Successful Summer 2021 for A+ Company

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A+ Construction & Remodeling met June 2021 in a perfect shape. The company was ready for new challenges and eager to unravel its potential to achieve future goals. According to the company’s representatives, the team was in the process of developing and applying new approaches that would make for future growth. Another critical task was to keep the company’s position in the national market that was still coping with the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic started a year ago.  

Sacramento A+ Construction & Remodeling Company

By the way, despite the drastic effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on hundreds and thousands of businesses across the nation, A+ Construction & Remodeling managed to stay afloat and even more! The company met year’s end making the INC’s Top-250 list of America’s fastest-developing businesses. The company’s growth boost was estimated at the insanely high 923%. A+ Construction & Remodeling is eager to keep the same results by the end of 2021. 

Even though 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, the A+ team stays strong and keeps working for the best results meeting their clients’ needs. 

Over the course of three summer months, the company has completed several projects in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. There are more projects coming, including major house renovations. You can watch ongoing projects live online – follow the link to visit the company’s official Facebook page

Another achievement that the company is proud of is a 5.0 rating that it rightfully received from the BBB (stands for Better Business Bureau). Yelp rated A+ Construction & Remodeling 4.2. The A+ team is grateful for such favorable reviews and promises to keep up with the good work. Providing first-class remodeling services is what the company aims for. The A+ team is dedicated to working for the best results for their clients. 

Making services more client-accessible is another important task for the company. We all know how COVID-19 affected public life. The restrictions closed the doors of many businesses. The A+ team worked hard to make their services even more client-friendly, improving the measures for customers’ safety and security measures. 

Those measures include:   

  • Online consultations
  • Curbside pickup
  • Contactless payments
  • In-person visits and in-person shopping were significantly improved.

The company still sticks to the rules of social distancing – this is out of the question. One of the most advanced solutions in that matter is the online consulting service that was introduced months ago. For nearly a year already, the A+ company’s clients have had the option to send a request for a virtual meeting with a team’s expert. But today, this service is not only about consultations. Now, A+ customers have access to the online architect service. This is a breakthrough online option for homeowners that many clients have already used successfully. Getting an online appointment is easy – it only takes contacting one of the company’s virtual project managers.

Sophisticated projects: Fancy home remodeling and designs

The state has softened restrictions related to the COVID-period social distancing. Today, if you’re a Sacramento resident, you can appoint an offline consultation to speak to an A+ company’s expert. The office’s location is 3612 Madison Ave #33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660. When making an in-person appointment, be sure to follow all the necessary security measures. You may also choose to appoint an in-office consultation online.           

The hardships that the company faced only made it stronger and made for a better understanding of what the company is about and in which direction it should grow. Today, A+ Construction & Remodeling is steadily growing, creating new approaches, and is successfully coping with the lasting side effects of the 2020’s pandemic.

A+ company is working hard to stay a client-oriented, dedicated team of professionals providing affordable services. The company makes use of energy-efficient tools and eco-friendly ethics. 

For more information on the company and the services, please check out the A+ social media pages. You can also contact the company for a free-of-charge consultation.