somehow leads to lower prices for housing. For some people, it is good news, whilst others may consider it a violation of privacy and risk of crimes. Indeed, it is the first city on our list that has a share of rented houses almost equal to owned ones.

Nevertheless, Los Cerros is a good neighborhood with unique and must-see culture. If you like it, it is definitely your place to live in!

5. Natoma Station

The last but not least member of our list is the Natoma Station neighborhood. It is a little old town perfect for families. It is due to the number of schools located there. Moreover, Folsom Premium Outlets are found right behind Natoma Station, so be sure you will find a great opportunity for shopping.

Lake Natoma is located within walking distance from the city center, and there are many green zones nearby. What is more important, the transportation system here is highly developed, so you have quick access to the Light Rail, as well as Highway 50.


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