General Contractor Vs. Restoration Contractor

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Are we the right contractor for you? Read below to see if you need a Design-Build General Contractor or a Restoration Contractor.

Many people don’t realize that there is a difference between a general contractor and a restoration contractor. A+ Construction Pro is a Tech-Powered Design-Build General Contractor.

General Contractors:

General contractors deal with the remodeling of a home, both interior and exterior, usually, for cosmetic purposes or if it’s something the insurance will not cover. Most general contractors tend not to deal with insurance claim related work due to the restoration-specific work it requires. . If you are wanting to pay for a finished basement, adding a room, or just change the color of your siding, a general contractor is who you would look for. One good thing about using a general contractor is that you get to customer your project. And the best part about using a Design-Build GC, like A+ Construction Pro, is that we take care of everything from concept, permitting, ordering, and construction for you. This reduces the unexpected problems and costs of a remodel and allows you to enjoy life while we work on improving your home. So if you are looking to improve your home or upgrade something not related to a home insurance damage claim, your best option is to work with a General Contractor, not a Restoration General Contractor.

Restoration Contractors:

Restoration contractors deal with the insurance companies to help get your roof, siding, windows, decking, and pretty much anything that has been damaged due to fire, wind, water, hail, etc. to be paid for by the homeowner’s insurance company. Restoration Contractors do hold a General Contractor license but they just specialize in working with the insurance companies in restoration work. A lot of what restoration companies do are damage assessment (probably the biggest one, they know what hail and wind damage looks like and make sure the insurance company sees the damage), scope agreement ( what they are agreeing to do for the homeowner), estimating (customers that decide to go with a restoration contractor only have to worry about paying their deductible), and insurance company negotiations (they negotiate fair pricing in order for the property to be restored to whole or pre-damage condition). They are also able to arrange for cleanup, furniture or other property storage, renting containers, mold, and other types of testing. All things that a regular General Contractor does not do.

These are just some of the differences you need to look for when figuring out how you want to go about getting your house a new roof, new windows, siding, etc. If your area has had recent storm damage call a restoration contractor to come out to take a look. More than likely they will give a free estimate. If you are remodeling your home and are dealing with an insurance company, your best option would be to search for a Restoration Contractor instead of a General Contractor.