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Best Thai Cuisine In Elk Grove

Best Thai Cuisine in Elk Grove
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Elk Grove is full of places that serve delicious cultural cuisines. If you need a place to have a nice dinner or somewhere to go with friends during the day, it is not hard to find a nice spot. It all depends on your preferences, whether to book a table at the restaurant or pop into a cafe.

For those of you who value a good experience of visiting a food place and tasty meals, there are some great spots that offer Thai cuisine. This is quite an unusual cuisine, as it is made of a mixture of other cultural meals. Each dish's comforting smell and spicy accent make you fall in love with traditional Thai food every time you take a bite.

Of course, when we want to try out some cultural cuisine, we want our experience to be the most authentic. That is why not only the food served is important, but also the atmosphere you are surrounded by. To make sure you have the best time enjoying Thai food, we have created a list of the best Thai cuisine places in Elk Grove.

Top 5 Thai Food Restaurants in Elk Grove, CA

Enjoying some Thai food in Elk Grove is easier than ever. There are plenty of restaurants that offer both traditional Thai cuisine and modern cultural meals. To see what places are the best in terms of food, service, and atmosphere, check out our list of top-five best Thai cuisine restaurants.

1. Thai Chili

Thai Chili first opened its doors to the public in 2004. Ever since then, the restaurant has been making hundreds of customers happy and their stomachs full. Three friends who have been dreaming of opening their own Thai place made their wish come true, and now Thai Chili is one of the most popular dining places in the area.

The restaurant is known for its exceptional quality of food. Every meal made by chefs is created with their heart and soul, so when you taste the meals, you cannot be unimpressed. One of the main priorities of the restaurant is to keep its food and service on the highest level of quality. That is why the customers come back every time — they just know what to expect and how good the food is.

Some of the most popular menu positions include:

  • Tom Yum soup;
  • Curry puffs;
  • Pad Prik gang;
  • Coconut soup;
  • Thai fried rice;
  • Garlic shrimp;
  • Pad Thai.

If you want food for takeout, you can order it online on the Thai Chili website. All the online orders are manually processed and made with the same quality as the food served in the restaurant. What is more, this place allows you to purchase gift cards that can be used to make your loved one happy with the experience of Thai food.

Thai Chili has an outdoor area, so you can enjoy every meal with some fresh air. The restaurant also has a big parking lot, so coming here by car would not be a problem. This place is wheelchair accessible, and there are some high chairs inside if you want to take your kids with you.

2. Royal Thai Cuisine

Royal Thai Cuisine is a good place to stop by, whether you are hungry from a long day of shopping (the restaurant is located in the Harbour;Cove Shopping Center) or just want some delicious Thai food. This is a family business, and owners treat each customer as a member of their own family. That is why the service and the quality of the food are so good.

A huge variety of menu positions offered will not leave anyone disappointed. If the spiciness of traditional Asian meals is not for you, there are plenty of meals that are just as good and with fewer spices. Moreover, there are some vegetarian options for those who follow a special diet. Overall, Thai cuisine is quite healthy itself, but Royal Thai Cuisine can make it even better.

All the ingredients are attentively selected and checked for their quality. What makes each meal exquisite is the freshness of the herbs. Such a careful approach to product selection results in the meals that have a unique and the most authentic taste.

The ambiance of Royal Thai Cuisine will make your experience even better. Designed in traditional Thai colors, the restaurant makes you feel welcomed and almost like at home. And friendly servers can give you advice on the food if you are trying Thai cuisine for the first time or just looking for something new to taste.

3. Rao Thai Eatery

If you are looking for a Thai cuisine place that has a unique authentic atmosphere, then Rao Thai Eatery is the place to go. Once you step inside, you get absorbed into the coziness and the slow-paced life of the restaurant. Every meal there feels like home.

The food is prepared with modern techniques, however, the authentic cultural recipes are preserved to make the food as Thai-tasting as possible. Such a combination of the past and the present makes every meal taste unusual, but surely in a good way.

The customers who are loyal to the Rao Thai Eatery often recommend trying:

  • BBQ;
  • Fresh roll;
  • Drunken noodles;
  • Pad Thai noodle;
  • Yellow curry;
  • Pad See Ew noodle.

You can order any meal online. This is great, especially when you crave some Thai food but do not want to go out. What is more, you can celebrate any event right in the restaurant. Rao Thai Eatery offers excellent catering services, and you can book both indoor and outdoor areas.

4. Simply Thai

The name of this restaurant, Simply Thai, perfectly reflects the idea of the whole place. You will not find anything extra or excessive here. Only some good Thai food, great service, and a nice atmosphere.

People love coming for lunch to this restaurant because it offers a great variety of hearty meals. The food is of the best quality, and all the ingredients are very fresh. Some of the most commonly ordered meals include red, yellow, and green curry. But do not be afraid, they serve plenty of less spicy food as well.

The place can be busy at rush hours, but it only proves how much locals love Simply Thai. Many customers find such an atmosphere the best for quick talks with friends at lunch, while the food gets cooked.

You will not find a website of Simply Thai because it is a small, locally-owned restaurant. Although, you can always give them a call to make sure that one or another meal is for sure served on that day. Come for a visit and see how great the place is!

5. Naga Thai Bistro

Naga Thai Bistro is one of the places in Elk Grove that you want to come back to again and again. This is a perfect restaurant option if you want to spend some quality time with your friends or family. The nice atmosphere will for sure make your experience the most comfortable one.

Here, the traditional Thai food is made with love; that is why every bite tastes like heaven. For the authentic Thai experience, try out some Mango Sweet Sticky Rice, Chicken Satay, Fried Eggroll, Panang Curry Chicken, or some homemade desserts. No matter what menu positions you choose, the food will not leave you disappointed.

All the clients of Naga Thai Bistro feel welcomed in this place because the servers make sure to provide the best customer service. The interior of the restaurant is designed in a way that makes you feel like you are visiting an authentic food place right in Thailand.

Naga Thai Bistro also offers online ordering and takeout services. Whether you want to grab the food on your way home or have it delivered right to your place, the restaurant is ready to provide you with the freshest and most delicious meals.

Elk Grove Thai Cuisine Takeaway

Thus, there are at least five great places in Elk Grove that serve good quality Thai food. Of course, there are even more of them, but these five are the best in terms of their menu, customer service, and the atmosphere inside.

Trying out Thai cuisine in Elk Grove should not be a big problem for you, as the city has a lot of good places. Choose something you like the most and dive into the authentic atmosphere of Thai restaurants with their spices, herbs, and fantastically delicious smells.


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