Kitchen Renovation With Kids

Parenthood ain’t easy on its own, but when it comes to stuff like renovation it gets even more complicated. It is very hard to keep things under control and not to go crazy at some point, but it is possible!

Renovation with children can be super stressful. Now the responsibility has doubled, and the right to make a mistake seems to have disappeared altogether. But it’s not that dramatic! Even if small children may not obey, interfere and distract from repairs, kids will be kids. We, adults, have only a few basic tasks to make sure that the children are well-fed and safe. And the most important thing is not to forget about yourself and your mental state. We have some useful pieces of advice that might help you to prepare for the great mess of kitchen renovation with kids and not to lose your mind in the middle of the whole process. Let’s go!

1. Food is the Most Important Thing

Kitchen renovation means that you will need to create an impromptu lunch spot. And this is the first important thing to consider because you need to cook not only for yourself but obviously for your kids as well. Some parents choose eating out, but for some, this option does not always work. It requires more money, and little kids might have specific food preferences or allergies.

So the first step here is to find a spot in your house where you can organize a dining table and clear out as much space as possible. There should be enough outlets for electric cooking devices, and it should be tidy. That is pretty much it.

Then you need to think about the cooking devices. Since you won’t have a regular stove, consider buying (or borrowing) an electric one. What else? A microwave and toaster are always there to save the day. And the electric kettle, of course. If you don’t want to spend too much money or you won’t need this stuff after the renovation, you can check out some Facebook groups where people sell used supplies or ask your neighbors for help (some of them sure have been through a kitchen renovation and they know what it’s like).

And it is very convenient if you can keep a fridge in your house during the renovation. It will save a lot of money and time because you will have the ability to prepare food for the week ahead and store it in the fridge.

2. Leave Marks

Masking tape is one of the most valuable tools for renovation. It actually helps you to plan the layout on the floor and see the scale. And it will help to ease the pressure and the stress when you literally see the plan of your future space on the floor. Also, it is one of the easiest ways of measurement.

Also, you can limit the space where children can go, using masking tape. However, we all know that this is not a serious barrier for these little monsters.

3. Take a Small Vacation

If you have a chance to leave your place for a couple of days with kids, then you should 100% use it! This is the best idea, especially while workers install cabinets or change floors. This process is pretty serious, and no one wants little children messing around (this could be dangerous at some point), and you freaking out and losing your concentration. Distancing from it is the best solution. And overall, taking a short break from the renovation routine clears your head a lot and gives you more positive energy, which is a necessary thing.

But you should plan it ahead in order for all the dates to coincide. And do not leave to a place which is too far away, in case of an emergency when you will need to quickly come back. Yes, it is a fly in the ointment, but sadly this is how responsible adulthood works.

4. Remodeling Time Society

We all need support, especially in stressful times. Surrounding yourself with the right people during the renovation solves a lot of problems and makes everything more fun and productive.

First of all, do not be afraid to ask for help. It is okay if you need someone to watch over your children while you are busy with planning the whole process or when you basically need some time for yourself. Do not be ashamed of it. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. At the end of the day, we all are still humans.

Secondly, hire people that you trust. During your kitchen remodeling, you will have to delegate your responsibilities, and if you want it to be successful, there should be people with whom you clearly get along with. Otherwise, it will give you even more stress.

5. Kill Your Perfectionism

Kitchen remodeling is all about the mess and things that can go wrong anytime, and you should just accept it and let it go. Yes, this is quite hard to have fun during renovation, it is also hard when something is not really going the way you wanted, but this is life.

Your kids can be very noisy, their toys might be all over the workspace, and you will have to clean them up after them almost every hour. They might not listen to you at all and cause a bunch of awkward situations.

It is okay to feel a bit angry, and it is okay to hate the whole process of renovation and to wish that it will end as soon as possible. Embrace your emotions. But the truth is: renovation will come to an end, and you will get a new gorgeous kitchen for you and your beautiful family. And it is really worth it. You should always remember it, and things will be easier for you. Hold on to your love for your family, and do not pressure yourself too much. You will make it through!