A+ Very Well Into 2022

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The development of the company has been an ongoing process, and the results speak for themselves. All the positive expectations made at the beginning of the year were made, and much growth was achieved. A+ team does not hide any secrets from the customers, that is why they openly share all the improvements and tools that have helped to make them. The company is proud to say that the reputation of A+ on the market does not get worse, even in the conditions of the pandemic.

To demonstrate that A+ Construction & Remodeling had a good name in the industry for a long time now, we can look at the company’s achievements back in 2020. At this time, A+ took one of the highest places in the rating of 250 construction companies based in California, having consistent improvement and outstandingly growing results that almost reached 1000%. The expectations are that this massive growth would not stop for a long time. Despite 2020 being one of the hardest years for many business owners and their employees, A+ Construction & Remodeling kept their position in the industry.

Many new projects were completed by the A+ team during the summer months, and the most distinguished of them include remodeling of the kitchens and bathrooms and house renovations. If you are curious about other works done by the company, the official website of A+ Construction & Remodeling welcomes you for a visit. There, in the Recent Projects, you will find all the completed work demonstrations, such as innovative remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, and even more.

If you are interested in the projects that are now in the process of completion, the company has some photos for you. They can be found on the official Facebook page of A+ Construction & Remodeling along with the reports on the current states of particular objects.

Customers are happy with the work of the A+ team, and it really shows. Positive and satisfied reviews come consistently from the clients of the company. You can also rely on the ratings given to A+ Construction & Remodeling by business rating services, such as Better Business Bureau, or BBB, and Yelp. The former gives the company a 5.0 rate, and the latter gives 4.2.

The interests of clients have always been a priority of A+, even when the focus is on the improvement of the services. With the start of the pandemic, being the most client-friendly company in Sacramento has become a challenging task. But even in these conditions, A+ Construction & Remodeling did as much as they could to be convenient for clients and keep the same working policies as before. 

The improvements in the working methods of the company are not just meaningless words. The A+ team worked hard to implement the following functions for the customers’ convenience:

  • Curbside pickup;
  • Online consultations;
  • Contactless payments.

Moreover, with the implementation of COVID-19 guidelines, the experience of shopping and consulting in person has changed. Safety measures became one of the most important working rules in the company.

As the pandemic is nowhere near being over, even with some positive changes and decreasing growth of incidence, A+ Construction & Remodeling takes all the rules of social distancing and mask requirements seriously. The safety of clients and employees is above everything.

Online meetings have become a real savior during these hard times, and clients have picked up on it really quickly. The new service allows for consultations without risking your health. Architects of the company can easily consult you online and answer all of your questions.

As the pandemic restrictions have become not so harsh, in-person visits, for those who prefer them, are also available. A+ Construction & Remodeling office welcomes all the Sacramento residents for the consultation at 3612 Madison Ave #33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660. It is very important that you do not forget about safety measures and put your mask on. Those types of meetings are free and can be booked by email or on the official website of A+.

A+ Construction & Remodeling values its ideas and makes sure that only the best service is provided. Constant growth and development are always on the company’s agenda. Even in those challenging times, A+ makes everything that is possible to make the clients happy, to complete the projects of high quality, and to keep up with all the latest trends and tendecies.