A+ portfolio of finished projects has updated

What Remodeling Services Does The A+ Company Provide?

A+ Construction and Remodeling is a construction company that was founded in Sacramento. The A+ company has been on the market since 1997 and during this time has managed to take a leading position and earn the trust and love of hundreds of clients. The company is engaged in both the interior design of the house and the construction of outbuildings on the site. Moreover, one of the most popular services of the company is repair work and remodeling of individual rooms or the whole house.

During the last two years, we have been trying to get used to a new reality. People had to get used to staying at home a lot and working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the fact that we all began to spend even more time at home, many people wanted to transform their space: make repairs, update the interior that is already outdated, and change furniture. Earlier many people spent their working days in the office, even freelancers often worked in coworking workspaces and cafes. But lately, staying at home most of the time, we all want to surround ourselves with a modern and beautiful interior. This is the moment when the A+ team comes to help.

Here is a list of the services that A+ Construction and Remodeling provides:

  • Bathroom and toilet repairs; 
  • tile replacement in the bathroom and kitchen; 
  • kitchen renovation and replacement of kitchen furniture; 
  • plumbing work; 
  • complete remodeling of the house; 
  • repair of individual bedrooms; 
  • any redevelopment options and work with a designer to consider the most stylish options.

Why is The A+ Company’s Portfolio Useful?

The portfolio web page on the A+ company’s website is an inexhaustible source of ideas for repairing your home. The team periodically updates examples of successfully completed works that not only serve as indisputable proof of the professionalism and high quality of the work but also are excellent examples of design projects that you can implement at home.

Perhaps you have a non-standard bathroom layout or a very small kitchen? Because of this, you do not know which design project is suitable for your home? Fortunately, the A+ company will definitely have a solution for you. You can start by viewing the finished projects in the company’s portfolio. Since the team has completed a huge number of projects, you will definitely find a similar kitchen or bathroom where the repairs have already been made. We are sure that you will find the project that will be perfect for your home and will attract your attention from the first glance at the photos. You can see the before and after photos.

If you want to develop your own unique project that has not yet been implemented by anyone, then the A+ team also has a solution! After you submit an application for repair or construction work on the company’s website or by phone, managers schedule a meeting with a designer for you. You can meet the designer at the company’s office, which is located at 3612 Madison Ave # 33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660. 

However, the A+ Construction and Remodeling company understands that during pandemics, many customers prefer to stay at home, so online consultations are available for everyone.

Why Choose A+ Construction and Remodeling?

Professionals working for the A+ company will help to develop a unique design project taking into account all your preferences and wishes. You will be able to participate in the remodeling process from the very beginning. If you do not like some details, the designer will make all the necessary changes. Only after the approval of the project by you, the builders will begin repair work at your home.

It is important to note that only professionals work in A+ Construction and Remodeling. Let us name a few reasons why you can trust the employees of the A+ company.

  1. Designers and builders constantly take advanced training courses, improve their professional skills, master new complex construction techniques, and follow current trends;
  2. You can request a license from any of the builders and verify their professional qualifications. Moreover, the company’s mission is to help people transform their homes, so professionals are happy to share their experience and provide access to useful information on the company’s blog for free;
  3. A lot of positive reviews and a description of the remodeling projects in the portfolio written by satisfied customers confirm that A+ Construction and Remodeling is one of the best companies in the field.