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Best Wedding Spots In Roseville

Best Wedding Spots in Roseville
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What can be a prettier celebration than a wedding? Numerous happy guests, an unimaginably beautiful bride, and a blissful groom. Surely, the setting must be fitting! However, it may be hard for the couples to decide where to invite all the guests and also be able to meet an adorable sunset or spend the whole day and not be tired of the appearance of the place.

Luckily, Sacramento county, and especially Roseville, is full of delightful places where newlyweds can consider spending one of the best days of their family lives. The wonderful nature and developed environment in the city will let you find a place that matches your imagination.

In this article, you will find the most popular spots for celebrating your or your friends’ weddings or just to have other holidays there.

1. Union Brick

Here you will find not only a pretty site with many green and spare spaces for setting wedding decor but also a well-developed building to have dinner in a big company. The capacity of the hall is approximately 150 people, so be sure you will be able to have as many guests as you wish, including even distant relatives and old school friends.

The place is created especially for celebrating weddings by Wedgewood and thus has a catering service and a banquet hall. The style is classic and elegant, so it will fit the wedding event perfectly. The personnel will help you to plan the environment, so you can be sure the performance will go smoothly.

2. Timber Creek Ballroom

Another site is Timber Ballroom. It is a popular place to hold various celebrations. Sometimes you can even book a hall for graduation or another social event here. Here you will find a spacious natural scene on the outside and a giant and beautiful inner hall. The interior design will let you hold the event in different styles since it is classical and modern at the same time, thanks to the calm design and layered lighting. There is also a scene provided for the newlyweds, so you will be able to present your wedding dance in front of your guests without any difficulties.

A professional team of event managers will help you to organize the event, so you can even plan a golf competition. You can also hire a photographer from the local team, so there will be no need to seek one from other agencies. A great hall and an amazing nature around the building also will not leave you indifferent, especially when you know that the capacity of this site is almost 200 people at a time!

3. At The Grounds

At the Grounds is one of the most demanded spots for weddings in Roseville, CA as it suggests many courts for different types of weddings. Generally, it is a space for various social events, so you can use it not only for weddings. However, if you decide to hold your wedding celebration here, be sure that nobody will be left unsatisfied after the event. Having both covered areas and outdoor spaces, At the Grounds will suggest several spaces for different purposes.

It is also the biggest wedding spot in our city, as it can hold 300 people in the halls or on the outside! Along with many other services, it also provides a professional event management team, so you will not have to worry about how to plan the event.

4. La Provence Restaurant and Terrace

La Provence is famous for its size and the variety of environmental sites. It includes dancefloors, terraces, meadows, and a great restaurant, which you can also visit in your spare time to justify the quality of the cuisine the hard way. Your event will be a bit more memorable thanks to the unique design of the restaurant which is made like an old tavern with vaulted ceilings and candelabras with candles. I doubt you can find another place like this in Roseville.

What is more, there you will find a magnificent meadow, several separate dining rooms in beautiful decor, and three terraces. The menu will provide you with vegetarian dishes, various desserts, and multiple options for the main dinner or lunch courses. However, since it is one of the most precious places for holding weddings in Roseville, be ready to schedule the event in great advance!

5. Morgan Creek

Morgan Creek Golf Club is another pretty site for celebrating weddings in Roseville. Along with having a nice banquet hall, it also has a golf club with a court and is a popular country club. Therefore, you can consider this place if you want your event’s guests to have some rest while playing golf. However, do not worry about having some unwanted persons during the event, since there are several separate courts and halls presented for such occasions.

Be sure you will be amused by the landscapes that the site has, it is especially recommended to wait until the sunset here. Moreover, in the evening, the ambient lighting turns on, so you will experience a cozy atmosphere. Another contribution to the site is a nearly located lake, which your guests can visit to drink a glass of wine by the shore. The average capacity of the indoor spaces is 300 persons, but if you doubt some details, you can always contact local event coordinators. Also, the catering service here will not leave you dissatisfied!


This place with a strange naming is actually a space with various locations and themes where every couple will find the matching settings for their event. It has both indoor and outdoor sites where 200 invited guests will find enough spare space for themselves. It is a great place for having hilarious photoshoots, so the personnel will suggest you their help in organizing photoshoots and finding a professional photographer.

Hundreds of satisfied newlyweds annually is what distinguishes BLOC from other sites. It is a perfect location for celebrating weddings, so everyone who seeks it will find the best option here. What is more, the price for booking the space is relatively low and does not exceed $6500.

Why Seeking a Location for a Wedding?

Many couples doubt whether they need to rent a special location for celebrating their weddings since sometimes it is cheaper and faster to gather all the guests in their backyard or to make a family celebration.

Surely, everyone decides for themselves, however, we want to provide you with a short list of the main reasons why you should consider renting one of the mentioned sites to celebrate your wedding in Roseville, CA:

  • The renting locations have all the needed equipment for a perfect celebration;
  • You can also hire some professional toastmasters, photographers, and chefs without searching for them by yourself since the local event team usually has them;
  • You do not have to spend time on planning how to make the guests sit or when to bring in the cake again thanks to the staff team;
  • Be sure all the guests will find their place and dishes as these locations are spacious enough to fit any guestlist;
  • Finally, you will have an unforgettable celebration during which you will not have to worry about how it is going since all the matters are solved by the professional personnel. At the same time, you will also have awesome photos of the event and also a great menu!

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