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Best Roseville Restaurants

Best Roseville Restaurants
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Roseville is one of the biggest cities in the Sacramento area, and people here never get bored in terms of various restaurants and cuisines. Everyone here will find something that will suit their taste and attract them not only with delicious food but also with amazing atmosphere and interesting interiors. And what is important: in Roseville, everyone can find an option that fits their budget — from a fancy restaurant to a diner with reasonable prices and enormous meals.

In our review, we have gathered the top places in Roseville favored by both locals and tourists. We will provide you with the best options of various cuisines represented in Roseville and indicate the average prices and famous dishes of each.

American, Italian, Mexican, Asian cuisines, healthy food places, sophisticated restaurants… We hope that this review will bring you a lot of new information about the restaurant scene in town.

1. American Cuisine

Huge burgers, juicy steaks, classical diners — all these are available in Roseville like in any other American city.

  • For traditional burgers, sandwiches, ribs, and chicken wings, visit Bounty Hunters Grind & Grill. Attentive staff and fantastic desserts will be a great addition to a delicious meal. Prices are impressively moderate, and people keep going back downtown to repeat the experience. Burgers are available for 9 dollars, and sandwiches will cost you around 11 dollars.
  • Chubby’s Diner is an old-school diner where you can have breakfast at any time of the day and a cup of great coffee. The staff here is friendly and nice, and locals come back over and over again to enjoy the atmosphere and hearty meals.
  • Land Ocean is a truly American restaurant where you can try wonderful steaks and burgers and have a fancy dinner with your family or a great date. The restaurant’s owners have also opened the place in other American cities, and all of them are popular among visitors. Prices here are a bit higher than in diners and simpler places; however, this is not the kind of place you will choose for dining every day — it fits more for occasions and celebrations.

2. Mexican Cuisine

Lovers of Mexican cuisine will also find something interesting in Roseville. Among the top-rated Mexican restaurants in Roseville are Nela’s Restaurant and Lorenzo’s Restaurant. Both of them offer classical options like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and others at fair prices. In Nela’s, you can have a hearty Mexican breakfast or save some money by taking various combos (for example, you can have two burritos for only 13 dollars).

Another Mexican place that serves breakfast is Martha's Taqueria, where you can try delicious meals and add a glass of cold fresh beer or cocktail (like a well-known Michelada) to improve your gourmet experience. All dishes here cost no more than 20 dollars, and the menu is enormous, letting everyone choose something for their taste.

3. Italian Cuisine

There are a couple of nice Italian cuisine restaurants in Roseville that are worth visiting. For a dinner in a rustic atmosphere, select the Olive Garden restaurant. The vibe here will bring you to a small Italian village, and the dishes will impress you with their marvelous taste. The place has huge dishes for families and groups of friends (for example, a large lasagna for up to 12 people that costs 97 dollars or a one-gallon soup for 31 dollars).

For a more sophisticated dinner, try going to Il Fornaio. Pasta, gnocchi, and other famous Italian dishes are served along with different antipasti, grilled meat, and tasty desserts (like tiramisu or gelati). On average, one dish will cost 20-25 dollars. You can request gluten-free options in advance if needed.

4. Pizza Places

There are many decent pizza places in Roseville that locals and guests adore. Among the best are Campelli’s Pizza West, Flour Dust Pizza Co, New York Pizza, and Riverside Pizzeria.

  • Many people consider Campelli’s Pizza West one of their favorite pizza spots ever. Even the simplest Margherita pizza will be bliss here. Here, a beneficial lunch menu works every business day: for less than 10 dollars, you can have a giant slice of pizza and a salad; add 5 dollars and get a glass of beer or wine.
  • Flour Dust Pizza Co suggests large pizzas, and there is a gluten-free dough option. The prices for a pizza here vary from 15 to 22 dollars. Besides pizzas, you can order various starters and salads. Right now, the place also offers specials: chicken pockets and vodka penne with meatballs.
  • Riverside Pizza has more than 10 various pizza options on the menu, including vegetarian pizza. There are also seven different pizza sizes for visitors’ convenience: from an eight-inch Personal to a 24-inch Giant. The price depends on the size, not on the content; the smallest will cost 10 dollars, and the largest — 40 dollars.
  • Lastly, if you are missing a classic New York pizza in Roseville, you can actually visit the New York Pizza place. Users call it a “hidden gem” in their reviews, and pizza here is fantastic. The restaurant was founded in 1996 and since then has made plenty of people full and happy about their orders. All pizzas cost the same: 19 dollars. You can also add to your order some salads and appetizers; another option is to order one of three family combos with a large pizza, a large salad, and a 2-liter soda.

5. Asian Cuisine

Roseville can boast numerous Asian restaurants; while some of them focus on one country’s cuisine (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, or another), others offer a set of fusion dishes and menus that combine different regions’ features.

  • If you are looking for a Thai gem in Roseville, check out the Ruen Thai Restaurant. With the size of their menu, you will definitely choose something that suits your taste and preferences. It includes soups and salads, noodles and curries, stir-fried options, seafood, meat, and other fantastic things. This place will be appreciated by vegans because there are plenty of unusual vegan dishes here. Another notable thing is a great variety of good-quality Asian tea. Prices here are comfortable (for one, most of the lunch options are available for 11 dollars).
  • Another Thai place in Roseville that is worth visiting is Ton Kob Thai Bistro. Here, you can choose the level of spiciness for each dish from 1 to 10 and add a glass of fresh and tasty beer for a better experience. Guests who have visited the place note its staff’s great service, overall restaurant’s cleanliness, and high speed of dishes’ serving. The average price for the main course dish is 15 dollars.
  • For sushi, you should come to Mikuni. People unanimously say that the food here is outstanding, and you can order a shot of true sake for your dinner. If you have a romantic dinner or visit the place with a friend as a group of two, there is a menu for two (for 60 dollars) that offers a set of the most popular dishes. The only disadvantage is a huge possibility of queuing: because the place is so popular, everyone wants to eat here.
  • In Fat’s Asia Bistro, you will discover a great mix of Asian cuisine’s different styles. Dim sum, noodles or rice wok, chicken with nuts in sweet and sour sauce, seafood, and meat with different flavors: no one will leave this place hungry. Prices depend on your choice (seafood will be the most expensive option); the average rate is 18-20 dollars for a dish.

6. Mediterranean Cuisine

Anatolian Table is a famous spot on the edge of Roseville that offers Mediterranean-style lunch and dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The restaurant is famous for its high-quality meals that contain only fresh products and healthy ingredients. Kebap from the grill, traditional entrees like lamb or chicken sotea, daily soups — everything you choose and order here will be delicious and memorable.

If you are looking for a place in Roseville that can fit big groups and feed them with delicious dishes for sharing, consider visiting Yalla Yalla Food & Bakery. Here, you will be able to taste delicious kabobs, gyros, and other dishes made of chicken and beef. For those who do not eat meat, there are fantastic falafel and hummus appetizers and main courses. Prices here are friendly: an average dish will cost you 9-10 dollars; options to share will be from 12 to 23 dollars.

7. Miscellaneous but Unique Places

Some restaurants just do not fall in any category by cuisines and countries but should be in our rating. Most of them are run by famous local chefs who provide their guests with an exquisite and unique gourmet experience.

  • One of the top restaurants in Roseville is Q1227 with a chef who has more than 20 years of cooking experience. The place uses a farm-to-table approach and prepares sophisticated dishes from the freshest products provided by local farmers. Pork, beef, chicken, and seafood options taken from different countries are available here, and the restaurant is extremely popular among both residents and tourists. Remember to book a table in advance via the place’s official site.
  • House of Oliver is a restaurant that serves eclectic dishes (mostly with meat and different cheeses in Italian and American styles) and accompanies them with a huge selection of various wines. On Monday evenings, the place welcomes guests for a wine tasting. The average price per dish (regardless of its type) is 15 dollars.
  • Bennett's Kitchen Bar Market is a place in the Roseville suburbs that is beloved by residents and has a huge menu with dishes to please every guest. On one menu page, you will find lasagna bolognese, ahi poke, avocado toast, chicken tortilla soup, and many other dishes that will let you know the place brings the best options from all over the world. A huge selection of wines, beers, and cocktails is included, too.
  • Finally, Fit Eats is a perfect place for those who care a lot about their health and wellbeing. This restaurant specializes in healthy food options that will impress you. A comment that visitors usually leave about the place says that they have never expected healthy meals to be that delicious. Most of the dishes here cost 10-11 dollars.

Bonus: Great Bars in Roseville

Sometimes we leave the restaurant and fancy something more: a glass of delicious white or red wine, a cold beer, or a sophisticated cocktail. In such desires, one important thing is to find a bar with a wonderful atmosphere that will fit your mood.

So, here are a couple of bar options you can check out in Roseville after a hearty dinner.

  • Beer lovers will for sure appreciate various taprooms and bars like the Monk’s Cellar, Final Gravity, and Moksa Brewing Company. The Boxing Donkey has a classic vibe of an Irish bar with beers and other drinks; you can also order delicious food here and enjoy happy hour offerings.
  • Trocadero is a vintage bar where you can listen to amazing live music. If you are a fan of sports and sports’ bars’ atmosphere, do not miss out on Just Kickin 'It Sports Bar in the Roseville Heights area.
  • This is not the full rating of Roseville restaurants because there are so many decent places that we can go on and on with introducing them to you. Many of the places included in this rating can not only book a table for you but also prepare a takeaway order or organize a delivery.

So, if you do not feel like going anywhere and wish to stay home for dinner or would like to take your order on your way home, consider ordering the best from our rating’s restaurants.


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