Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

It may seem that it is impossible to place all the necessary items in a small bathroom. However, experienced plumbers confirm that a space of 6 by 8 feet can be highly functional. Are you still puzzled over how to put a mirror and a locker between the bathroom and toilet? Read our tips for remodeling the bathroom! At the end of the article, you will find a description of the stages of reconstruction and recommendations for those who doubt whether it is worth ordering the services of a contractor.

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

The main thing in the reconstruction of the bathroom is a project that helps you to zone the space. You can create it yourself or ask for help from specialists. Below you will find interior design tips that should be taken into account in any case. These are proven remodeling recipes that visually change your bathroom and make it more spatial.

1. Light Decorating Materials

If you have a small bathroom, avoid dark colors and beige shades. Choose a light palette both in furniture and in finishing materials. A great option is cold tones, for example, light gray colors. The Scandinavian style offers a successful combination of tints for remodeling small rooms. In this style, you will avoid strong color contrasts that visually reduce the room.

Think about how to harmoniously combine the color of flooring and walls. The classic solution is to make the floor half a tone or tone darker than the walls and leave the ceiling white. This palette smoothes out the corners and expands the space. You will enjoy it every time you turn on the light in your bathroom.

2. Bright Points

A single color palette does not mean that your bathroom looks monotonous and boring. To diversify the interior, add bright accessories. Hang a red towel or a blue shower curtain, or put a bright-colored soap dispenser. These spots create a rhythm in your bathroom so that this space is not blind and soulless.

You can also create this rhythm through finishing materials. Use a matte ceramic tile for the wall covering above the bathroom and a glossy one for the rest of the room. Add some bright tiles to the wall decoration by placing them randomly. Make a decor of tiles with flowers or starfish by placing them in a solid vertical strip. In this way, you will separate the bath space from the rest of the bathroom, where you do make-up or body care procedures.

3. Higher and Higher!

Often the room becomes more spacious if the ceilings seem high. Create the illusion of height with lighting and decoration. Use the built-in light sources so that the sconces do not take up space. Direct the light up, not down; then the room will seem brighter and more spacious. Give up ceiling lights that hang down. Such lamps take up more space than they can illuminate.

When choosing shades of light, think about how they will be combined with the main color scheme of the bathroom. For light gray furniture, cold lighting is well suited, while the warm yellow light will soften the cream wall tiles.

Choose finishing materials with longitudinal stripes or recesses. Use a ceramic tile with a vertical ornament to pull the space up. Buy long and narrow cabinets for bathroom accessories and cosmetics. Such furniture will also help you to visually increase the space of the bathroom.

4. Pocket Doors

A small bathroom is a space that does not allow you to waste extra centimeters. Pocket doors are a great solution to save space. While the ordinary door swings open and takes up a lot of space, a pocket one saves the bathroom area as much as possible. Although installing a pocket door may seem like a difficult task, it is worth taking the time and effort to create this construction. Then you will thank yourself for this choice because this is one of the best options in the visual expansion of rooms.

5. Storage Space

It is known that no matter how many cabinets there are, they will always be filled. Carefully consider what items you need to store in the bathroom and move the extra items to the bedroom or wardrobe. Buy bathroom cabinets based on your needs.

Take note that scrubs and shower gels do not need to be stored in closed places, and place them on the countertop. For these purposes, order a countertop that perfectly fits your bathroom and lasts along the entire wall. Make cuts on the countertop in the bathtub and toilet areas, eliminating a small space as a stand for bathroom accessories.

6. Reflection of Reflection

The more mirrors your bathroom has, the more spacious it looks. Do not limit yourself to one mirror above the floor cabinet, but play with space through reflections. Place another mirror on the door and a couple more small ones in different places of the room. This technique will allow you to make the room brighter and illuminate even the most inaccessible corners.

When placing mirrors, remember that the light will also be reflected on the glossy tile if you use it. Shiny objects such as a bathtub and plumbing fixtures also reflect light very well. Therefore, it is important to think through all these elements at the stage of the interior design so as not to encounter an unpleasant surprise.

If you need to make partitions in the bathroom, use glass doors. Glass does not reduce the space, so you can save the entire volume of the room. In addition, high-quality glass transmits light well that allows you to avoid the feeling of an enclosed space while taking a bath.

7. Fresh Air

Stuffiness also causes a feeling of a closed and small space. This problem is especially relevant for bathrooms. Therefore, when remodeling, do not forget about the high-quality ventilation of the room. In order not to redo the decor, consider the ventilation system when creating the design of your new bathroom. Most local fans are connected to the general ventilation system of the house, so they need to be built in before finishing the walls and ceiling. For the fan not to take up a lot of space, use flat models of devices.

As you can see, before you start rebuilding the bathroom, you need to create a design project and take into account all factors, including lighting and furniture. The complexity of the preparation raises the question: can I cope with it on my own?

Expert Services or Do It Yourself?

The choice of whether to hire a contractor and qualified workers or to do the remodeling yourself depends on your budget and skills. If you have not encountered remodeling before, a small bathroom is definitely not the case where you should start. However, this does not mean that you cannot participate in the process. You can offer the contractor to do the simple work yourself, for example, paint the walls or install cabinets. In exchange, you can get a discount.

Besides, you should discuss with the contractor the choice and supply of materials for the bathroom remodeling. Some contractors offer you materials from their suppliers, but you can buy them yourself and deliver if it is convenient for you. In short, in a business like remodeling, it is important to discuss all the details with contractors if you use their services. Whether you will cooperate with the company or do everything yourself, you should know the stages of the process.

Stages of Bathroom Remodeling

Design development will help you allocate your budget and understand where you can save money on remodeling. Let’s define the main stages of the process to imagine how it will happen.

  • Design project

As it is already clear from the previous sections of the review, planning is a very important stage of bathroom remodeling. A good plan helps to control costs and maintain the pace of work. At this stage, you or the contractor create a drawing; you conclude a contract with the company and make an estimate for the purchase of materials and payment for work. If you cooperate with a contractor, they will do most of this painstaking and tedious task for you.

  • Deconstruction

Remodeling begins with the removal of all items in the bathroom that will be replaced. Depending on the intensity of the reconstruction, furniture, lamps, and coverings are demolished. If you are doing the work yourself, order a garbage container in advance. In case of cooperation with the company, all demolition and garbage removal works will be organized by the contractor.

  • Rough Design and Plumbing

At this stage, the workers do rough treatment of walls and other surfaces (putty, pre-painting) and install the main plumbing. Perhaps this is the most important stage in the remodeling of the bathroom since the final appearance of the room depends on the quality of the work.

The bathroom requires special attention, as it is necessary to conduct water and electrical communications in isolation from each other. Not all advanced DIYers cope with this on their own, so many use the services of remodeling companies. Specialists will lay the wiring and pipes so that there will be no shorts and other problems later.

  • Surface Finishing

Laying tiles or other floor and wall coverings is a time-consuming process since it is necessary to fit the parts of the covering to each other without gaps and cracks. It may seem like a simple matter, but in practice, not everyone can cope with this task. You can take up the final covering if you have had experience in remodeling. Otherwise, it is worth giving this case to specialists.

  • Furniture and Light

It is the last and most pleasant step in bathroom remodeling. Many DIYers can independently hang the cabinets, placing them in a convenient order, but it is better to entrust the lighting to an electrician. They have already laid the wiring inside the walls, and now it remains only to connect the lamps and check that everything works as it should. Professional plumbers also install small objects (faucets, taps) at this stage and adjust the operation of the system.

Taking into account these tips on bathroom remodeling and the stages of this process, you can make a cool interior design and decide whether you need the services of a contractor. We recommend using the services of specialists at complex and responsible stages of work, such as laying pipes and electrical wiring. You can always entrust all the remodeling to professional plumbers and get a turnkey bathroom.