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Best Places To Live In Davis

Best Places to Live in Davis
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It is no secret that Davis is one of the cities where life is always in full swing. Being the place with one of the most famous universities in the country — the University of California, Davis — the city is one of the main attractions for many young people seeking higher education, as well as some fun life experiences. Almost half of the population of Davis are college students, so no wonder the city is so youthful and full of constant excitement.

Initially, the city was named Davisville after one of the local farmer-owners. As time went by, the short name Davis was used by the city dwellers more and more, so this form of the word became the official one. The history of the city is interesting in many ways: a long time ago, Davis was one of the places where the American colonization of California started, and some years later, it became a train communication center.

Nowadays, Davis is a highly developed city that is comfortable to live in for people of any age. Known for outstanding veterinary care for many years, the place became even better when it was decided to build one part of the University of California there.

Who Lives in Davis?

It is evident that the city is majorly populated with young people who come to study at the university there. That is why the average age of Davis residents is only 24 years old. However, the other half of the population consists of families and older residents as well. This mix of ages does not only fill the city with a lively atmosphere but also makes a living there peaceful and enjoyable.

Davis is a pretty safe place to reside. There is nothing to worry about there, as the crime level is almost 60% lower than it is in the whole country on average. A mix of different cultures and ethnicities that is created by students coming from all over the US and the world makes the place friendly and welcoming to everyone.

What is more, Davis is a place where people value a healthy lifestyle a lot. The city government has been making all the possible improvements to the city to make it a good place for people to participate in an active lifestyle. For instance, bike paths intertwine Davis with their many directions, which makes it convenient for people to get to their destinations on a bicycle. It not only makes the people switch their cars for a more healthy transport but also contributes to the environment-friendly ways of doing everyday tasks.

What Living in Davis is Like?

Before moving to a new city, one is most probably to check the overall conditions and price levels there. Being located in one of the most costly states in the US, Davis has a pretty high living standard, and prices might repel some potential residents. However, the quality of life is totally worth all the money you might spend there.

The living cost is, in general, higher compared to the national indicator because of the prices of housing. The standard price of a house is a little bit more than $694,000, which is evidently high even for such a state as California. However, it is not all that bad, and one can rent a place to live in for much more affordable prices. The average rent cost in Davis is nearly $1,980.

As for the food and transport, they are a bit costly too. Well, it is California, after all. But there are some positive sides as well, and your utility bills will be more than 10% lower than they are on average in other parts of the country. Moreover, with the developed bicycle system, there is a great opportunity to reduce your transportation expenditures. You can cut your expenses on gas and car fees by switching to a bike.

Families can be sure of getting a good education for their kids, as there are some great schools in Davis. Elementary, middle, and high schools with a good education level can give your children everything they need to know in a friendly and positive environment. There are also some advanced private schools that have pretty high standards of education and raise students who become some of the best ones in the country.

Overall, life in Davis is very comfortable and safe. If you feel like you can afford all the spendings that you might come across, then choosing this city as your place of residence can be one of the best decisions.

What are the Best Places to Live in Davis?

So, once you decide you want to be a resident of this wonderful City of Davis, you will be faced with the next big decision. Choosing an area to live in might be challenging because you need to properly consider all the pros and cons of one or another place. Even though all of Davis is pretty good for living, there are some peculiarities that each part of the city has, and it is important to know them.

One thing about Davis is that you always have to remember it is a college town. So, some places or even whole neighborhoods might be unavailable to rent because they are on a reservation by the University of California. These housing units are intended for students and college employees to live in.

For the families who have elderly family members, the best neighborhood is Rancho Yolo. This place is also perfect for those who look for a quiet and slow-paced life. The neighborhood has everything that elderly people might need. Rancho Yolo is full of greenery, beautiful trees, and pretty cottages where life is calm and undisturbed.

Other great living areas include South, North, and Central Davis. In the South part of the city, the biking trails are the most developed, so you can get anywhere on your two-wheel vehicle. Moreover, there is a country club there.

North Davis is perfect for families with kids, as the area is very safe for the little ones. There is a separate bicycle path for children, which makes it convenient for them to get to school. This area also has a variety of different types of houses, so anyone can find something to their budget and preferences.

Last but not least, Central Davis is a beautiful neighborhood with older and historical housing. Not only you would be surrounded by all the beauty that has been developing in the city for a long time, but also you can get to downtown easily and quickly.


Whatever neighborhood you choose, Davis will always welcome you with its warm and friendly atmosphere. The city has everything one might need for a comfortable living. There are plenty of activities and facilities available, and the residents are always ready to help you. And the weather in Davis is fantastic during any season of the year!


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