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Best Places For Taking Photos In Sacramento

Best Places for Taking Photos in Sacramento
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Sacramento is a fascinating place in California that can charm people with its amiable atmosphere, amazing landscapes, and locations of the tourist interest. If you come there as a tourist, you will inevitably be drawn by the capital city’s main tourist spots. It can impress you with its picturesque views that you will want to remember for a lifetime. Take along your camera wherever you go, as you can come across plenty of opportunities to have fun and rest, awaiting literally behind every corner.

Sutter’s Fort

It is probably one of the best places if you search for authentic views. This place obtained its name after John Sutter, who was the 19th-century government in this area. He founded a small settlement developed later into a town whose people were dealing with trades and agriculture. The place was highly popular during the period of Gold Rush. In the 20th century, the Fort was recognized as a national historical monument and converted into a museum. Actually, the Fort buildings occupy two blocks with the original building in the middle of it. Most of the brick walls were under restoration. It is the best place to visit and learn about the site that the city has evolved, contributing to the life of the whole state.

California State Indian Museum

This museum continues your discoveries of California’s history and will expand your knowledge about Native Americans who have lived in this area for thousands of years. Though the museum is not so large, its collections can tell you a lot about the life and culture of these people. There are items preserved from the times of more than two thousand years ago. Photographs and abundant educational content will help you understand the American Indians’ way of life. Visitors can be involved in interactive activities and making crafts like shell beads. You can even buy some hand-made items produced by local Native American communities, such as jewelry, woven baskets, etc.

The Capitol

The gorgeous building of the Capitol is an excellent example of 19th-century architecture in the city. This administrative building resembles the Washington Capitol, and not by chance. It is a place of the government of California State. The magnifying look of the Capitol deserves your attention. As decorative elements, It has beautiful columns and a projecting porch with a notable bas relief. A balustrade is on top of it, and its arched windows balance the whole composition. Come here at night time as well, and the building grants you with another beautiful atmosphere, as it has illumination coming from a golden ball-shaped lantern on its dome. It is an acting administrative building and a working museum at the same time. So it is possible to see some servants busy with their work while you are touring around. It is just a beautiful place to enjoy your time and walk around the nearby park. It is very charming, and a popular spot for residents to have their photo shootings.

California Automobile Museum

If you like automobiles and cars, be sure to visit this thematic museum. The place is terrific. It displays real vehicles belonging to different periods in American history, old and modern, and the exposition covers over 120 years. Not only do travelers like to go there, but residents as well are fond of the place and enjoy visiting it. Among the exhibits, you can see Shelby Cobra, Ferrari, Muscle Cars, and old cars. There is an extensive collection of Ford cars. The quality of the cars featured here is outstanding. And it is even possible to get inside some of the vehicles. The museum also offers theme-based exhibitions throughout the year, like Pickup Trucks or California Car Culture, or road trips.

California State Railroad Museum

It is another museum that shows transport development of American railroads and allows visitors to explore its history. It is a beautiful museum with fantastic pavilions, and it is the most prominent railroad museum in the world. The collection features restored locomotives and trains. It is possible to observe the wagons from inside as well as walk through the sleeper car. The museum also offers interactive re-enactments exhibits to feel the atmosphere. All of these allow you to dive into more than one hundred years of history. The museum also entertains visitors with theme-based train rides, and there is a broad spectrum of educational programs for the whole family to attend during the holidays.

Old Sacramento

The name of the area of Old Sacramento speaks for itself. Historically, it brings you back to the 19th century time. It used to be a commercial center in the Gold Rush period. It now represents a substantial architectural complex consisting of several blocks of buildings situated along the Sacramento River. All of these buildings still preserve the past time style, and when you reach the place, you can feel that western spirit. The area is full of various shops, restaurants, museums, hotels, souvenir shops, etc. You get almost everything in one place when you arrive there. No wonder it is a favorite tourist attraction. Your walking tour might bring you more excitement. However, you are welcome to join riverboat excursions or a railroad ride on a vintage locomotive.

Half-Dome Rock

Nature landscape views are breathtaking, and people are always ready to visit memorable places. You can easily find this opportunity in Yosemite Park and climb the fabulous Half-Dome Rock there. Despite having a very steep staircase, it is an incredible destination for thousands of people every year. Don’t worry, if you are not prepared physically very well for mountaineering experience. This place is organized primarily for visitors without climbing equipment and gives opportunities to enjoy the park from a bird’s eye view.

Lake Tahoe

Another picturesque rocky area to visit is Sierra-Nevada, where you can find a beautiful Lake Tahoe famous for its deep waters and wood forest with rare pines, types of bushes, and herbs. Ski slopes and resorts situated near the Lake bring more people to this area. In 1960, the Olympic Games took place in the nearby area, and the place provides plenty of various facilities for tourists.

Fairytale Town

There is a large area for kid’s entertainment in Sacramento. The area covers 2.5 acres and presents excellent facilities for children to enjoy their leisure time. Even though it mostly aims at little residents and guests, the Fairytale Town can be delightful to adults as well. The museum divides into many different playground zones, and its themes are based on nursery rhymes and fairy tales reflections that everyone knows from their early childhood.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral is a representative of the temple architecture built at the end of the19th century. It is a Catholic church that has been serving people in Sacramento since that time. The church looks very stylish and reserved at the same time. Beautiful stained glass windows adorn its exterior. And as a whole, almost every person is impressed by its powerful image, as it is impossible to stay indifferent observing this massive building. The church has services every day and provides ceremonies on other occasions like weddings or ceremonies for baptists.

The American River

The American River divides the city into two parts, going almost through the central part of Sacramento. People consider it the heart of the town, and they are very proud of it as well. First, as it played a principle role in the history and city development. And now the river offers a massive number of outdoor activities for people. You can’t go wrong, arriving at the river to spend your best time and taking pictures. The waters are clean and winding, attracting people through the seasons. It is overgrown with flowers, and shady oaks create a scenic and relaxing atmosphere that anyone would like to be. If you have access to a boat, take a ride, as you will be pleased enormously and enjoying unobstructed views from waters.

Town Bridge

It is a must to visit Town Bridge in Sacramento. It is undoubtedly one of the city’s symbols, though it was built in the 1930s and considered relatively young. It has an unusual yellow color, which alludes to the gold mined in this area back in history. That is why another name of it is the Golden Bridge. The bridge is a part of a busy highway connecting the Sacramento business and historic center with West Sacramento. The bridge has an attractive design and a unique lifting system for organizing navigation. The area by the bridge is impressive too. Have a walk to the berths of pleasure crafts, and a floating hotel converted from a 19th-century ship. You can either enjoy the peace nearby or drop in one of the numerous cafés with a stunning panoramic view on the Sacramento River and Bridge.


A simple walk around Sacramento’s streets is very beneficial if you are not afraid of going off the tourist paths. Be sure that you will receive great rewards for this by observing the street art – murals on the city walls, sometimes in the most unexpected areas. Although it takes some effort from you as these murals scatter across the city, and you have to travel from one place to another to watch them. It is an unusual side of Sacramento’s life when some parts of the city have transformed into a kind of scene for the artful performance, and people are excited about some “dirty lanes.” The murals are “dynamic” as their images are not permanent, and next time you come back again, you might see a new picture. This instant art is changing quickly. Use a map or Instagram hashtags for your convenience to find out currently displayed murals. During mural festivals, a lot of artists come to the city, presenting their works.

McKinley Rose Garden

Another place that is worth visiting is McKinley Park. First of all, it is a historical place in the city since the end of the 19th century. Very soon, a Rose Garden has developed as a part of its vast premises of around 30 acres. Not so long ago, they reconstructed the garden and renovated its irrigation systems. The gardeners replaced the roses, too. The park is exceptionally vast, including a baseball field, a playground for children, a lake, etc. Rose garden is enormous and comprises more than 1,200 roses. It is an excellent place for the family to spend time in the open air. No wonder, the Garden is very popular for wedding celebrations.

Sacramento Zoo

Go to the zoo to see different kinds of animals kept in comfortable conditions. When the zoo started functioning in 1927, there were only 40 animals. And gradually, it was enlarged up to more than five hundred species, including exotic animals like African lions, giraffes, and jaguars. At the end of the 1940s, the Zoo adopted an elephant. And the recent newcomers there are flamingos. The zoo also takes care of endangered animals as being a part of international conservation projects.

US Davis Arboretum

If you are searching for a beautiful and enchanting place for rest, the Davis Arboretum is the right choice. It takes you only 20 minutes from Sacramento, and you can enjoy your nature walk. It is within the territory of the Davis campus. The area comprises a 100-acre garden with a great creek. It is a beautiful place to observe various plant collections from around the world. Birds watching can be a good option for relaxing walks in search of quiet surrender.

Dunes Beach in Half Moon Bay

You are welcome to Dunes Beach. It is about a 2-3 hour drive southwest of Sacramento’s hub. But the scenic views of the beach are stunning there. They are worth visiting, too. People enjoy having a rest on clean sandy beaches and blue water. It sounds like a paradise. The rocks are red, and when the tide is low, they are so fun to climb and enjoy the views.

Lower Valley Floor in Yosemite Valley

Another place that you’d better go to see out of the city is Yosemite Valley Floor. Tourists love this area from Half Dome and El Capitan to the endless falls and beautiful river. It is like a treat to visitors after a two hours trip.

Sutter Buttes – Live Oak, California

If you are hunting for gorgeous pictures, this place is ideal for that. Take your 30 minutes way north of Sacramento. The mountains are magnificent with their peaks and valleys, crater-like lakes and green meadows with wildflowers. Most of the land is private, so you must get permission to drive up to the top. But the views of 360 are insane, especially at sunsets.

As you can see, Sacramento is overwhelmed with incredible locations. There are plenty of options to fit any desires, whether it is a cultural focus or nature. The facilities in the central part of the city seem to be a must to go to and learn about. Besides, the places out of the city are competitive enough for you to visit them as well.


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