ECO-friendly Remodeling Practices

Any home remodeling is not an easy task: it requires, at least, an understanding of the interior design, the reconstruction plan, and professional contractors. Today, most companies offer not just remodeling services but also provide eco-remodeling. Thanks to this orientation, your home will shine in a new way while you will minimize your expenses.

There are some practical tips for home eco-remodeling, which serve as a foundation for energy-efficient rebuilding. The only nuance in such remodel is the initially high cost. However, the electricity bill will continue to be lower than usual (saving money). Besides, the house’s price itself will also increase because eco-friendly design and remodeling are popular. Finally, the “green” renovation provides a cleaner lifestyle at the expense of non-toxic materials.

Practical steps to eco-remodeling

Revaluation of energy

The first practical step of a “green” home renovation is to re-evaluate energy. Usually, such services are provided by contractors who understand the tasks of remodeling and the result. The energy assessment includes the following:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thermal images with infrared cameras
  • Blower and humidifier

On average, the price of such services varies up to several hundred, and, honestly, it is worth your attention!

Eco-friendly design

An equally significant way to remodel a home is eco-friendly design, which almost everyone knows about today. Designers offer such services for several reasons, the main of which is simplicity, cleanliness, and practicality. The eco-friendly design includes two elements: sustainable rebuilding and updated interior design.

Sustainable rebuilding is an understanding of how the rooms will be located in the house (kitchen, bedroom, hall, and others). The location of the rooms depends on your rest and physical condition. To a greater extent, everything depends on the time of year, as the “sunny side” of the house has a cozy and homely atmosphere. Take care of this in advance to be in comfort.

What matters is the color palette of your home and rooms. Add some accent colors to fill the atmosphere with harmony and beauty. You may also green the area near the house: plant trees or flowers, arrange flower beds. Important note: if unnecessary items (lamps, chairs, and other furniture) appear during the repair, do not throw everything away. You may update them to meet new trends (such as customizing old clothes) or hand them over to companies for recycling and remodeling.

For painting walls and the whole house, use low VOC paints, which do not have a pungent smell and a dull color. To change cabinets, tables, or chairs, you may paint them in new colors.

High-quality and eco-friendly materials

Buying high-quality and long-effective materials is probably the most significant part of any remodeling. This issue should be approached responsibly by reviewing several stores and product characteristics. Indeed, today the eco-friendly and, at the same time, beautiful material is reclaimed wood. This wood is great for kitchen furniture (countertops and cabinets) and walls. The result will please you because you will save both money and time.

Honestly, there are materials for every taste and preference: it all depends on your choice and design ideas. Recently, natural and pure products that cause delight and aesthetic pleasure are gaining popularity.

Eco-windows and air system

As already noted, the remodel must be energy efficient, which largely depends on the type of windows and the air system. Firstly, it is necessary to prevent the flow of air from entering through cracks and gaps. Unfortunately, if you don’t resolve this problem, living in the house will be uncomfortable. When remodeling, it is better to use sealed drywall to seal the holes in the walls and doors.

Many contractors offer customers the installation of low-E windows to minimize the ingress of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Thanks to such glasses, the temperature in the house is always optimal, regardless of the heat or cold outside.

Home insulation

Most people who have done remodeling at home recommend high-quality insulation. Why does this aspect play a significant role in the reconstruction?

  • Increased security
  • Protection against natural disasters

No one is protected from natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, downpours). For this reason, better isolation increases the chances that you won’t get into trouble. In winter, you will be warm, and on hot days you will not feel the heat. By the way, when choosing insulation materials, follow the key eco-principles. Several recycled materials are 80 percent suitable for high-quality home improvement. Buy non-toxic products.

Antiques and decorative items

Finally, for a more cozy atmosphere after remodeling, decorate your furniture with decorative things. Paintings, candles, plaids, and other items will create harmony and charm in the house, provide hospitality and a sense of new life.

As a rule, there are several misconceptions about home remodeling that people do not even suspect. Below are several such myths, after reading which you will not have any doubts about eco-renovation.

Myths of Eco-Remodeling

Myths often destroy people’s idea of high-quality eco-repair because of the stereotypes people do not trust this type of remodeling. Let’s dispel some myths, and you better understand the process of creating an eco-repair and its benefits for both the family and the environment.

Eco-friendly renovation is expensive

This first myth is leading among others: there are, indeed, some materials at a high price, but it does not mean that eco-repair is a heavy and expensive burden. Remember the three rules of “R”: reduce, reuse, recycle. Not to buy new furniture or decorative items, because it is enough to renew the old ones. If this method does not suit you, follow the rules.

No wonder eco-friendly homes are called energy-efficient and energy-saving: you save on energy and water. In turn, this direction allows you to save on housing and communal services, and this, you will agree, is a pleasant bonus! At first glance, it seems to be an ineffective way, but this is a real investment in the lifestyle and its quality.

Ecology in everything

This myth is related to the fact that many people think about drastic eco-changes. If you start eco-remodeling, you need to stick to it in everything. As a rule, it is not the case: the fewer things you replace, the more eco-friendly your home is. From this point, you reduce the toxic emissions into the environment and do not pollute nature with objects. If you choose between replacement and comprehensive update, it is better to select the first option.

Short-lived materials

Another popular misconception is the opinion about the fragility of natural materials. Many people believe that items made of eco-fabrics or wood will not last long or even deteriorate. Honestly, it is the most key mistake: sustainable development and eco-repair are, first of all, durability, practicality, and efficiency. Therefore, do not doubt natural materials because they will last you much longer than other artificial analogs.

Misunderstanding of contractors

Any home remodeling requires careful preparation, and if you want a high-quality and beautiful renovation, contractors will help you. Many people believe that there are often misunderstandings between the company and the client, which affects the quality of remodeling. In some ways, it is a myth because there are companies with many years of experience in eco-remodeling. You only need to view all information in advance, read reviews and discuss the reconstruction plan in detail. In any case, trust and understanding will be established between you and contractors, whether you will work together for a single cause.

Difficulties of selling a house

Finally, “green” remodeling does not impair the sales of your home in any way. On the contrary, the eco-friendly design allows you to increase the price for sale, from which you will benefit. According to statistics, people surveyed are confident that environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are the crucial indicators and requirements when buying a new home. Moreover, such houses have a high cost and demand in the market. Therefore, this myth is also not relevant.

Thus, you have read five myths that don’t deserve attention. Trust contractors more and don’t believe such stereotypes.

Final Words

Summing up the above, today, eco-remodeling is almost a crucial indicator of the high quality of the house and the mainstream in the market. Many people strive to make their lives better, so they update their homes according to eco-friendly principles. Follow your ideas, eco-friendliness, naturalness, and efficiency so that your life will play in a new way.