Kitchen Cabinetry Renovation Techniques

We bet that you have thought about home renovation at least once. Surely, you wanted to start with the kitchen because you noticed that the furniture looks very shabby and totally out of date. However, you have always been stopped by the thought of the potential cost of kitchen renovation. Did we guess right? Well, that is not surprising. Now you know that you are not the only one who comes up with similar thoughts from time to time.

Flawless photos of kitchen remodeling all over social networks only make the situation worse because homeowners think they will never achieve a similar result due to a lack of funds that can be spent on repairs. Thus, the experience of others becomes not inspiring but annoying. Well, this article should stop your torment and become a sign to take up kitchen renovation after all.

In fact, kitchen remodeling can be much cheaper than you imagined. In this article, we will talk about how a simple painting or replacement of kitchen cabinets can give a completely different look to your old kitchen. Moreover, we will tell you about the A+ Construction & Remodeling company that you can contact to develop and implement a renovation project strictly within your small budget.

Keep reading this article to find out the best and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your kitchen beyond recognition!

Kitchen Cabinets’ Renovation Cost

The first thing we need to cover is the average cost of a potential renovation of kitchen cabinets. Most homeowners who are just starting to consider kitchen remodeling stumble upon a price equal to about $20,000, which instantly scares them away. It is not surprising that such an impressive amount can upset and demotivate homeowners, since remodeling immediately seems to be something inaccessible and exclusive.

The good news is that in fact, many remodeling companies overestimate the real price by inadequately estimating the cost of renovation work and hiding more economical ways to update the kitchen interior from homeowners. It is worth saying that no matter what you are told, it is not really necessary to completely remove the old kitchen set and buy expensive kitchen cabinets from the most prestigious furniture store. Well, undoubtedly this is a cool innovative scenario, but it is suitable only for those who are unlimited in budget. In addition, it is not always unique and really necessary for the renovation of the kitchen.

Sometimes, a simple painting of old cabinets is enough, which will cost you a few hundred dollars to make your kitchen look dazzlingly new. Undoubtedly, the final cost of the project may vary depending on the cost of paint and tools such as brushes, degreaser, and sandpaper, which you will need in any case. What is more, the way renovation works are carried out is of great importance.

If you have enough time and feel enthusiastic enough to upgrade the kitchen yourself, then you can save quite a lot, but many homeowners still prefer to contact companies to be sure that the result of the work will not be disappointing.

Low-Price Kitchen Cabinets’ Renovation Ideas

Although so far we have only mentioned painting as a way to cheaply update the look of your kitchen, there are many ways to make the kitchen space more modern. By the way, sometimes it is not about an external update, but creating a more functional space. In this case, the construction of additional storage areas or the installation of new shelves in existing kitchen cabinets can solve many problems.

We have compiled a top list of the most effective yet cheap ways to transform your kitchen space and kitchen cabinets in particular.

1. Replacement of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Few homeowners are considering this option, but in fact, replacing or repairing kitchen cabinet doors may please you. If you have purchased a house where the surface of the kitchen cabinets looks very worn and gives out the antiquity of the house, replacing the doors of the kitchen cabinets will be a cost-effective solution to the problem. In addition to buying new doors, you can also carefully assemble the old top layer and purchase a new film or veneer to cover the old doors.

2. Painting Kitchen Cabinets

The following method has already been mentioned by us in this article. This one is suitable for those who, for instance, strive for a minimalist interior, but bright old kitchen cabinets interfere with their idea. On the contrary, you may want to make the kitchen interior more unique. In this case, you can choose a new color of cabinets yourself or even draw a pattern on the doors. At the moment, universal colors such as white and gray are the most popular.

3. Buying New Kitchen Furniture

If you do not have enough space to store all the dishes, or you want to get rid of the old upper kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen more spacious visually, purchasing a freestanding sideboard will be a good idea. It may seem to you that this is not an economical solution. Well, maybe if you buy a brand-new sideboard. But you can look for vintage furniture stores or take a sideboard from friends who are ready to give it away for free. Buy unusual door handles and paint the sideboard so that it attracts the attention of all your guests.

4. Building a Kitchen Island

Buying or self-designing a kitchen island is another way to update the kitchen and abandon the old upper kitchen cabinets. For example, a butcher-block counter is a fairly cheap alternative to a full-fledged kitchen island with drawers, but at the same time, it is a really durable and stylish solution. This table is suitable for those who are a fan of antiquity and are interested in highlighting their kitchen against the background of the same boring interiors popular in 2022.

5. Additional Kitchen Cabinets

This may sound obvious, but why don't you install a couple of new upper kitchen cabinets or shelves or replace existing ones? You can contact your friends who are fond of carpentry, or ask a remodeling company to limit itself only to installing new kitchen cabinets. You will be able to organize storage the way you like and not put up with an inconvenient system left by past homeowners. Moreover, you will get rid of annoying creaking when opening doors and scuffs on surfaces. Besides updating the interior, you will get additional storage space. Believe us, it is never extra.

6. Adding Shelves to the Kitchen Cabinet

Another way to make the kitchen more modern is to update the filling of the lower cabinets. New pull-out shelves will solve the problems of lack of space and clutter. If you can make a shelf yourself, you will only need to purchase a couple of plywood sheets and a pull-out mechanism. However, you can also contact a remodeling company that will be happy to assist in the manufacture of more reliable and durable retractable structures of any complexity. For example, the A+ Construction & Remodeling team will be happy to fulfill any order for interior kitchen equipment.

7. Make Some Other Additions

We suggest you consider a few more unusual kitchen additions that are rarely found in interiors but can be extremely functional. For owners of bright and unusual designer tableware, the plate rack installation is suitable. This open-top kitchen cabinet will make your interior unique. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with a low skylight, then we will recommend installing a seat with storage boxes inside right next to the window. This is a classic solution that is suitable for old American kitchens.

8. Lighting Design

Unfortunately, in the past, homeowners and companies installing kitchen sets almost never thought about lighting in the kitchen area, so now you can still stumble upon kitchens in which the only light source is a lamp on the ceiling. Installing under-cabinet test lighting allows you not only to illuminate the kitchen countertop on which you cook, but also to make your kitchen a cozy place. For example, this backlight can look great as the only light source late at night. You can purchase and install special lamps inside and under kitchen cabinets or use LED strips around the perimeter of the kitchen.

Is Kitchen Cabinets’ Renovation Worth Hiring A Remodeling Team?

In this article, we have presented many ways to update the kitchen space without spending huge amounts of money on remodeling. You will probably want to try applying one or more of these methods yourself. This may be a good plan if you want to save on the services of professionals, but it can also entail a lot of risks. When being engaged in remodeling kitchen cabinets on your own, you cannot be sure of the result, especially in the case when you do not have such experience. It will be sad if in the end, you will find out that you have only made things worse, and now you have to pay twice as much for the restoration work.

We know what you are thinking right now: These remodeling companies are trying to sell their services at a crazy price, so it definitely does not suit me. Unfortunately, most companies really do not pay attention to the specific request of the client, but seek to impose numerous services and the purchase of the most expensive materials and furniture. If you encounter similar situations, do not rush to be disappointed.

We recommend contacting the A+ Construction & Remodeling company. This is an experienced team of professionals who values every client and listens to all your wishes. The designers of the A+ company do not impose a standard kitchen design on you, but develop an individual remodeling project that fits your budget. Finally, the team is ready to help you with small tasks such as replacing or painting kitchen cabinets for a small cost.

Thus, it will be recommended to contact the A+ company professionals for kitchen remodeling, even if it is a matter of minor changes.