Don't DIY Your Kitchen Renovation. Here's why

All of us will experience doing a kitchen renovation project in our houses at least once in a lifetime, but probably even more. This is why the following question always pops up: should you do it yourself or hire professional help?

Well, you can find out the answer to this question in the article below and decide for yourself what kind of assistance you will need!

What to choose: DIY or Professional Help?

Don't DIY Your Kitchen Renovation Sacramento CA - Blog

Many of those who are doing a kitchen renovation project for the first time think that they can just google everything and do the whole amount of tasks by themselves. And in some rare cases, this might be true.

However, you need to plan ahead for every task that you will need to do, as it will allow you to understand whether professional help from a renovation company such as A+ Construction & Remodeling is actually required or not.

Here are some examples of the tasks that definitely will require hiring professionals:

  • Reconstruction of your whole layout;
  • Floor replacements;
  • Electricity plan changes;
  • Addition of light fixtures;
  • Installation of new kitchen cabinets.

In our opinion, only small projects could be done by yourself. For instance, you might not need additional help for putting a few new shelves in your kitchen or repainting the walls.

Pros and Cons of DIY Projects

Don't DIY Your Kitchen Renovation Sacramento CA - Blog

However, even if you plan only to change the color of your walls or place some new wallpapers on them, you could still end up making it worse. The only advantage of DIY projects is their price: you do not need to pay additional money for the help of a professional company, which means that you might end up spending more on your own crazy ideas.

As for the disadvantages of DIY kitchen remodels, here is a list of some of them:

1. Disruption of your life

Those of you who have absolutely no experience in doing remodeling projects might end up disturbing the peace of other dwellers of the house, as well as creating risk for your and their health: for instance; you could try to put new electrical outlets in the house and get shocked by electricity in return.

2. Reduction of the home’s value

Many of us like to think ahead, which is why one of the many reasons why we would want to make a renovation project is to increase the net worth of our dwelling. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are especially helpful with that. However, as they are quite big projects that need a lot of experience and knowledge, your DIY plans might not only improve particular areas of your home but even worsen them, which in return will make you pay even more money for fixing the damages made alone, not even talking about some further improvements.

3. Mix-ups with the order of the tasks

DIY Youtube videos will not cover how a number of major renovation changes in your kitchen should be done and in what order. And although you might think that the order is not important, we will tell you that it is crucial! How would you know without the help of a professional team like A + Construction & Remodeling whether demolitions of walls should go before floor changes or when it is necessary to make electrical wiring in new places?

Hiring a professional team will help you to avoid all these problems and thus, make the whole kitchen renovation project faster, cheaper, and better, as you will simply not spend additional time and money on correcting your DIY mistakes.

4. Undervaluation of the Complexity of your Ideas

Let us give you an example related to electrical wiring. Imagine that you want to add a few new outlets in your kitchen or simply change the location of the old ones as they are not used by your family at all. How would you know where it would be better to place them or even where to begin this task: drilling the holes will be enough? Definitely not. Without proper knowledge of how electricity works, you might not even notice that you have some serious problems with your wiring, and any further improvement might only ruin the whole system that already exists.

5. Creation of new damages

There are a lot of complicated things going on in the kitchen remodeling project. While you might be able to choose the style which you would like to implement or even paint the walls yourself, you will not be able to install your kitchen cabinets without any assistance.

Many might think that this is an easy task, but here are some questions you should think about before doing this task without professional help. Did you choose the right wall for the installment? And if so, are you sure that it will be able to hold the weight of the cabinets together with what is going to be kept inside of them? Are the materials of the cabinets you have chosen good enough? Will they serve you for a long time?

6. Increase the costs of the project

As you can see, many troubles might lie ahead of a newbie in the sphere of remodeling, especially the one taking place in your kitchen or bathroom. And because of that, the initial sum of money that you were planning to spend on your project might double or even triple by the end of it. There are a lot of details that you might miss even aside from some technical issues: for instance, you might choose the wrong cabinetry materials that will need replacements within a year after the installment of the new cabinets.

And although you might have thought in the beginning that DIY projects are much cheaper than that made with the help of professional teams like A+ Construction & Remodeling, this assumption is only true for small projects. Other ones will always cost you less with some professional assistance on your side.

7. The need to pay for the damages from your own pocket

Doing the whole kitchen remodeling project on your own will make you pay for all of your mistakes by yourself, as there is simply no one else responsible for the damages made.

However, the situation changes completely when you hire a contractor like A + Construction & Remodeling: the minute the team starts working on your project is the same minute that you are getting covered by the insurance of the company. And thus, any mistakes or accidents that could take place during the project will be fixed not with your money but by the insurance company of your contractor. In the end, you will be in a win-win situation: the contractor will receive a new project, and you will not have to go over your budget to fix the mistakes made during the DIY stage of the renovation.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Contractor

Don't DIY Your Kitchen Renovation Sacramento CA - Blog

It is also important to note the gains that you will receive from hiring a professional team like A+ Construction & Remodeling, as well as the risks that it might bring to you.

So here is the list of advantages that you will receive:

1. Will Help you Reduce the Number of Tasks

Aside from the fact that you will decrease the number of things that you will need to do on your own, your contractor will also help you to reduce the time that you will spend while the project is still in progress.

For instance, you will not need to think about the best places to buy the materials and furniture or ensure that all of the plans will fall into the budget that you have planned. All of that will be done for you.

2. Will Estimate the Timing of the Project for you

It is quite hard for those with no remodeling experience to actually estimate the exact amount of time required for all of the tasks.

Professionals will know in advance all of the things that they will need to make and be sure that no additional ones will be added during the project, which is definitely something that DIY remodelers cannot forecast.

What is more, you will most probably have the time to do the project after your working hours, which means that even the smallest kitchen remodeling plans will be longer than they should have. Getting professional help from a company like A+ Construction & Remodeling will save that, as you will have a chance to create a schedule that would not interfere with your personal life. For instance, you might agree with your contractor that the team will be on the project site only during your working hours so that you would have a chance to return to your home and spend the evenings in quiet and peace.

3. It Will Help you get Better Prices

DIY projects that are big and done by newbies to the sphere of renovation will never have a constant budget: mistakes will need to be paid for and the prices of all the materials will fluctuate.

Working with a professional company such as A + Construction & Remodeling will help you to learn in advance what budget your project will require: its workers will always have contracts with particular manufacturers that make discounts for such reliable buyers, and all of the materials could be bought by them in advance.

And as we have already noticed, the insurance of the company will cover all of the possible mistakes and accidents, meaning that you will not have to spend a penny more than stated in the contract.

Critical things to consider before you renovate your kitchen

And of course, there will be some disadvantages to hiring a contractor, such as:

  • It still might cost you a penny. Of course, the amount of money spent on fixing your DIY mistakes will be much bigger than that spent on hiring a contractor. However, you will still need a professional team with lots of experience and skills necessary to implement your ideas in your kitchen remodeling: other not-so-professional teams will leave you unsatisfied with the results received.
  • You might need to spend some time looking for the perfect contractor. If you do not have any experience working with a particular contractor in the past, you will need to do your own search to indicate a few trustworthy contractors with real licenses and good skills, and that might take a lot of time. Choosing A+ Construction & Remodeling might help you save some time in searching for the best contractor.

But as you can see, getting help with your renovation needs is actually not as scary as you might have thought. In the end, you will get a team that will make the right time estimates for your project, reduce the number of tasks that you need to do on your own, make all the tasks faster, and give you the home of your dreams!

Why A+ Construction & Remodeling?

Don't DIY Your Kitchen Renovation Sacramento CA - Blog

One of the possibilities that you might consider whilst thinking about making a kitchen renovation project is hiring A+ Construction & Remodeling as your contractor. But, of course, you might ask why A+ and not somebody else.

Well, here are some facts that might help you to make up your mind about this company:

  • The company has been on the market for quite a time and thus has a lot of experience in the renovation sphere;
  • All of its employees are constantly updating their skills and knowledge so that your projects will be as good as possible. What is more, A+ makes sure to provide its workers with the newest equipment;
  • A+ has a big portfolio of already done projects, and it is available for you to see on their website. You can see for yourself whether or not the company is capable of doing your project, as well as grasp some ideas from the portfolio;
  • The company is working within a client-oriented approach, meaning that it will put your needs first and help you to receive a dream house within the budget that you have. The whole project that you have in mind will be done by A+ from the start to the end;
  • All the prices for the tasks necessary to be implemented will be stated before the beginning of the working process in your home so that you will not worry about the budget being expanded by the time the project is completed.

Hiring A + Construction & Remodeling as your contractor will be the choice that you will not regret: your remodeling team will make sure to provide you with a high-quality kitchen renovation project that will not only give you a house of your dreams but prolong the time your home will serve you as well!