A+ Company Continues the Successful Summer 2021 Trend

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The company is developing rapidly, continuing the positive trend of summer 2021. In the following section of this post, the company’s representatives will show how the A+ team works and applies new methods that help the company keep its positions within the national market that is still coping with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. 

It is necessary to go back to 2020, stating that A+ Construction & Remodeling was ranked one of the top 250 California-based companies that showed steady development and demonstrated an impressive organic growth boost of nearly 1000%. Hopefully, the A+ company will keep doing the same great job. And though 2020 was a tough ordeal for thousands of businesses across the nation, A+ Construction and Remodeling managed to stand the test has been marching on ever since.

Summer saw the A+ team finishing new projects, including kitchen/bathroom remodeling and house renovations. You can find out more about the company’s portfolio by visiting the A+ Construction and Remodeling official website. Hit the “Recent Projects” tab to see the list of accomplished projects, including high-tech kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, and more.

For instance, even now, you can see how the ongoing project is coming to life. Check out the official Facebook page to watch the real-time photo reports of current projects. One of them is the massive task of expanding the living space of a private residence.   

The company continues to show great results in receiving positive feedback from clients and high rates from business rating platforms such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Yelp. BBB rates the A+ Construction & Remodeling 5.0, while Yelp’s rating is 4.2.

As for improving services, the A+ team has never stopped working in their clients’ interests. The main goal is to become Sacramento’s most client-friendly construction business. And that task became a real challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic started. The A+ team did its best to stay as accessible to their clients as before – prior to the CODVID-19 restrictions era.

Thanks to new methods and approaches, the A+ company’s clients received new safety, security, and convenience services. The novelties introduced by the A+ team include: 

  • Curbside pickup
  • Virtual consultations
  • Contactless payments

Also, such services as in-person visits and in-store shopping have been improved to better suit the requirements dictated by the COVID-19 restriction regulations.

To this very day, despite several positive changes in the overall COVID-19 situation, the A+ team is still following the social distancing policies and is abiding by other security measures – clients’ safety is out of the question.

The virtual meeting, one of the newer services, has become very popular among the company’s clients. But today, you can also use the online architect service. Contact the company’s manager to appoint a virtual meeting.   

However, the COVID-19 restrictions have become less strict, and now the company’s clients once again have the opportunity to pay an offline visit to the A+ team. So if you live in Sacramento and are eager to have an offline conversation with the company’s employees, you may do it at their office. The address is 3612 Madison Ave #33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660. Just remember that the A+ team is very serious about safety, so make sure you have your mask on. You can also appoint the offline consultation via email or using the company’s website. The in-person consultation is not charged.   

As you see, A+ Construction & Remodeling stays true to their principles, giving the best service to their clients and keeping in touch with the latest tendencies that help the business grow and develop. The A+ team is not afraid of new challenges and will always stay 100% client-oriented, flexible, and competent, providing high-quality construction services, cost-effective offers with no hidden charges, using eco-friendly materials, and up-to-date tools.