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Best Roseville Breakfast Spots

Best Roseville Breakfast Spots
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Breakfast is a framework for your whole day, and many people all over the world make it a ritual, especially during weekends when there is no need to be in a rush. Recently, more and more food lovers have begun to have their breakfast in cute local eateries instead of their homes.

Of course, the “breakfast in bed” cult is not canceled; however, those who want to bring something different to their lives can now enjoy numerous cafeterias, diners, and restaurants that specialize in breakfasts only and offer a wide range of delectable dishes one can enjoy in the early morning or for brunch (which is a marvelous time between breakfast and lunch, especially on a weekend).

For tourists, having breakfast spots where you can eat a hearty morning meal is essential, too. Thanks to such spots, their trips become more interesting in terms of local cuisine and enjoyable, of course.

So, if you are a resident of Roseville, CA, or a tourist who is exploring California or the United States as a whole, our review will help you find some decent places in Roseville where you can catch a fresh and tasty breakfast full of nutritious meals and accompanied by a cup of great coffee.

Top Spots to Start a Day With a Good Meal

We have selected the top 10 places in Roseville that are worth visiting if you are looking for an eatery that can serve you well in the morning.

1. Mario’s Early Toast

We will begin with this nice restaurant on the Eastern edge of Roseville that welcomes guests from 7 a.m. and offers a wide range of breakfast dishes (besides toasts mentioned in the eatery’s name).

Visitors especially note large plates and friendly staff that are so welcoming you will wish to get back and eat here many more times. The atmosphere is great, very chill and relaxed.

Speaking of food, Mario’s offers it all: eggs all ways, morning combos, sandwiches, pancakes, and many other options. The menu is so huge that sometimes it is hard to choose something, but whatever you choose will be fantastic. Those who seek vegan and gluten-free options are welcome here, too.

2. Noah’s NY Bagels Roseville

If you cannot live a day without a bagel or have come to the United States from any other part of the world, believe us, Noah’s NY Bagels Roseville should be on the top of your eateries list to visit for breakfast.

There is almost nothing better for breakfast than a fresh hot bagel baked minutes ago that has ingredients that you love the most: from cream cheese to salmon, from cheese to ham. Besides bagels, there are sandwiches with different-style eggs and various pastries available.

Take a cup of freshly brewed coffee, select your favorite bagel and sit outside on a sunny patio to make your day amazing! It is possible to sit inside, too, if the weather is not so nice.

3. Nela’s

Roseville can surprise us if we speak about breakfast and eateries. Wish to have a Mexican-style breakfast? Why not! Go to Nela’s where you can try wonderful morning options like machaca (scrambled eggs with beef or chicken), huevos rancheros, Spanish omelet, and other dishes with Mexican vibes.

If you look for something sweet or for more breakfast dishes, we suggest you choose another place. However, for something hearty and Mexican, go to Nela’s.

4. Chubby’s Diner

A classic American diner where breakfast is served all day, Chubby’s Diner welcomes guests craving food from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. The eatery has plenty of loyal clients who keep getting back here almost every weekend and prefer having breakfast here on weekdays, too.

Here, you can try eggs in all styles, soups, specials, and other hearty dishes. The place has been working for dozens of years now (no kidding), so there is a reason for loyal and happy customers coming back. Those who have kids can have no worries about visiting Chubby’s: the kids menu is available here to please all visitors, including the youngest ones.

5. Black Bear Diner

Yet another diner in Roseville that gets to our list, the Black Bear Diner has the full right to get to all “top” ratings of eateries in the city. Every breakfast is something special here.

Pancakes, hash browns, eggs, roasted chicken, sweet options, and all that you are used to when having breakfast in the US are available in Black Bear. Portions are large, and you barely can breathe after eating one. Locals call it “American comfort food” here, and we totally agree.

Unlike the previous one, this diner works every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., leaving you a chance to not only have your breakfast here but also to come for a hearty dinner.

6. Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch

In Huckleberry’s, you can try a wide range of different dishes; some of them have a Southern cuisine flow, and others are loved by visitors because they are classic breakfast dishes. Whatever you select here, you will be impressed with the quality and also eat it in a pleasant atmosphere that is created by the wooden decor and nice relaxing music.

The variety of dishes here will please even the pickiest guests: eggs of all styles, pancakes, crepes, French toasts, waffles, skillets, and even burritos, multiple hot and cold drinks, and other options will start your day with excellence! According to clients’ reviews and experience, here, you get slightly more food than in other places, and the prices are more than affordable.

7. Country Gables

Country Gables in Roseville does not specialize only in breakfasts –– this eatery serves burgers and main course for lunches and dinners, too. It has been working for many years, and the more time has passed, the more happy and full clients it has left.

A huge menu will make you think for a couple of minutes to understand what you want. You can choose from dozens of options with beef, pork, chicken, fish, and seafood. Fluffy pancakes, burritos, eggs, combos, skillets, and more –– all of this will be waiting for you at Country Gables.

Then, regardless of what you order, you will receive a large plate and most likely will ask to take away your leftovers! The nice and friendly staff will add points to your experience. The place is more than 20 years old and still makes plenty of Roseville locals and guests excited about this gourmet experience.

9. Brookfields

Brookfields is also a restaurant where you can have not only breakfast but a great lunch or tasty dinner together with your family and friends. The atmosphere inside with all the lights and the beautiful decor feels like home, and delectable dishes that taste and smell magnificently strengthen this warm feeling.

Sunrise specialties here include Southwest chorizo scramble, Sante Fe benedict, huevos rancheros con papas, California benedict, and other dishes with a shade of different American and Mexican regions. Those who are tired of eggs regardless of the style they are cooked in can make their stomach happy with oatmeal or acai bowls full of fresh fruits and berries.

Waffles and pancakes are on the menu, as well. Overall, there are almost 30 different positions you can select from to make your breakfast outstanding.

Like the previous two restaurants we have described, Brookfields also works as a lunch or dinner option. Do not hesitate to visit it with your partner or a group of friends to have one of the best meals you can find in Roseville city.

10. Waffle Barn

As you might guess from its name, the Waffle Barn eatery specializes in making hot fresh waffles for a pleasing breakfast. There are both sweet and salty versions with various ingredients to give every guest freedom of choice: blueberry, cherry almond, bacon pecan, and other amazing combos are available for order.

While some readers may think that there is nothing besides waffles that you can eat in the Waffle Barn, it is not really true. Eggs that are the top choice for breakfast for many guests, hearty warm soups and nutritious salads, and other delicious options –– come to Waffle Barn and try them all!

11. Four Sisters Cafe

Lastly, one of the best breakfast spots in Roseville, Four Sisters cafe, is located in the North of the city, near the large Costco Wholesale shopping mall.

It is not only a crowded location that attracts numerous visitors here but also the wonderful quality of food served here, including fantastic breakfasts that you will probably see in your dreams.

A great variety of classic American breakfast items like eggs, sausages, bacon, and burritos and multiple garnish options combine into delicious meals that everyone loves. Besides meat and eggs, you can try waffles, pancakes, and other sweet items here.

The Four Sisters Cafe’s doors are open until 3 p.m., so ensure that you will be served a great breakfast and not be late.

So, our rating has come to an end; however, there is more to explore for breakfast in Roseville! We hope that all these places will help you start your days blissfully and leave the best impressions.


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