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Best Parks In Sacramento

Best Parks in Sacramento
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Sacramento is full of marvelous parks and recreation zones where you can relax and wander around. Some of them were organized around a hundred years ago. You will find places with beautiful gardens and flowers, ponds with birds and fishes, picnic zones, yoga classes, jogging alleys, and playgrounds for kids. Here’s a list of the parks to visit in different parts of Sacramento, mostly loved by the locals and the tourists: from huge parks with tons of attractions to small local parks where one will find peace and harmony.

William Land Park

3800 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

Enormous park with different activities for each one’s taste. You will find a zoo, a rock garden, a golf course, gardens with beautiful plants and flowers, ponds, duck lakes, running and jogging paths.

There is a famous Fairytale Town for families with children where young visitors may find lots of attractions. Funderland Park is waiting for kids to visit merry-go-rounds and other activities.

WPA Rock Garden offers incredible views that will satisfy photographers and nature lovers. You can also find an outdoor theatre close to it or organize a picnic. Walkways there are surrounded by trees and flowers, it’s allowed to come here with dogs. A botanical garden is a fantastic spot for a walk or a date with your partner.

Sacramento Zoo, which is in the park, has more than a hundred animals. It is a beautiful family fascination that has a lot of extraordinary creatures.

Restaurants, bars, and coffee places surround the park itself. There is also spacious parking for the guests.

McKinley Park

601 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816

McKinley Park is a favorite place for both locals and tourists. It is one of the most popular parks in the city. A huge space with almost 32 acres of land can offer visitors a garden with roses, a pool, various playgrounds, walking, and jogging trails, courts to play tennis, and even more. You can arrange a picnic with your significant other or join a free yoga class here. If you want to play basketball, soccer or volleyball, you also can attend several courts here. The park is perfect for all outdoor activities.

McKinley Park has a community center, a library, and also a garden and arts center. For those who seek adventures, there is a climbing wall and an adventure play area. Except for gardens and flowers, there is a pond with ducks. If you are lucky, you can see squirrels there as well. McKinley Park is a fantastic place to spend a weekend or an evening.

The park is in perfect condition due to the appropriate maintenance. Around the park, you may find around 20 restaurants and bars. Parking near McKinley is available.

Dog walking is also allowed here. There is a dog park inside McKinley. The space for pets is divided into several sections for dogs of different sizes.

Capitol Park

1300 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814

This park is located near the State Capitol, in the heart of the city. You will see beautiful views of the Capitol building, several memorials, paths with flowers and trees, and the World Peace Rose Garden. If you are interested in museums and history, the California State Capitol Museum is working here. For guests who enjoy exploring different plants, there is a garden with detailed information about every flower.

Southside Park

2115 6th St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Southside Park is full of opportunities for those who love spending time outdoors. The theme of the park is space and spaceships. Richly decorated, this place offers some therapeutic gardens and enriched sensory playgrounds. There are several play facilities with ramps and handrails, climbing constructions, a merry-go-round, themed play structures, and more. Also, you may walk around a fabulous pond or jog here among the trees and grass. Some public art objects are hidden in the park, too.

Inside Southside Park there is a public swimming pool. Close to the park, you may find a farmers’ market and several churches.

American River Parkway

Sacramento, CA 95815

This is an entirely separate district in Sacramento for those who love sports and training and cannot imagine their lives. The park is surrounded by the river and includes various trails for running, walking, jogging, and cycling. It combines water, gorgeous boulders, and trees. The district itself is located in the middle of the city. Walking or training, there is an excellent way to refresh and get some energy! Some citizens also prefer to go fishing here. Picnic areas offer a beautiful view of a river.

North Natomas Regional Park

4989 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95835

This vast park is situated in the north of Sacramento. Visitors can attend not only the park itself but also different events. There is a theater with a stage that invites guests to see various performances. Again, you may do some shopping in the farmers’ market. Several walkways and bikeways among the trees and the pond are endless. There are courts for different sports and rose gardens as well. Owners of dogs can walk their pets in the park.

Seymour Park

845 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95831

Seymour Park is a great place to enjoy walking and relaxing amid the green. This location is excellent for kids and adults who love sports. Several playgrounds are available as well as facilities for running, walking, and playing with a ball. There are plenty of paths for pedestrians, too. In the south of Seymour Park, there is a canal where you can feed ducks and turtles.

Paradise Beach

5211 Carlson Dr, Sacramento, CA 95819

A beautiful beach in East Sacramento. Here, you can gaze at the water, spend hours on the shore, walk through the woods, and enjoy nature. A too chill place to watch the brightest Sacramento sunsets and relax.

Miller Regional Park

2701 Marina View Dr, Sacramento, CA

Surrounded by water, this park offers magnificent views with the river and parked boats. It also has a path that leads to Discovery Park and Old Sacramento district. It’s a fantastic place for jet skiing and boat riding. There are also some walking and jogging alleys and playgrounds for kids. Some visitors come here, especially for fishing, others enjoy marvelous sunsets on the river. Bike lovers can make Miller Regional Park a start point to ride to the other parts of Sacramento.

Curtis Park

3349 W Curtis Dr, Sacramento, CA 95818

The park is beautiful and quiet. It is a green oasis for those who are tired of the city bustle. Besides walking and jogging, visitors can join basketball and soccer teams there and enjoy some sports. Dogs are allowed in this park. If you want to feel like a citizen of the city and feel Sacramento’s atmosphere, Curtis Park is a great place to visit.

Cesar Chavez Plaza

910 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814

A small park in the Downtown of Sacramento is more like a square in the city’s heart. Trees and flowers are combined with a café, several picnic zones. There is also a beautiful fountain. In summer, visitors can check out some concerts and events. There is also a farmers’ market with fresh products open seasonally.

Freemont Park

1515 Q St, Sacramento, CA 95811

This is a pretty small park in the heart of Midtown of Sacramento, but it is perfect for guests who want to have a picnic in the town. The park has a playground for kids. Also, a seasonal farmers’ market offers visitors some products. Beautiful place to relax under the trees and meditate near the Buddha sculpture.

Truitt Bark Park

1818 Q St, Sacramento, CA 95811

This is a favorite place of all dog owners and lovers in Sacramento. The park is made especially for dog walking. It separated it into two parts: for small pets and medium and big dogs. The park also offers water for the pets. Infrastructure is excellent – not only for walking but for relaxing on the benches under the trees and enjoying the sun and nature. Visitors can enjoy observing dogs playing for hours.

Sac State Arboretum

Arboretum Way, Sacramento, CA 95826

This park is hidden on the university campus. It doesn’t have a lot of visitors, which makes it a very peaceful and quiet place. Just a great park to walk around and chill.

Sutter’s Landing Regional Park

20 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816

A big park close to McKinley Park. The American River surrounds one side of it. The park has a special section for the dogs, which has a territory of an impressive size. Sutter’s Landing Regional Park offers a street skate park and a court for different sports. It also suggests various trails for pedestrians and joggers. By the river, visitors will find a beach where you can swim and sunbathe during the summer.

Bridgeway Lakes Community Park

3650 Southport Pkwy, West Sacramento, CA 95691

This excellent place is full of lakes that offer a gorgeous and relaxing lakefront west of the city. There is also a beautiful rose garden. The playground for kids is available.

River Walk Park

651 2nd St, West Sacramento, CA 95605

Located in West Sacramento, River Walk Park is built by the shore. A great place for picnics and water gazing. You can spend evenings here watching boats, bridges, and coasts. Fits perfectly for everyone – families with kids, couples, and singles.

McClatchy Park

3500 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817

A cute neighborhood park with paths for walking and running and a very well maintained skate park. There is also a staging area where various performances for locals and tourists are held. A seasonal market with farmers’ products is organized in the park.

Belle College Park

5900 S Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

A peaceful and little park in the south of Sacramento. It looks lovely and very well kept. The park is popular among preschool kids and their moms and nannies, dog walkers, training people, etc. It offers nice open grassy areas, paths for walking and enjoying the trees, and some playgrounds. There is also a library near the park.

Leland Stanford Park

205 27th St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Wonderful small park for soccer and baseball lovers in the city center. The infrastructure is terrific for sports. Grassy areas and ample parking are available.

Stevens Trail

Colfax, CA 95713

This place is located on the outskirts of Sacramento. To get there, you may need to use a car. But it’s worth it! It has a vast territory to walk and explore. The trail is around 4.5 miles one way. It offers impressive views of the American river and unique nature, rocks, exotic plants, and trees. The scenic path also includes a waterfall. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to drink, spray for bugs, and sunscreen. Prepare your phone or camera to make tons of amazing pictures!

As you can see, Sacramento is full of options that may satisfy any visitor. The city offers a park for everyone: families with kids who love playing outdoors, sports lovers who are fond of jogging, cycling, basketball, tennis and other disciplines, people who enjoy yoga and meditation, those, who just want to walk for a while and get deeper into their thoughts, and even more. Having a picnic with your partner, buying fresh products in a farmers’ market, chilling on the beach, watching boats or dogs playing on the grass – Sacramento has it all.


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