Bathroom Remodeling Ideas, Tips & Peculiarities in California

The bathroom is one of the trickiest places for a renovation. It always takes more time than you expect, and the investments into the materials will be significant if you want your renovation project to last long.

Besides, you’ll have to get through several consultations of different specialists, starting from the plumbers and finishing with the painters. Finding a reputable specialist in Sacramento or anywhere else in California is no longer a trouble. But you still have to figure out at least a vague idea of how you want it to look.

You’ll have to be flexible while recreating your ideas into real-life designs because a perfect image of what you consider a renovation might not correspond with the local prices, climatic conditions, and building permits of the state.

New Bathroom Design: Benefits

When you finally pull yourself together and persuade yourself, as well as your family, to step into this daunting process, you might feel better if you consider and remember the following truths about bathroom redo:

  • It will make your household cost more than now. You won’t believe it, but a renovation like this is one of the most profitable things you can do if you’re interested in the potential sale of your house. Decorative trends are not as important as solid utility systems and proper ventilation, especially if it’s such a wet place as California.
  • It will teach you to be green and preserve natural resources. Modern technologies, appliances, hardware, and furniture, combined with practical designs, result in “green” bathrooms that help you cut on electricity and water supply. You’ll probably be amazed at how much you can save on your monthly bills thanks to cheap LED lighting, water-saving showers, and toilets with low-flush option.
  • It will make you healthier. A properly restored and renovated bathroom will help you get rid of mouldy surfaces and fungus.

Let’s have a look at the bathroom sample that is considered eco-friendly and safe for your health.

How to Detox Your Bathroom?

Textiles and Rugs Eco-friendly textiles and rugs in an energy-efficient bathroom should be made of fast-drying materials. The most common options are bamboo-based textiles.
  • The best swap you can do for your “green” bathroom is to change lighting elements for the LED ones. They will cost you a bit more than regular electric bulbs, but they will live for years and help you save on your bills every day! An innovative product like this will pay for itself!
  • Don’t forget about the dimmers — they will help you regulate the intensity of lighting, thus saving even more.
  • Install windows to let natural light get in if it is possible—the fewer electric lights you have in the room, the better.
Candles & Eco-Friendly Deodorants
  • Candles made on the base of soy and other natural ingredients will not only give you a pleasing spa feel but help you fill the air with the smells of essential oils.
  • Make sure the deodorant of your choice does not contain aluminium, propylene glycol, and artificial fragrances. It will be good not only for nature but for the health of your family as well.
Bath Tissue Opt for unbleached, recycled bath tissue. Stay away from the fragrant options.
Toilet Flush A dual flush is always a better option since it gives you the possibility to use less water when you don’t have to deal with excessive waste.
Electric Shower It sounds a bit dangerous, right? Nevertheless, it’s an innovative product, which is safe not only for you but for the environment as well. It heats water straight from your main water supply.


In a nutshell, being flexible when it comes to bathroom remodelling ideas, means learning to make the right decisions without being afraid of sacrificing the design.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas & Materials for Hot & Wet Climate

Living in the majority of places in California, as well as in many tropical climates, means facing specific difficulties. If you’re a newcomer to Sacramento, San Diego, Los-Angeles, or Anaheim, you should know the following about these materials:

Marble It’s one of the most beautiful options for any bathroom or kitchen in a hot climate. It will always stay cool and pleasant for your feet. Besides, it’s elegant and durable. Nevertheless, maintenance is very important. Like almost any natural material, it has pores. You’ll have to clean it properly to leave unwanted stains and not to let the mould grow.
Porcelain It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as marble, but it’s still very durable. Thanks to its price, it’s a very cost-effective option for anyone willing to save on the renovation of walls and flooring. Besides, porcelain is released in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. It’s water-resistant and perfect for wet and warm environments.
Travertine It’s a natural product of hot springs, which makes the material appealing, thanks to its texture. It may not be as beautiful as marble, but it’s still considered a decent option. The only trouble is that it’s not as strong as marble. Nevertheless, it’s more water-resistant than marble.
Granite It’s natural and relatively cheap, which makes it a perfect choice for any bathroom. It will keep your feet cool during the hot summer months. Granite is very cold, and you’ll have to install the floor heating system if you live in a temperate climate. Granite is perfect for places where the temperature is warm all year long.
Onyx Onyx is suitable for hot and wet climates. However, it is not durable and can be easily damaged. Besides, it’s pricey. The architects and designers use its small pieces to create beautiful patterns on the walls and on the floors. Pieces of onyx are placed between the tiles creating a timeless beauty that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.
Slate Slate is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options. It looks neat and demands effortless maintenance. The look is natural and bold. However, there are two things you should remember. First, the installation of slate is expensive. Second, the slate is not sound-proof.
Quartz It can be a cheaper alternative to marble. This stone is manufactured, which gives any customer a chance to pick out the option of the desired color and texture. Quartz is relatively cheap and long-lasting.

How to Deal with Excessive Moisture?

How to minimize the moisture in the bathroom, spending no more than $200? A procedure like this usually costs significantly more and includes the following options:

  • Installation of a large bathroom fan;
  • Installation of the underfloor heating;
  • Replacement and renovation of the ventilation system.

Nevertheless, there are smaller solutions that might help you fix your problem.

Condensation is the humidity in the air that turns into drops on the surfaces. It always happens after you take a hot shower or a bath—excessive condensation results in the deterioration of the surfaces and growth of the mold. Of course, the first important thing is maintenance. There should be no dust and dirt within the walls of your bathing space.

The following ideas should also be helpful:

  • Check the vents even if they are freshly installed — it might happen that even the most insignificant small object becomes an obstacle for the air;
  • Regularly open the windows of your bathroom (if you do have a financial possibility, install a small window and get surprised at how much it saves the situation);
  • A portable dehumidifier can solve the problem;
  • One fan is not sufficient for your bathroom if you don’t have windows;
  • Invest in the mirror with the heating pads;
  • Anti-condensation paint will protect the walls from the mold.

Fighting the humidity in wet climates should start with the simplest steps. Probably, you simply have to change one of your habits and acquire a new one before investing in a costly solution.

Bathroom Design: Trends & Ideas 2020

Regardless of the challenges, one has to face while dealing with the renovation in a hot and wet climate, we shouldn’t forget about the overall trends concerning the renovation of this area.

Black Is Replacing Gray

Gray shades were extremely popular in 2018 and 2019. Nowadays, trends are moving towards darker styles and designs. Homeowners tend to stick to bolder, darker colors, which is proved by numerous home remodeling contractors. Now mirrors, vanities, and hardware often come in blacks. Matte finishes are among the most popular ones!

It doesn’t mean that gray tints are leaving because fashion and design trends are cyclical. It’s still one of the top choices of those who love monochrome pallets but still not brave enough to choose white for the contrast.


High-tech renovations and additions are not only about smart toilets. The most common high-tech upgrades for our bathrooms have been significantly promoted by the Japanese:

  • Adjustable air-dryers;
  • Seat warmers;
  • Automatic deodorizers;
  • Automatic lid openers.

But have you ever heard about the automatic showers? Automatic sinks? You can also integrate a Bluetooth speaking system to control your shower, lighting, or a washing machine using the voice. TV installments in the toilets and smart mirrors are increasing in popularity.

Vintage Undertones

Gold and brass are finally getting back to our renovated bathrooms, adding a sufficient amount of vintage feel. Gold and brass elements bring warmth into the bathing space in comparison with the habitual chrome. Besides, gold and brass surfaces of all shades do not make the fingerprints and stains so clearly seen. You won’t have to polish these surfaces, again and again, to make them shiny, because the matte finish of vintage metals hides imperfections.

Industrial Elements

It looks like the industrial style’s growing popularity will stay on in the following year as well! This trend is edgy but classy. A design like this usually implies the following elements:

  • Metal finishes;
  • Wooden design elements;
  • Matt black hardware and small functional elements;
  • Brass and gold decorative elements;
  • Industrial plumbing elements and sinks.

Tiny Details & Patterns

It’s not that hard to make something non-traditional out of a habitual material we’ve been using for years. New materials and technologies give us a chance to reconsider the way we use regular tiles and stone for walls. As soon as the choice of tiles is incredible, you can try using tiny tiles of all possible shapes to create eye-catching accents on the walls, floors, and ceilings. This trend will finally help you modernize your bathroom and make it look different by means of simple things you can do on your own.


As soon as the trends for bathroom renovation stick to darker colors and more brutal industrial elements, wooden decorative elements and finishes a getting back again. All tones and undertones of wood are welcome. They will make a perfect match with both industrial and vintage bathroom designs. The only thing is that you’ll have to be careful with wood and its maintenance.

More Storage Space

The amount of storage space should still be significant enough to hide away the clutter. Nevertheless, it should be practical and minimized to the greatest extent possible. Minimalism in the bathroom will save you from a lot of trouble, especially concerning the household chores. You’ll see that properly arranged closed shelving adds up visual space.

Color Spots

Now that we know that darker bold tones are in fashion, it’s almost inevitable for the bright spots to appear in this minimalistic space. The colors will pop up here and there, starting from the small decorative elements, finishing with the functional bathroom elements. Blue hues usually help us feel relaxed, green colors promote love for nature and wellness, and purple makes us more creative. A splash of color here or there is a cheap way of making the whole bathroom look differently.

Pink Shades

Blush shades are still popular among those who have a traditional feel about the whole atmosphere at home. Nevertheless, blush tints slowly change themselves for rose gold shades. Pink has been in the trend for years, and it will surely stay there for years ahead!

Huge Bathtubs

If you manage to stick to the compact storage rule mentioned above, it’s highly possible that you manage to explore more space in your existing bathroom! The more spacious the bathtub is, the more comfortable it is. When a couple of homeowners gave a bigger bath a try, they understood that had been stuffed with unnecessary things before. What about having a bath together with your significant other? A larger bathtub can promote a change in the way you treat comfort.

Open Showers

Needless to say that the more open spaces you have, the more room you get. Besides, the absence of excessive barriers makes the room more convenient. Of you are not a fan of privacy and closed spaces, a solution like this can become a real gem for your living space.

Asymmetrical Elements

Uncommon geometry of the mirror can inspire you for a fully new design. It can become a focal point of a small bathroom. Besides, you can invest in a smart mirror able to connect via USB or Bluetooth. It may have smart touch control and a built-in fast dry technology. Even if you are not interested in a smart option, remember that there are mirrors with built-in LED lighting. Virtual mirrors provide their users with even a greater variety of options.

Of course, your complete bathroom project cannot be complete without properly working utility systems. Nevertheless, only a professional construction contractor will provide you with the essential information before you proceed with the choice of the design.