A+ Construction Half-Year Report

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We are now at the end of May of 2021. It has been more than a year that the pandemic keeps interrupting the plans of almost every company in the world; however, we have managed to find new ways and methods that help us easily adapt to all the obstacles given.

It is worth mentioning and remembering the results of the year 2020 that was the first year of the massive crisis caused by COVID-19. Despite all the circumstances and bottlenecks, we appeared in the INC 5000 list among the first 250 companies (California version). This list demonstrates the entities in the USA which had had the most notable growth.

And there is a reason for A+ Construction & Remodeling to have entered this list: we have shown a spike of over 920% in our organic growth as a 2020 year result. We underline that we expect more or less the same results in 2021, which is still rather complicated because the pandemic is not over yet. Anyway, the outcome shown in 2020 is still quite impressive, especially because of all the occurred events and the situation in general.

A+ Construction & Remodeling in Sacramento 

A+ Construction & Remodeling proudly announces that there were almost 20 finished projects in the first five months of 2021. They include both bathroom and kitchen remodeling works fully done. So, every month of this year, the company has completed no less than three massive projects.

The company especially wants to highlight one of the projects done this year: in February, A+ Construction & Remodeling started the large and impressive remodeling of the home located in Curtis Park, Sacramento, California. Today, the company puts the final touches on the building and its surroundings, and the neighborhood residents can already notice that everything is almost done. The interested readers may also check how things are going in this work on our social media account (Facebook).

So, as we have mentioned, we try to improve all the services that are relevant, especially in the pandemic period. Throughout the year, we have developed and implemented the following services that make each client’s life much easier and safer:

  • Online meetings and project discussions with customers
  • Wire- and cashless payments
  • Curbside pickup services
  • Our shops’ attendance (with the highest standard of safety)
  • On-site meetings with customers (with the highest standard of safety).

All these services help people in Sacramento, California, stay safe and healthy and simultaneously implement all their dreams and projects of home, kitchen, or bathroom reconstruction. Thus, we have gained great rating positions at Yelp (4.2) and BBB (Better Business Bureau, 5.0). Customers specifically enjoy our approach to all the pandemic safety measures like wearing masks and communicating at an appropriate social distance.

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It is important to note that our online meetings with clients have developed into the service providing online consultations with designers and architects. Basically, we have transmitted the full-scale management to the internet and successfully adapted all our services to keep up with the new trend.

Currently, it may seem that the pandemic has probably stopped hitting as hard as it was a year ago, and some restrictions have become lighter than they were in 2020. So, we are happy to announce that every potential client in Sacramento who wishes to hire our team may attend our office in North Highlands for a meeting that will cost them nothing. You may book a meeting and check the exact office address on our webpage. Besides, you can check our social network accounts to become updated about our new services and offerings.