TOP 10 Kitchen Remodeling Secrets Noone Tells you About

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the majority of homeowners might feel scared and confused. And it is understandable because kitchen renovation is all about small details and planning. You can face problems at every stage of remodeling, even if you already have experience. This article is for both beginners and homeowners with remodeling experience. Everyone might find something surprisingly new, even though some of the tips are very simple. Let’s dive in!

1. It is not Only About Aesthetics

Well, we always start planning our kitchen by going through furniture catalogs or Pinterest ideas. And it is okay; everyone needs some good inspiration to start the process. But at this stage, it is straightforward to get lost in design stuff and completely forget about the technical sides, like ventilation or outlets. Think about how you will use your kitchen daily, what electrical devices you might need in general, and how many you need to use while cooking. It is better to have extra outlets than going to your bedroom just to plug in the toaster.

2. Changes can be Small

Sometimes you do not need to change everything completely to refresh your kitchen area or make it more functional and convenient. Before planning your remodeling, try to think about the things you already have and how you can remake them without generally replacing them. Most of the time, you can give a second life to your old furniture with simple decor, and this might save you a lot of money and time, and the result will be great. Sometimes the rearrangement of furniture is everything you need for remodeling. So try to play around with the stuff that is already there before thinking about buying something new. This might require more patience and creativity, but it will definitely make your remodeling process more exciting.

3. Get Ready to Spend Some Money

It is no surprise that kitchen remodeling can be a problem for your bank account. The most basic repairs can cost you anywhere from $ 50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it becomes less depressive when you start to think about the general layout more. If your plan will be a clever one you won’t need to relocate stuff like outlets and ventilation, which will save you a lot of money. Do your research on layouts, and you will be fine!

4. “Used” Does not Mean “bad”

Speaking about money-saving… Did you know that you can actually save so much money if you buy used appliances? Nowadays, kitchen furniture and other supplies are crazily overpriced, which makes it harder to get your remodeling done how you like it. When cheap stuff is usually bad quality and expensive stuff is something you cannot afford, try to search for used appliances. Most of them are in decent condition, and you won’t tell it was bought yesterday or already used for a couple of years.

5.The Usability is before the Beauty

The countertop is your main workspace in the kitchen area, and you should choose the material wisely.

First of all, think about how much money you are ready to spend on it. Luckily, nowadays you have a wide range of different materials to choose from in different price categories. Next, you need to understand how you will use your countertop. Should it have strong anti-scratch protection? Or maybe the color really matters since you do not want the food stains to be visible all around the kitchen space surface?

And finally, do not choose the material for your countertops depending only on beauty. A beautiful countertop can be very overpriced, but it won’t suit your needs, and you will be very disappointed when you start using it. Plan everything ahead!

6.The Wall Might be a Perfect Place for a tap

This could be something that you never even thought about, but the wall-mounted faucet becomes more popular every year. The main reason why you should install it is probably cleanliness around the sink area. With this type of faucet, you can forget about splashes and that nasty space between the wall and the sink, where the dirt gathers. It actually gives you even more, space and motion abilities than an ordinary tap mounted on the countertop.

The only problem with the wall-mounted faucet is the price. It is usually higher, but not too much. And the advantages of this type of tap are worth it.

7. Your Kitchen Sink can be Twice as Powerful

If you use your sink a lot for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables, you can consider installing a double-bowl sink. You will get a lot of space and the ability to separate dirty dishes from vegetables, for example. Though it requires more space and might not look super aesthetic, it will make the process of cooking faster and easier. Nowadays, the double-bowl sink is not so popular, but it does not mean that it has no benefits. Who knows, maybe it will be the best decision for your kitchen remodeling in general. Do your research since it is pretty individual.

8. Individual Design is Possible

For many house owners, it is very important to create something special and individual in their homes. This desire is totally understandable, and a kitchen can be a pretty good space to release your creativity. But if creating custom furniture already sounds to you like spending a lot of money, then we have great news. There are several companies that are remaking the cabinet fronts of Ikea furniture and make it super stylish yet affordable. The styles of kitchen cabinets are quite limited on the market, so this idea might come in handy, especially for those who love everything personalized.

9. It is all About Your Lifestyle

One of the most important things about kitchen remodeling is understanding what the kitchen is for you. Do you like throwing parties or invite a couple of friends over for an intimate and quiet dinner? Are you an obsessive baker, or are you not into cooking at all? Do not use default kitchen layouts, and do not buy stuff that you might never use. Space is vital, and you need to use it wisely. Make a list of your significant needs and priorities, think about your comfort, and analyze your daily lifestyle. This will be enough to come up with the most successful kitchen remodeling project!

10. Check it Till you Make it!

The greatest mistake of all beginners is to think that the hardest part of remodeling is planning and buying stuff. No, that was just the beginning. Installation is the part where the fun begins! You can buy everything you need, but after the delivery of all supplies, notice that something is damaged, the lack of details, or that it is not even what you had ordered. Remember to check everything right the moment it arrived, the size, the quality, and other important aspects. Otherwise, you will waste all your positive energy trying to fix stuff or even return it. Also, some small details can be lost in the beautiful chaos of remodeling, so keep an eye on everything and do not turn your renovation into a mess.