Complete guide to pick best kitchen cabinet style of your dream

Interior has its own life. A great functional design will always highlight the status and character of its owner and creator. When planning a complete kitchen remodeling or contemplating about refreshing the style, focus on making right stylistic choices while taking in consideration functionality aspects. It is imperative to make your kitchen as comfortable and productive as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of most creative choices that you can use today to make your kitchen cabinets look and feel absolutely fantastic, but first let’s talk prices.

How Much Does the Replacements of My Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Price aspect is a very important one, when it comes to kitchen renovation. However, the cost of your new-styled kitchen depends solely on you, on desired shapes and sizes and other details preferences. You may look up the industry averages, but the most efficient way to estimate the cost is to contact A+ Construction & Remodeling managers, schedule the visit of the pro and make an official estimate.

Kitchen is the heart of any home: family breakfasts and dinners, precious moments of being together, functionality and comfort – it’s all about this magic place. If you want your experience to be amazing, hiring a professional is quite important. A good contractor will assist you on every stage of the project, from helping you in choosing the right design to choosing a pro to get the job done.

How Can I Calculate the Cost of the Kitchen Cabinets Replacement?

As kitchen renovation is quite a serious expense, the price for modern kitchen cabinets is a very important aspect. Good news: you are able to influence the price by selecting sizes, shapes and materials. Our company offers a very democratic price range.

You may search for the industry averages, but the most effective way to estimate the cost of European kitchen cabinetry is to contact A+ Construction & Remodeling managers and schedule the visit of the company pro to make an official estimate.

How kitchen cabinets replacement routine looks like?

Our company treats every single project individually. Nevertheless, the routine is predictable:

  1. A customer places the order.
  2. Our manager contacts the customer to schedule the visit of our company professionals to have a clear idea of the scope of work.
  3. The old kitchen cabinets are disassembled by our team.
  4. At our facilities we manufacture modern cabinets for your kitchen according to your order. The process usually takes only several days depending on the order details.

The minimalistic look of modern kitchen cabinetry creates a feeling of spacious and airy room. Flat shiny surfaces add more light, even if your windows are small. The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is crucial that this place is comfortable, attractive and functional. No extra accessories and details help keeping the kitchen clean and sparkling.

Now, let’s talk about our ideas for your kitchen.

#1. European Style

Modern or European kitchen cabinets can be characterized by simplicity and streamline. These qualities can be found in every single detail: from cabinet doors to hinges and cookware. No unnecessary details, no flowers and retro ornaments, just a very clean, aesthetic and truly modern look.

Here are some of most outstanding features:

  • Kitchen cabinets are usually frameless, have simple geometry and flat surfaces;
  • Most of them include man-made materials instead of wood: glass, metal, plastic etc.;
  • Instead of using one material in classical kitchen cabinets, in modern ones the materials are combined and mixed to create a unique style.
  • Due to the use of man-made materials, the variety of colors is almost endless: from natural warm wood-like shades to really bold ones!
  • No crown molding or decorative carvings – only clean and sleek surfaces.

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company has collaborated on a wide range of projects regarding kitchen cabinetry replacement and renovation. Our company features years of expertise in this field, therefore we can guarantee top quality of our goods and services.

Modern cabinetry is selected by so many homeowners, because such a solution perfectly meets the expectations in design and functionality. What are the most important benefits of European kitchen cabinets?

First of all, they create a brand-new mood and perception of the kitchen: just imagine how great semi-opaque or frosted glass would look, how nicely it would match metal kitchen cabinet doors. If you don’t like metal, you may prefer using wood veneer or plastic replica of wood. Secondly, modern kitchen cabinets are affordable due to a variety of forms and materials and neat and simple design.

This way you get functionality and convenience of your storage space with minimum budget. Thirdly, modern will stay modern as our company uses only premium materials with protective finishes and special layers that will make the kitchen cabinetry elements last almost for a lifetime.

#2. Undeniably Classic: Wooden Cabinets

Painted cabinets are convenient and will never lose their popularity. However, there’s nothing that can look better than cabinets made out of solid wood. Natural charm and luxury of wood adds warmth and coziness to your house. Wood cabinets are manufactured from various types of wood and they demand special care and constant maintenance. If you’re still not sure about wood cabinetry for your kitchen, keep on reading.

What Makes Wood Cabinetry Beautiful?

Basic wood cabinets express the character of natural wood. Such cabinetry will cost you quite a lot, but you should remember that each single piece of wooden furniture is produced and assembled with special care and attention.

What makes wood so attractive for the kitchen? They are markings left by birds, twists and swirls, knots (bases of branches), wormholes, mineral streaks, blends of several shades and other visual characteristics of wood that make us adore it.

Types of Wood Cabinets

The choice of wood is wide and if you’re not sure about what you want, it may be pretty tricky. Let’s have a look at basic wood types.

Here they are:

  • Cherry Wood Cabinets. The undertones are red blended with white or dark brown. The texture is smooth with a number of random natural marks.
  • Maple Wood Cabinets. The color varies from creamy white to white. General texture is combined with reddish and brownish tones. Cabinets like this have uniform look and smooth appearance.
  • Oak Wood Cabinets. They are characterized by distinctive patterns of a wide color range. The colors vary from red to brown and pink. The base color may be combined with yellowish, greenish ad even black streaks (black appears due to mineral activity in the wood).
  • Alder Wood Cabinets. Their undertones are brownish or reddish. The texture is straight.
  • Hickory Wood Cabinets. Characterized by distinct contrasts between sapwood and heartwood. The color is basically white with tones of brown and red.
  • Birch Wood Cabinets. The coloring ranges from creamy yellow to white. The heartwood parts are toned with reddish and brownish shades. The surface is smooth and the texture of wood is very tight.
  • Walnut Wood Cabinets. The pattern of the wood is graceful and gentle with brownish hues. The texture is smooth and straight. The coloring varies from chocolate and gray tones to reddish ones.
  • Pecan Wood Cabinets. Cabinetry made of pecan varies from blonde to brownish, dark brown or even red. The dramatic pattern of sapwood and heartwood makes pecan look very unusual.

You should also remember that a number of manufacturers produce wood kitchen cabinets out of compound materials.

Take Good Care of Them

Solid kitchen cabinets wood needs specific care. Kitchen is probably the messiest place in the house. Grease is everywhere. The cabinetry is covered with splashes of juice, cream, oil, melted chocolate and champagne. Let’s talk about cleaning solutions and ways to make your kitchenware look smart.

Of course, commercial cleaners will work well on your wood cabinets. However, if your kitchen furniture is produced from natural materials, the most affective cleaner is the natural one. Try to use vinegar mixed with warm water in a 50/50 solution. Spray it on your cabinets, leave it for several minutes and clean with a dishwashing sponge and a dishwasher. Wipe it dry till it shines.

No matter what cleaner you decide to use, there are basic rules that you should follow if you want your wood cabinets look neat.

What you should do to take care of wooden cabinets:

  • Use soft sponges or cloths not to damage the natural structure of wood;
  • Don’t leave the cleaner on door handles;
  • Apply a toothbrush on the greasiest areas and areas with ornaments;
  • Don’t forget about the inside of the drawers;
  • Dry the cabinets thoroughly.

#3. Aesthetically Satisfying: Glass kitchen cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets make both attractive and reasonable solution for your kitchen, regardless of what general style, color or texture preferences you have. Some people consider glass kitchen cabinet doors too classical and sort of outdated and prefer other surfaces and materials to renovate the kitchen. We believe this idea is totally wrong, because there are lots of modern materials, surfaces and styles that can be used for glass kitchen cabinets to make them look fabulous and contemporary.

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company offers a wide range of kitchen renovations. Glass kitchen cabinets may sound like a lot of hassles, but we will help you to install them in a blink of an eye. Over 20 successfully finished projects involving glass cabinets.

First of all, they change the style and the mood of the kitchen completely: illuminated, textured or colored glass makes simple things a piece of art. Secondly, it is a great way to implement the idea of beautiful and convenient storage items, to display precious possessions (like luxurious porcelain ware), add more space to the room.

Here are a few classical and creative ideas for implementing glass in kitchen cabinets:

  • Traditional glass-front cabinets. Such cabinets embrace a wood frame with a glass center panel. The glass may have different texture (transparent, frosted, etched, textured or seeded). Depending on the glass, such cabinets can add any style to your kitchen: from vintage to contemporary ones.
  • Picture-window cabinets. To create more storage place for smaller kitchens, the upper part of the window can be covered with a cabinet transparent from both sides. It will showcase beautiful kitchenware and let the sunlight in.
  • Base cabinets with glass-front. Most often, people choose to get their upper cabinetry glass-decorated, but it can be just as good below. Original, but definitely not for families with active kids and pets.
  • Peninsula cabinets with glass doors – a great idea for kitchens with a peninsula. This solution can be used in order to add more storage to the kitchen and create a more open feeling.
  • Painted glass-front cabinets. The glass is painted on the back side to create a stylish glossy look.

#4. Diamond cabinets: the sunshine of your kitchen

The life breath, island of homey home, hub of family activities – does your kitchen elicit the same associations? If you are not in love with your today’s kitchen anymore, it is time to re-energize it with splendid, jaw-dropping interior. There is a way to convert ordinary woodwork into astonishing masterpieces looking like the best world-famous diamond kitchen cabinets.

Diamond kitchen cabinets afford an opportunity to add peculiarity and create more value to your property while becoming incredibly beautiful to look at, extremely easy to clean, and amazingly durable to use. Renovated, diamond-like cabinetry can better accommodate ever-rising needs of a big family by allowing more functionality and freeing up the kitchen space.

A game-changing design of the obsolete and worn-out kitchen furniture will make the room look aesthetically appealing and refreshed what will generate elation in all members of your family.

An innovative mindset, gifted hands, and efficient tools will help you beautify any room with magnificent cabinetry absolutely similar in quality and brilliance to the brand-name diamond cabinets. You can transform your kitchen with shiny diamond cabinets. If you want an excellent, affordable, and stress-free renovation, start thinking about it right now. Diamond cabinets do not suit every interior!

#5. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Door Styled Design

That’s probably one of the most popular designs of kitchen cabinetry. It’s very close to the style of the basic door that comes in a variety of colors presented by innumerable manufacturers all over the country. Shaker kitchen is flexible and can be adjusted to a number of styles preserving the minimalistic universal design. Let’s have a closer look at it.

A Bit of History

In the colonial era of the 18th century, American religious people calling themselves The Shakers tried to develop their new society doing their best to avoid excessive elements of design, flourishes and decorations. They wanted their life to be functional, sensible and simple. This aesthetic became the basic idea that was further realized in simplest designs of furniture and kitchenware. The traditional origins of colonists were fully altered to give way to clean lines and simply materials.

The Shakers & Shaker Cabinetry

The Shakers were a religious movement practicing communism, pacifism and development of industry in a sexually equal society. These people were known for their love to simple things – simple furniture, simple clothing, simple architecture and simple living in general. The used to create everything with their own hands and as the community was growing quickly, they had to do it fast and be maximum practical. Former settlements of The Shakers can be found in several areas of Massachusetts and Maine.

The main idea was to create a society basing on utopian principles. And, of course, it included handmade furniture. The significant features of Shaker style are utility and simplicity. They devoted special attention to proportions and geometrical shapes.

From technical point of view, a rectangular cabinet in shaker style has a door with rails on the top and on the bottom and a front frame.

Clean Look

Shaker kitchen cabinets have doors with flat panels constructed out of wood. The manufacturers tend to use high quality solid wood: hickory, maple, cherry, and oak. These are durable materials helping you get a clean, natural look. Properly manufactured shaker cabinetry doesn’t need complex maintenance. It’s easily painted and decorated. Besides, it is versatile and can be mixed with elements of modern and classic kitchen furniture without spoiling overall impression.

Perfect Blend

The versatility of shaker style kitchen cabinets allows to combine them with modern kitchen appliances and hardware made of glass and stainless steel as well as with natural materials like marble, granite, ceramics and woods of darker shades.

Shaker kitchen cabinets have an almost invisible ornamentation and are easily assembled. Add beadboard accents, and tapered legs to the counters and cabinets and get a durable set of furniture that you can change and renovate whenever you wish to. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about such cabinetry elements as wine racks and cabinets, microwave cabinets, hoods and cube cabinets for a complete and smart look of your kitchen.

Don’t forget about proper lighting elements – they’ll give that airy feel and separate your shaker kitchen into zones.

Dramatic Wood Lines

Shaker styled cabinetry is adaptable. It helps to create both traditional and transitional style in your kitchen. It’s symmetrically matched. Mix the cabinetry with open shelves, sleek door handles, blinds and square carpets on the floor. Add a wood hood above the cooker for a complete dramatic and neat look. The set of straight lines combined with dark textured wood looks like a masterpiece.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are timeless. This style is always a good idea because of its ability to blend with any decorative elements that you like and any materials you wish to use. Its vertical and horizontal lines help kitchen hardware become focal points of the room. Choose shaker style kitchen cabinets and you’ll never lose.

#6. Stylish & Practical Black Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t think that black is too extreme for the kitchen and too bold for your house. Of course, this color is supposed to stand out in the world of kitchen furniture. Black furniture and appliances always attract attention turning into focal points of the room. Today we’ll have a look at advantages of black kitchen cabinets and ways to use them in the design of your home.

50 Shades of Black

You don’t have to choose a deep black coloring of the kitchen cabinets. It’s not just about ink black or midnight black. Most part of the manufacturers will surprise you with a wide palette of black tones with hints of blue, green, brown and gray. Pick out a shade of black to your liking and you’ll never regret it. Besides, you should remember that black is no more associated with exclusive modern fashion. It works perfectly on all types of materials and cabinets of all shapes and styles. Choose a soft black for a kitchen in traditional style and deeper shades for a less traditional one. Black kitchen cabinets look stunning in contrast with light countertops, floors and walls.

Blend It, Mix It, Combine It

Black kitchen cabinets and countertops make the kitchen look neat. Black adds elegance and contemporary feel when combined with calming tones of gray. Black is dramatic and it certainly should be combined with lighter colors and shadows. Too much black won’t look like a statement – it will be truly overwhelming (however, it happens with any other color, when you get too much of it in one small space).

Mind the Surrounding

Black kitchen cabinets should match the counters; blend with countertops, floors and walls. Proper lighting will add necessary accents and emphasize the feature elements. Get an expert designer to help you with the choice of colors for the cabinets and other pieces of furniture surrounding them.

Perfect Combinability

Black in the kitchen has a lot more than just a stylistic value. It’s not strict or serious any more – it’s sensible, practical and universal allowing you to mix it with innumerable materials and decorative elements. Have a look at the picture down below. That’s a metro style kitchen of black cabinets with doors in Cambridge style. The cabinets are mostly performed in traditional style allowing to add stainless steel elements and modern appliances. Black kitchen cabinets here look harmonious, smart and light-hearted at a time.

Lighting Matters

Kitchen with made up of black cabinets evidently needs proper lighting. Chandeliers, various lamps and LED bands will create a balance between light and dark shades of your kitchen furniture. Besides, you should also think about the positions of windows in the kitchen and take into account the amount of natural lighting that you already have.

Paint Matters As Well

A black kitchen cabinet will look perfect only if you don’t make a mistake while choosing the type of paint. Most people think that nothing shows up on black, but it’s a delusion – everything shows up on it, especially if it’s glossy – you’ll get stains, smudges, greasy spots and fingerprints all over your kitchen. So, don’t experiment with high-gloss paint. The best choice is flat black. It stylish, practical and provides the owners of the kitchen with less troublesome maintenance. If you combine it with better planning, you’ll get a kitchen that will last for years without serious renewal.

Black Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island in black will help you create a focal point. Balance it with countertops made out of marble and add bar stools of bright colors.

Black kitchen cabinetry combines with wood, stonework and mesh paneling, with stainless steel and glass, with leather and gilded elements. Black is a color of multiple possibilities and variations. It can be glamorous, cozy, chic and perfect for a farmhouse at a time. It depends on your mood and on your needs. Let a professional designer give you a hand and enjoy!