Top-15 Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Should you wish to have your existing kitchen ultimately renovated or add a fresh element to the already weathered kitchen cabinets, you will invariably face an extensive selection of options. And picking the one that would fit the requirements, and the budget can be a task hard to perform. There is a wide range of factors one needs to consider in advance, and a broad spectrum of elements that a modern kitchen can comprise. Among the latter are tiles, countertops, finishing options, equipment, and the list can go on for hours. We did some research to find out the notch-carving trends in kitchen remodeling of the present day. We compiled a shortlist of 15 most wanted kitchen remodeling ideas to simplify your search.

Today, a kitchen can be far more than just a place for preparing meals and dining. It highlights the owner’s exclusive style and may include the latest technical inventions, which all make it a home space of high efficiency, let alone the magnificent appearance. However, the central role of the kitchen has not significantly shifted. The biggest change that a modern kitchen has seen lies in the use of sophisticated devices that have turned the process of preparing food into a high-tech experience.

Among the top-rated trends of this year, spaces for storage have taken a vivid place. A modern kitchen should be sustainable and eco-friendly to meet the contemporary public’s demands, not to mention the high quality, which has always been critical in selecting a kitchen.

In 2020, the homeowners’ want for unique and non-conventional approaches has fueled the new wave of kitchen remodeling. Ergonomy and ease of maintenance are other crucial factors kitchen-buyers consider.

All in all, below, you will find a list of the hottest ideas for kitchen remodeling that will hopefully raise your awareness of the trends in 2020.

Colorful kitchens

Today, according to the sales reports, the appeal of kitchens featuring multiple unconventional colors is on the rise, from aquamarine to acidic orange. Salesmen claim the tendency will go deep into 2020 and further, as homeowners’ interest in untrivial colors mixed with beads of wood and natural stone-like ornaments is increasing.

Green color has become widely popular among contemporary kitchen owners. The darker shades remind the green of the woods and plains, while light-green looks more homie, which makes the colors a perfect choice for modern kitchens. Natural colors mixed up with those of natural kinds make the furniture look fresh, warm, and add style to the texture.

More mild coloring schemes bring about tranquility, while gray shades in contrast with other matching colors look fresh and trendy.

As is proven by Houzz’s research, people tend to look more for green kitchen, and the number of homeowners looking for this color for their kitchen has risen by half compared to last year. The figures tell that people are becoming more brave and experimental in their approach to choosing kitchen colors.

Also popular are shades of red, from pale ones to deep vivid blood-like. These colors bring warmth and look exclusive.

Among other popular tendencies, combinations of simple gray and black colors and strikingly bright or deep ones are in style today.

Immortal Quartz

Regarding materials for modern, and expensive, countertops, many homeowners predominantly stick to quarts, citing its hardiness, durability, ease of maintenance, and renown sustainability to microbes.

The second-best choice seems to be granite, which is more demanding in maintenance.

In the wake of quartz countertops’ popularity, the major disadvantage seemed to lie in the small variety of finishing and colors. Advanced technologies applied in modern countertops production resulted in the proliferation of coloring schemes and natural-looking patterns incorporating intricate veins and curves, which gives kitchen furniture a touch of uniqueness.

Low-budget DIY Remodeling

Nowadays, a modest budget may not be the reason for delaying your kitchen remodeling project. However, you will have to cover one piece at a time. While you have some construction experience and have the time and deliberation, you can handle the job on your own without the professionals’ assistance.

Conversely, even a small part of remodeling works with hiring a team of specialists can amount to nearly $20,000. Still, it will safeguard you from hard efforts and possible extra spendings should you do anything wrong. Among the simple remodeling works that one can handle by oneself, there are

  • Refinishing of cupboards
  • Updating equipment
  • Painting walls or sticking the wallpaper
  • Replacement of taps
  • Replacement of countertops
  • Flooring restoration or replacement

These works can be simple to carry out and cheap to fit any budget. Like using laminate as a material for countertops, simple solutions can also be affordable but blow new life to a kitchen. DIY approach usually takes longer, but it may prove reasonable for economical homeowners.

Concealed Storage

Today, spaces for storage are one of the key focuses of kitchen remodeling projects. While there are many kitchen things in need of storage, concealed solutions are practical and stylish. Even large items of equipment can be taken away from the eyes and give more free room in the kitchen.

As to the solutions, multi-purpose kitchen islands are in the spotlight nowadays. They can incorporate pieces of equipment, seats, place to store bottles and several compact drawers. They save up space and provide a more enjoyable atmosphere in a kitchen.

New Trends In Backsplashes

Decorating backsplashes is a trend in 2020. Using tiling as a solution can have a variety of options in colors, forms, and decorative patterns. There are permanent and temporary ones, and both can make a difference in your kitchen.

Generally, metro-style tiling is long outdated, except for the larger exemplars. A variety of textures, patterns, colors, and sizes makes it easy for homeowners to choose. It has become simple to add creativity with a wide range of solutions.

Vast spaces of walls covered with sizable slabs of tiling are among the most popular options. The materials applied for the purpose vary, from natural wood to glass and metals.

Options For Small Kitchens

While the size of a kitchen affects the remodeling choice, small ones can be hard to remodel and require more creativity. You will also have to get rid of your old ample furniture to free some space, move plumbing features, utilize tall cupboards as storage, and place a sink close to the window. It can be costly; you will not regret it in the future.

As to the trendy coloring schemes, light colors will fit better in small-sized kitchens and apply to countertops, flooring, and overall furniture. If your kitchen is mostly white, add some style using glass-made solutions.

Play With Metals

Metals in a kitchen can look trendy, and you can mix them to add style to the place. Combine silver and gold, black with copper and nickel, among others. Refresh your plumbing fixtures with these colors, use the approach with drawers, tables, and chairs.

Use metals with a texture that matches other items of your kitchen’s furniture. The choice of plumbing features is also rich in products from different metals, from chrome ones to brass and pitch-black.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

People in 2020 are becoming more concerned about the state of the planet’s health. A conservative approach has given way to eco-friendliness and the desire to be economical with the Earth’s energy resources.

Rational consumption is a new growing trend worldwide. People care about their carbon footprint to be less and look for remodeling solutions that meet new eco-friendly requirements.

There are recycling garbage reservoirs inbuilt in cupboards, energy-saving hobs, and three-in-one hot water faucets among the ideas for kitchen remodeling.

Top sustainable solutions for kitchen furniture boast zero carbon footprints and are a choice for future families.

One-level Multifunctional Islands

Islands in kitchens of ample sizes have become a central focus for many homeowners seeking to free up some space and add style to their kitchens. While the spacious irrational cupboards faded away, the islands fit the empty space. As they are quite conspicuous, their form needs to make a difference in the kitchen.

They come in all shapes and materials in 2020, incorporate storage space and in-built appliances, extend to living rooms, and feature a broad spectrum of functions. The use of kitchen islands can help save up on space, store a lot of kitchenware and equipment, and bring exclusive style to your kitchen. Consider this option while you outline plans on your kitchen remodeling.

Two-tone Color Themes

As to the ideas about refreshing the finishes of countertops, the contrast has become a new growing trend, making the kitchen’s aesthetic statement.

This approach applies to the kitchen walls, cabinets, multifunctional islands, and flooring decorations. Home remodelers recommend using color combinations and a variety of finishes to make the kitchen unique and stylish in 2020.

Two tones used in the overall appearance of a kitchen is a new trend. Stylish homeowners apply the technique of mixing and contrasting hues that catch the eye and make the whole design fresh and fashionable. The same rule applies for the less showing items in the kitchen, including drawers and smaller cabinets. They, too, deserve noticing and can play their role in making your kitchen stand out.

Nowadays, homeowners choose color schemes to their cabinetry more often, combining two contrasting hues to give a special touch to the look of this vital part of a household. Natural textures are, too, in style in 2020.

Optimization In Design & Materials

The old fashioned styles have received the second chance to be trendy in 2020. Ideas from the past centuries have reformed and obtained new power. Kitchen remodelers widely use the looks and materials of mid-century designs, which are simple and modern at the same time, aesthetic, and even can reduce stress, researches show.

Ample cabinets can no longer stand the test of time and become outdated. Besides, they take up a lot of space while it is vital for a kitchen to be light and roomy visually, and allow for more practical use of countertops. Open shelves are another trend these days, making access to the needed items trouble-free and helping save up on materials.

Being practical is an increasing trend in all spheres, and kitchen remodeling is no exclusion. It doesn’t have to mean boredom, though. One can use intricate textures and sustainable materials like rough wooden boards for your open shelves, which look stylish and add a natural touch to the overall design. Using natural stone for flooring or metal piping can be quite expensive, but they will make your kitchen differ from all the others. The ceiling can also have natural decorative elements like beams and logs to complete the pleasant and nontrivial picture.

Kitchens Go Smart

The technological progress is accelerating with time, bringing about new extraordinary solutions in any realm of life. Kitchen remodeling has seen many changes concerning the use of gadgets and in-built items to make a kitchen a smart and trendy place.

Vacuum drawers, super fridges, futuristic ovens, and many other appliances have become a reality today. They can be wi-fi or remotely controlled with the help of your smartphone. Lighting solutions in 2020 represent the victory of technology. The lamps can obey voice commands over the assistance of Siri, Alexa, and other digital programs.

You can controls taps in the sink remotely now, however expensive the solution may be.

Smart kitchens overtake the market of modern kitchen solutions worldwide, providing convenience for their owners, and easing the appliances’ use.

While there are ready-made hi-tech kitchens, homeowners can add smart elements separately.

Worktops With A Style

Kitchen worktops made from porcelain are a comfortable and durable solution in 2020. They go with different thickness; their weight is light; they are sustainable; allow for the use of other decorative elements and help save up on space.

The styles and coloring schemes of worktops can vary, from massive white ones to metal & glass new models with natural ornaments and sustainable design elements.

Kitchen remodelers and producers predict solutions made of stone and light in color to be in style in the years to come. Acrylic ones are looking more and more like the natural materials and make the option less expensive than those made from real stones and wood.

Dark Cabinetry Colors

Classic white and light-colored cabinetry have given way to those with natural wood colors in 2020. A combination of these with some bold and catchy coloring schemes for finishes is becoming a new trend in kitchen remodeling. Among the most top-rated colors are green and blue, and their multiple shades.

The new word in colors for kitchens is the tendency for emerald green, navy black, and plum.

Despite the overall love of homeowners for beige and white colors, the darker ones can make a statement, and they look stylish and elegant, with a pinch of luxury and drama.

Hardwood Floor

In terms of flooring solutions in 2020, kitchen remodelers widely appreciate the use of hardwood. The second-best option is floors made of ceramic. The designs of these two vary greatly, as well as coloring schemes and a broad spectrum of sizes.

Some tiles made of ceramic appear nearly identical to the hardwood ones while they are generally less expensive. Their maintenance is more straightforward, and they can even mimic natural materials like stones in texture and appearance.

As to the size choice, larger ones seem to be in style in 200 among kitchen remodelers. With a variety of options, one can make their kitchen stand out and be sustainable at a reasonable price.


Should you occupy yourself with making a tough decision about your kitchen remodeling style, you can address our company for assistance. Our keen and highly-educated specialists are always there to provide you with the best options for kitchen remodeling solutions. Contact us to receive full information about our services and rates.