A+ Company Finishes Fall 2021 with Successful Results

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The growth that A+ Construction & Remodeling keeps showing throughout the year is impressive. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that still hits and ruins many businesses, the company remains stable and even gets more and more new customers. Below, there will be some more details about the features that the company uses during the pandemic. Those features also helped to reach such wonderful results.

A+ Construction & Remodeling kindly reminds readers that in 2020, the company’s results were outstanding, letting experts add it to the rating of the best 250 companies in California. It is hard to believe but the organic growth the entity showed was about a thousand percent. The company will try its best to repeat or even improve such a great result. As readers may remember, 2020 was a harsh year full of new challenges and a misty future. Even so, the A+ 

Construction & Remodeling could reach the expected results and jump over to new horizons.

During the past summer, A+ managed to complete various projects of houses’ reconstruction, kitchen remodeling, and bathrooms renovation. To see the beautiful pictures made after the projects were complete, you may visit the company’s website where you can check out all the recent projects. The portfolio placed on the site will help you understand the amount of work and see the results in detail.

If you are interested in following A+ Construction & Remodeling and its crew and watching “work in progress” pictures, the company welcomes you to visit its official Facebook account. You can subscribe to be among the first of those who get the updates and news.

The fantastic results of 2021 are proven by plenty of great comments and rates that customers send; besides, the A+ Construction & Remodeling participates in ratings created by the Better Business Bureau (or BBB; the company’s rating there is 5.0) and Yelp platform (with the rating of 4.2).

One of the company’s priorities is to see its customers happy after the project is finished. To get to this point, A+ Construction & Remodeling team complies with certain working principles which become even more advanced during the hard times of the COVID-19 ongoing pandemic. There are several items that the company has implemented: they help to prevent the spreading of the new disease and make the communication process safe for all parties.

Among the measurements that are implemented in the A+ Construction & Remodeling team are the following:

  • Offline meetings and consultations
  • Social distancing and masks wearing
  • Contactless and cashless payments available for clients

And other methods that help us to cope with the ongoing pandemic.

Today, the company’s customers are free to choose whether they want to visit the office and conduct an offline consultation with the team’s representatives or to stay home and connect via online instruments to have a discussion about their projects. Both ways lead to the service of the highest quality, and online meetings are almost the same as offline interactions in the good old days.

Those who decide to visit the company’s office may feel secure because every single team member wears a mask and uses sanitizers and the air is well-ventilated; besides, all of this is available for customers, too.

Of course, because of the pandemic, lockdowns, and general stress level, many clients prefer online meetings instead of offline consultations. Knowing this, the company has developed another engaging service: nowadays, every customer can arrange an online consultation with a professional architect.

There, you may discuss all the worrying moments regarding your premises renovation and talk about the project and its implementation. To organize such a meeting, you can call or text the manager via email or phone number on the company’s site. Also, there is an option to text directly from the website which is extremely convenient.

While the pandemic is still with us and does not go away, limitations and lockdowns are not that harsh anymore. That is why more and more customers come over and meet the company’s team in person. If you want to have an offline visit in Sacramento, the office is located in North Highlands (3612 Madison Ave #33).

Remember to wear your mask: the team kindly asks you to take all the safety measurements seriously. And you can be sure: the A+ Construction & Remodeling will provide you with the service of the highest quality that will leave you content after the project is done.