A+ Shows Fantastic Results in 2021 High Season

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The majority of businesses have suffered from the pandemic which does not end, and many companies are still struggling. The economic crisis caused by the pandemic is still here, and A+ Construction & Remodeling, along with its colleagues, keeps developing new ways of resistance. These ways were applied in 2021 and nowadays help the company grow and keep moving only forwards, not backward. More and more major projects are done, and more clients join us in this adventure.

The contractor is happy to announce that despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the following economic crisis, the A+ managers’ team has made all efforts to keep growing during this uncertain period.

Sacramento A+ Construction & Remodeling Company

The company reminds readers that last year, it gained a decent position in INC 5000 rating for California, in the top 250 companies. The rating represents the companies with rapid growth in the US.

This result was achieved for a reason: A+ demonstrated an organic growth of over 900%. The contractor expects that this year the result will be the same or better, and the INC 5000 rating will keep the company. All efforts are made to keep the success: A+, as usually, strives to fulfill all the customers’ needs and provide the best quality work.

Reviews and ratings online also show that the strategy selected by the company works rather well. After the first six months of the current year, the rating that A+ has on Yelp reaches 4.2, and the BBB (or Better Business Bureau) gives the highest rate of 5.0. The company tends to keep its success and improve its results in the remaining months of 2021 and in the following 2022.

Recent six months

The first six months of the year 2021 brought the contractor 15 successful projects that included remodeling various kitchens and bathrooms. The history can be seen on the Facebook account that belongs to A+. As the contractor’s representatives say, the most massive project during 2021 appeared in Curtis Park. It started in February and is now almost done. The renovation is happening in an enormous house. The info about the ongoing procedure is also placed on the above-mentioned social media page.

Of course, the pandemic makes its corrections in the ways of communicating with clients and implementing projects. The contractor has to responsibly relate to its team members’ and clients’ health and make everything possible to avoid the contagious disease. Security of all people concerned, regardless of their position and relation to the company, keeps being a priority.

For the safety of everybody who is involved, the A+ management adheres to the following rules and norms of conducting business:

  • Providing as many online meetings as possible
  • Following all the generally accepted norms when meeting offline
  • Paying for goods, services, and supplies without transferring any cash (contactless).

The contractor puts people’s health in the first place, so all the new projects are developed and implemented with all the safety measurements. Online meetings are a convenient way to talk about the work with clients and solve all the possible questions that people can solve without seeing each other at the facility. This is called “Virtual Meeting,” and every client may talk through various details with remodeling specialists, designers, and architects who are responsible for the renovation. The option is available through the project manager who is in the client’s project team.

When it comes to the offline meetings, which are inevitable at some point of the client’s facility renovation, the company is ready to organize a safe meeting onsite. The team members use masks and antiseptics and follow the social distancing rules to make the meeting secure for both themselves and the customers.

Sophisticated projects: Fancy home remodeling and designs

To start your own renovation project with A+, come to our office in North Highlands. Do not worry: all the measurements to prevent COVID-19 disease will be followed. We also expect that you will follow the health safety rules as well. The address is the following: 3612 Madison Ave #33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660.

Contact us to talk about the convenient day and time of the meeting and discuss all the details. We will start online and then proceed to the offline meetings in case everyone is safe and sound, and all the security measures are followed, and there are no new constraints from the local authorities.

The contractor’s strategy during these odd times shows that A+ Construction & Remodeling chose the correct way of conducting business. The company keeps growing and making customers content with fantastic projects. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still here, the company keeps working in a regular regime, without any delays, and the quality of services keeps being outstanding.