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Since the beginning of 2020 and the global COVID-19 pandemic, when almost everybody not only heard the sacred phrase “stay home” but also actually stayed home, many people all over the world made a vital and serious decision: to start their homes’ renovation. This, of course, has a solid reason: we all were (and sometimes still are) forced to have more time inside our apartments and houses, we do not only sleep and eat here anymore — many of us have a home office now.

That is why A+ Construction & Remodeling has decently met all the crisis features and keeps struggling successfully. The company has increased the number of clients and, thereafter, the number of completed projects.

And the A+ Company cannot leave its potential customers without the opportunity of taking a look at the new projects! They can impress even the pickiest viewer. While some clients decided to renovate their premises slightly, others wanted to go through the full remodeling path and obtained brand-new homes. All of the implemented projects are now placed at the company’s site, and everybody is welcome to see the updated gallery and get inspired for their future renovation.

All items in the portfolio are divided into the following categories:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • ADU Drafts
  • 3D Models
  • Architectural Plans.

Splitting projects into categories improves users’ experience on the site and lets people quickly jump to the projects that interest them the most. However, this gallery update is not the only useful thing for the company’s potential clients.

Those who are planning to apply for their homes’ renovation can also get some inspiration alongside helpful articles from the A+ Construction & Remodeling Blog which is located on the same webpage. There, readers will find some educational content that covers the topics of proper materials selection for renovation, methods of construction, recommendations for future projects, and details about the company’s works.

Besides, Sacramento residents and visitors may enjoy reading various articles about the region, including the info about cultural places and venues, secret spots, facts about the area, and other interesting things. The blog aims to help people discover both useful info regarding the renovation sphere and vital aspects about Sacramento life and places.

Also, one of the most important sections on the site is a page with customers’ reviews. Here, locals can check various comments on the completed works and understand what people like the most about the A+ services. Among the things noted are the team’s punctuality and honesty and the workers’ efficiency.

Those compliments are reached because all company’s members have broad experience in the construction sphere. The A+ Construction & Remodeling uses advanced technology when it comes to the renovation and implementation of each and every project. In 2020, the set of advantages put the company in the 507th place in the INC Magazine rating; experts who worked on the rating back then especially paid attention to the A+ fantastic organic growth (+923%) which was shown while the COVID-19 pandemic kept hitting.

Speaking of which, the company still follows all the protection measurements that help to keep both employees and customers safe while they interact. The A+ team members’ and clients’ safety is a priority: both at the construction site and in the office.

Readers who are interested in their homes’ reconstruction can easily arrange a meeting with the A+ company’s representatives. There are several ways to contact the company: one can use its website, email address, or phone number. Another option is to visit the office which is located in North Highlands, Sacramento (3612 Madison Ave #33). The company’s managers expect everyone and will be happy to consult customers regarding their future renovation developments and plans.