New Kitchen Cabinets for Reasonable Homeowners

A cabinet is an important part of a kitchen interior, no matter how big the room is. This piece of furniture is very convenient since it can let you keep kitchen utensils safely and in order. With such a cabinet, you won’t need to utilize any shelves, boxes, and things like that. Every homeowner can select it according to their own needs and tastes.

People need to choose kitchen cabinets not only when they’re building a completely new kitchen interior but also when they’re remodeling the existing one. Since cabinets are one of the main furniture elements in the kitchen and take up a lot of space in it, their look should be selected super carefully. They need to match the design of the whole room. There are different kinds of cabinets, from pre-assembled ones that can be installed quickly to custom kitchen cabinets for which you can select all the parts yourself.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the variety of kitchen cabinets, their main functions, and why their custom type is considered to be the best. Also, you’ll learn where to order high-quality designer cabinets that will improve the look of your kitchen and serve you for many years.

Kitchen cabinets’ variety

There’s a large assortment of kitchen cabinets on the market. They can have such elements as pull-up windows, shelves for the pantry, and doors made of glass, wood, or other material. Their design styles vary greatly. For instance, they can come in such styles as cottage, shaker, or French country. Their materials are also very different — glass, metal, wood, and so on. Many cabinets look even better when they’re filled with kitchen utensils.

Moreover, you can improve the design of your cabinet even more if you add some accessories to it. Even greater if these accessories are not only pretty looking but also useful — such as various holders, hangers, and locks. They can add more space to put various items and arrange them neatly.

Kitchen cabinets help people to declutter their kitchen space and make their kitchen utensils more accessible. This furniture can consist of one layer or several tiers, depending on your necessities.

Kitchen cabinets have lots of different functions. The most important of them is the possibility to store almost everything you wish — for example, various seasonings and spices. If your cabinet has transparent doors, you can place your prettiest plates or cups there for everyone to see. But note that the most fragile things should always be kept on the highest shelves — they’ll be much safer there.

In addition to that, many kitchen cabinets have a “soft-action” feature. Thanks to it, you can open and close drawers much softer, without annoying loud claps, as well as any damage to the cabinet or items inside it. Also, it makes drawers safer for your fingers since there’s no risk of slamming and injuring them.

Another useful and popular part of a kitchen cabinet is a removable insert. They may include such things as plate dividers, cup holders, utensil trays, and so on. You can buy them at any kitchen renovation company. For example, A+ Construction & Remodeling offers top-quality removable inserts for very reasonable prices.

Because strict standards for this furniture don’t exist, kitchen cabinets can be constructed and modified according to your own wishes, financial possibilities, and space in the room. If your top priority is durability, we recommend you choose cabinets made of metal. If you want your kitchen to be cozy, then wooden ones can be a great option.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets. What are they?

Ready-to-assemble (or RTA) cabinets are a cheaper alternative to classic ones. They’re sold in flat packages, and buyers have to assemble them on their own. In some cases, their prices are twice as low as the prices of traditional kitchen cabinets that are assembled in a factory. Also, they take much less time to deliver.

All of this makes this type of furniture increasingly popular, making their market grow rapidly. Nowadays, the assortment of them is really enormous. You can pick a cabinet with almost any possible color, finish, and design. Their quality is also getting better and better. Some people think that RTA cabinets have poor quality, but in most cases, it isn’t true at all since it’s controlled very strictly.

If you’re selecting an RTA (or any other) kitchen cabinet, try to pay attention not only to its design but also to its hardware and how it’s built. Only then you’ll get a really good, reliable, and high-quality piece of furniture.

Pros and cons of RTA cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets have both advantages and disadvantages. If you’re planning to buy such a cabinet, it’s important to be aware of them.

Let’s begin with the advantages.

  • Low prices. As we’ve already said, some ready-to-assemble cabinets cost two times lower than ordinary, factory-assembled ones. Others can cost, for instance, 20-30 percent less, which is not so impressive but still a very significant difference;
  • Easy to put together. The majority of these cabinets are sold with almost all the necessary equipment and hardware, such as screws. To assemble it, you’ll need only a screwdriver and maybe a couple of other simple tools like that. Also, you can easily find lots of video instructions on the Internet;
  • Durable materials. Lower prices don’t mean worse materials. Usually, the materials are pretty much the same as the ones from which traditional cabinets are made.

Now, let’s look at the main disadvantages of RTA cabinets.

  • Too many boxes. If you think that all the parts of your cabinet will arrive in one box, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when the delivery courier comes because the number of boxes is usually three or four;
  • You’ll probably need the help of a professional designer. In case you’ve bought an RTA cabinet for a full-fledged kitchen remodeling, then it may require a design specialist to make the right layout. Many conventional cabinets already come with this service, while RTA furniture typically doesn’t. But A+ Construction & Remodeling can fix this situation — our highly-skilled designers can help you with any kitchen layout;
  • In most cases, you cannot look at them before purchasing. Of course, the biggest and the most famous companies display their RTA cabinets in their shops, but much more often, there’s nothing more than a sample.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are more expensive than ordinary ones, but they are completely worth it. When you look at all their advantages, it will be clear to you why they’re so popular and why the majority of their owners are so satisfied with them.

This type of kitchen cabinet is constructed manually by skillful professionals, not automatically in a factory. Cabinet makers use only the best materials, take their job very responsibly, and create true masterpieces that make them really proud. Because of this, custom kitchen cabinets last much longer.

Secondly, they’re much more eco-friendly. Often, custom cabinet makers use local wood that isn’t transported over long distances. So, it’s way better for the environment. In addition to that, the assortment of available wood types is often much higher than in-stock models.

Thirdly, their assortment is almost infinite. Yes, standard models have many variants too, but their selection is limited. With custom cabinetry, the possibility of getting exactly what you need is much higher because you can choose all the parts of your future cabinet and its overall design. Since standard kitchen cabinets are produced in factories’ assembly lines in large batches, sometimes their parts can match rather poorly. In custom cabinets, the situation is completely opposite. All materials are picked by hand, and their constructors do their best to make all the parts fit each other.

If your kitchen has a non-standard layout, ordinary cabinets may be unsuitable for it because they are made for standard kitchens. A custom cabinet will be constructed individually for your kitchen. Its size and layout will be taken into account during the project development. So this piece of furniture will fit the room perfectly.

Note that not all custom kitchen cabinet constructors are designers. If you want really top-quality furniture, it would be better for you to contact a designer with a large experience. Such a designer will combine your needs and wishes with professional skills and aesthetic taste. A kitchen cabinet from a designer will raise the value of your house and turn your kitchen interior into something really amazing and unique.

Where to get a kitchen cabinet?

One of the best places to order an excellent kitchen cabinet is A+ Construction & Remodeling. Our design specialists will project and make an ideal custom cabinet or several cabinets for you. This furniture will perfectly match your kitchen interior and fit all your needs and desires. Moreover, it will be produced from the highest-quality materials. If you’re afraid that it’s super expensive, you’re wrong — our prices are really attractive! In case you’re interested in our cabinets, check our portfolio to look at the models we’ve already made for our previous clients.