New completed works of April in A+ portfolio

Our team of experts spares no effort so that the completed project accurately reflects what you have conceived. To make sure this is true, A+ Company offers you to look through its extensive photo gallery with numerous beautifully remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, constructed patios, decks, tiny backyard houses, and many more.

A+ Construction & Remodeling commits itself to high standards of service as well as a pleasant customer experience. Starting with the general discussion of the concept at the initial consultation and ending with the nailing of the last nail, we make sure that every detail has fallen into place.

If smooth and fast transformation of a house at a reasonable price is what you are interested in, pick a company A+ crew! They will keep you informed of what’s going on at every stage, from planning to construction. A+ provides services in such a way that practicality and efficient room usage combine with aesthetic design to create a comfy and functional living space you’ll love to live your day-to-day life in.

Get Started with Home Improvements

Among the most popular requests coming to our qualified specialists are additional dwelling units, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom renovation. In the spring and summer seasons, outdoor space renewals also find a positive response from homeowners.

In general, A+ Construction & Remodeling provides the following range of services:

  • Small Home Renovations and Interior Design Changes

You can order any construction and repair service, from replacing tiles in your bathroom to installing a walk-in shower or Jacuzzi, up to the room’s complete replanning. As an illustration, our designers will help you choose the shape of the kitchen, select the material and color of the cabinets separately, and look at their combinations with different countertops.

  • House Facade Remodeling

Want to upgrade the siding and install new doors and windows? To repair an old veranda darkened by time? For all this, homeowners turn to A+.

  • Whole House Renovation

Sooner or later, it will be time to arrange a major overhaul. A+ specialists will conquer your ceilings, restore or repaint the walls, lay new hardwood flooring, and offer you an individual design plan to create a unique style for your home.

  • Additions and Extensions

An additional room for a new family member or a home office – we will help to increase the volume and functionality of your space no matter what the designation is. Need a relaxing space where you can enjoy the sun and fresh air? Then have a look at examples of our outdoor area projects!

  • Highly qualified works

Experienced A+ professionals are well-versed in a wide variety of fields. We offer plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring services, AC installation, and many other services that a layperson cannot do by themselves.

You can find samples of successfully completed works in each of these categories in our updated portfolio!

Reasons to Apply to A+ Construction & Remodeling

The high-end quality that A+ company offers is conditioned upon innovative work methods, a superb level of organization, and attention to the customer’s needs.

A+ picks reliable suppliers to purchase materials from. We choose the best value for money to meet your budget and, at the same time, produce a durable construction that will last for many years.

Punctuality and responsibility are our strong points. Setting deadlines for each stage of work, we strictly follow this schedule, not forgetting to pay due attention to quality.

In our work, A+ Construction & Remodeling always strives to introduce avant-garde technologies in order to maximize the efficiency of the working process. Thus, we build showrooms that you can have a look at online and apply leading-edge technologies to visualize your design ideas.

Aside from these advantages, we can also boast of the numerous awards, licenses, and certificates we have acquired through our hard work. Our former customers usually don’t hesitate to share their pleasant impressions of working with our company. In turn, with their permission, we are happy to share the results that have come out of our joint efforts!

To get a clearer idea of the standards of our work, check out the renewed A+ portfolio of 2023! All these cozy and alluring spaces are already pleasing to the eye of their owners. And after you have appreciated our excellent previous projects, reach out to A+ Construction & Remodeling to discuss what beautiful home renovations you want to see on your own property lot!