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Best Roots To Run In Sacramento

Best Roots to Run in Sacramento
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Sacramento is one of the most famous and largest cities in the USA. Moreover, Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, so the city is an economic, business, and cultural center. However, Sacramento is also known as a place where there are plenty of green manicured parks where you can take a great walk and run.

In addition, Sacramento is located in a beautiful place, which is the confluence of the two rivers: Sacramento and the American River. Unfortunately, because of this natural feature, there are frequent floods in Sacramento. But at the same time, being in Sacramento, you will see incredible views, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature.

Magnificent parks and places outside the city are the best places where you can spend your morning jogging or a weekend relaxing with your family. Fans of outdoor sports will definitely like Sacramento! It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Sacramento during a business trip or have been living here for many years, a guide to the best places for running will definitely be useful to you.

Check out our list so that next time you do not waste time looking for a place to run or take an active walk with your family or friends. We have prepared the latest and detailed information for you.

1. The Capitol And The Park Around it

Perhaps the most famous place among tourists in Sacramento is the Capitol.

It is not surprising that this place will be visited by people who have come to Sacramento, even if their visit lasts only a couple of days. Surely the residents of the city will confirm that this is a mandatory visit to Sacramento!

The main reason why we put this place at the top of our list is its popularity among runners. One has to be near the Capitol once in the morning to see a large number of runners who gather here to run before work. Their usual route is 5.24 miles long and forms a loop around the Capitol. Running along this route, you can enjoy not only magnificent views of the majestic historical building but also the gardens surrounding the Capitol.

If you decide to run the trail completely, then you will also see the Capital Shopping Center, the state museum dedicated to Indian culture, and the historical park. This route passes through all the most important points in the center of Sacramento, so it will be easy for you to get to any point on the route and start your run from there. If you are coming from the countryside by car, we will recommend parking on 13th Street.

2. Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

Another great place that we cannot fail to mention in our list of the best places to run in Sacramento is the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail.

This place is characteristic of the Sacramento landscape, as the trail is located right by the river. The length of the route is amazing! You have a unique opportunity to enjoy the environment of nature and run along the same trail 32 miles in one direction. It is due to its length and scenic beauty that the Jedediah Smith Trail occupies a place on our list.

Moreover, we can recommend this route for running as it passes through the building of Sacramento State University, which is definitely worth seeing. By the way, most of the city forest belongs to this university. This route is perfectly equipped for running: along the entire length of the trail, you can find fountains with drinking water, so necessary during training; there are a sufficient number of public toilets in the park. A route for runners begins near the Guy West Bridge, from which every mile passed is marked.

Another undeniable advantage is the accessibility of the trail for other sports. Thus, you can ride along the trail on a bicycle or roller skates, as well as just take a walk with family or friends. From downtown Sacramento, you can easily and quickly get to the Jedediah Smith Trail by bus. But you can also start your route right from the city center and finish it in the park.

3. East Davis Greenways

Since Sacramento is located in a picturesque place, we recommend that you enjoy daily jogging not only in the city but also outside it.

For example, the Davis district is located near Sacramento but is no less an attractive place for walking and jogging among residents and visitors of Sacramento than the city center. You can also ride a bike here.

The route is called The East Davis Greenway Loop. Running along this loop, you will run through the arboretum of the University of California and the largest golf club in the surrounding area. Moreover, you can walk along the residential streets of the town, park on the streets closest to the route. You will definitely like this quiet and pleasant area near Sacramento!

4. Lake Natoma in Folsom

25 miles away from Sacramento, there is a magnificent nature park in Folsom, in the center of which there is Lake Natoma.

This lake is also one of the attractions of Sacramento. This is one of the longest trails you can find in Sacramento. The full length of the running route is 11.8 miles. In addition, the trail is great for hiking, as there are hills on it all the time.

Running around the lake, you can see a wide variety of wildflowers and animals living in the forests. You will run along the wooden bridges that offer a breathtaking view of the lake. Here you can relax on weekends in the recreation area. Moreover, you can go boating here.

5. William Land Park

The next park, which is definitely worth telling about, is called William Land Park. Residents of Sacramento should be happy to have such a wonderful area for outdoor activities and entertainment.

The park was originally conceived as a project that will improve the standard of living in a large city, make it possible to relax from work and everyday noises. Fortunately, this idea was successfully implemented. Now William Land Park is a place of attraction for locals and tourists.

The first thing worth mentioning is that walking in the park or running there, you will definitely see one of the main attractions of Sacramento – the city zoo. In all guidebooks, you will find this place on the list of must-see attractions. Isn’t it great to combine a daily morning or evening jog with a visit to the sights?

The entire route is 3.6 miles. In addition to the zoo, you will run past baseball fields, golf courses, gardens, and glades where you can relax after a jog. It will not be difficult to get to the park. If you start the route from the center of Sacramento, then you will have to choose the yellow and blue line buses.

6. Northern Bike Trail

Another great route in the vicinity of Sacramento is called the Northern Bike Trail. The trail passes through historical areas, natural areas, and rural areas.

Throughout the route, you can run and ride a bicycle on the paved road. You will run along Dry Creek, so the local scenery will definitely pleasantly surprise you. Dry Creek has long been known in the area as a place where fishermen gather. This place always generously gives the locals fish. However, the same stream is associated with a great danger for the inhabitants of the settlement.

Despite the fact that this route is suitable for cyclists, you can also run here since the route is never crowded with people. We are sure that you will be running surrounded by only a few runners or cyclists, so no one will interfere with you. If silence and a sense of unity with nature are important to you, then this route will suit you best from our list! To get to this trail from the city center by bus, use the yellow line. You will be able to go back on the orange and green line buses.

7. Southside park

The last place we’ll tell you about is Southside Park. It has both pros and cons.

The advantages include the location in the city center in a prestigious area and the presence of a pond. However, the main disadvantage is the short length of the route for running – it is only 1.5 miles. But you can always start jogging right from home if you live near a park or run along several neighboring streets. The park is located in a pleasant and peaceful area.

In Sacramento and the countryside, there are numerous trails and equipped routes for running and cycling. We have collected the most popular and interesting routes that you definitely have to visit! We are sure that running in the fresh air along one of the trails presented above will diversify your daily routine, give strength while jogging, and add motivation to run every morning again and again! Start with the route that best suits your preferences.

Make a choice depending on whether you like to run in the city center or in the vicinity of the city, whether you like long or short routes, whether they are located in historical areas or in parks. In any case, we wish you a wonderful run in Sacramento!


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